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Surely some others may have this dilemma. Just wondering if there is a way through the forum or some internet search to display say the recent month or two's worth of videos posted on the forum? I find myself backlogged for videos I want to 'podcastify' and cannot always recall the thread they were in.

Other than having a document where I paste in the URL of the thread and video, perhaps uploaded to sync in cloud storage too, is there a better way to keep track of videos to watch or listen to?

Ok I partially found my answer just playing around with bookmarks and found out you can bookmark an invividual post. But that still requires you to always bookmark what you want get back to later.
Did you try something like keywords 'www.youtu*'? The advanced search also has a 'Newer than' date field. Not all videos are youtube but most of them and you could do the same with other media sites.
Maybe something like 'vimeo | www.youtu* '
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