Session 10 October 2015

Hi and thank you for this interesting session (even if they all are !)

Q: (L) Well we had a funny talk the other day where we speculated that we moved into a different timeline. In previous years, we were in a timeline where there was not or could not be a Putin - or at least a Putin as he is in this one. Then, somehow some way, we moved ourselves into a different timeline. Well, I know it's a little egotistical to say that our efforts to send a signal could have shifted us into this other timeline and in effect helped with the manifesting of the changes of today... Is it a possibility that we helped even in a small way?

A: More than you have given yourselves credit for!

Q: (L) Alright. So, when I gave these talks here at these meetings we had a few years ago, and I described making a decision to help and just do one thing after another, day after day; in making such choices one day after the other, will this gradually move you step-by-step to a different timeline?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's accumulation of daily steps, daily choices, daily activities?

Last year, I made a point on my life, about all I could get or achieve as positive things. I noticed that most of the good things that happened to me needed a lot of work and will plus a certain luck.
Then I tried to imagine what my life would be without me fighting for what I wanted and I definitely know that I wouldn't be where I am today without my will...
Then I thought about a theory : maybe a strong will and a hard work could help to make things "real" ? I didn't think about the timeline thema but the idea remains the same : work hard and keep your mind strong and focus on what you want for your life. For now it was just a personal theory that I shared with some friends and nobody could deny or prove it except that facts are facts.

Of course, luck is also a factor that is in the equation. But who can say what is luck ? Maybe what you think is luck is just the expression or your will in a cosmic way.

So when I read this session, this part reminded me this idea that I still think is true.

A: More than you have given yourselves credit for!

Laura and all the crew, be sure that all your work for all these years is huge and feel like an universal truth... Thousands and thousands people all around the world are more and more influenced and inspired by your work. Come back to your beginnings and take a look at what you achieved until now and you're not done...
I think I started reading the transcripts in 2002. Since this period, I've made my own researches I read books, comments, articles, participated in forums, shared informations and discussions with a lot of people and made my own opinion, ideas about many things.

Sometimes it was a failure, sometimes it felt like the truth or close to it. I love thinking about everything, my limit is my own imagination, I don't believe in anything, my mind remains opened to everything but I must admit that, except my own instinct, my anchor/reference is still the knowledge you share. I don't say that your words are gold and musn't be discussed but I also think that the more you try to see the truth behind the veil of illusion, the more you can feel where lies the universal truth. For now, it seems to me that your work is still so interesting, serious, sincere, universal, huge and positive to humankind.
I don't spend a lot of time in this forum but I always think about the material here and sometimes I come back to check If my personal quest took me on the same path as you. If not, I read, compare and go on looking for answers. I think I can compare you as a house light for many people.

Q: (L) I would like to know what is the percentage of real refugees to agents?

A: 94

Q: (L) 94 percent?

A: Yes

Q: (L) 94 percent are real refugees, but the rest are agents that are being sent in with them. And so who are the nefarious agents that have cynically utilized this refugee crisis to plant agents within European countries?

It's really impressive to see that 6% are infiltrated agents but in the same time, it's simply logical to send a lot of them because, it's important for their plan. And the number of refugees allow them to do it easily.

Q: (L) So, not only are there sinkholes, but there are crustal movements and all kinds of other weird things going on. We're seeing the Earth changes right before our eyes, but it's like in slow motion!

A: Yes. Scale!

It reminds me a previous session when they made us understand that the wave was already here. The difference is the scale in term of time. It's not as "brutal" as we thought it would be.

(L) I think there's another thing, too. This is something I was noticing today. A lot of people on social media did not buy the story about 4 of Russia's missiles crashing in Iran. People were demanding proof, saying, "Show us the pictures!" They didn't have the pictures to show. I started thinking to myself that Russia was very clever to have journalists in there taking pictures, making videos, and showing videos from their drones and bombers. People want to SEE what's happening. They're sick and tired of being told and asked to believe stuff that later turns out not to be true. This act of SHOWING things is a very, very powerful thing.

I agree with that but I think we have to be very careful about pictures, videos and sounds. We already know thatwe can be easily manipulated by medias and it's pretty simple to make fakes. They know that people need more an more proofs about what they want us to believe so they can use this against us.
In fact, they know us better than we know ourselves... (I'm talking about mankind in general).

Thank you again :)
Considering the changes taking place with the present Coronavirus reactions an lockdown, one may wonder what the status for the situation of Germany and Europe is with regard to the insertions made earlier by the US and deep state during the main immigration push in 2015 plus those who have arrived,or been born(?) since then.
(Data) People in the West are waking up to the fact that we have basically mass migration of people from Syria and the Middle East. We have 4 million people displaced, and 180,000 went to Germany. A section of that stayed in other countries. I read in the news that some people in the West think this is suspicious. Why do they all want to go to Germany? Were they informed in some way by the government, or is this truly a grassroots movement where they just wanted to go to Germany?

A: Partly desperation and partly engineered. Let us say that the very real and desperate plight of refugees has been cynically utilized by nefarious agents.

Q: (Perceval) So the engineered part is to destabilize or put pressure on European governments?

A: Yes and more than that: to insert agents that will act against the various governments in the future.

Q: (L) I would like to know what is the percentage of real refugees to agents?

A: 94

Q: (L) 94 percent?

A: Yes

Q: (L) 94 percent are real refugees, but the rest are agents that are being sent in with them. And so who are the nefarious agents that have cynically utilized this refugee crisis to plant agents within European countries?

A: USA and allies of consortium.

Q: (Perceval) So America and its Saudi friends...

(L) And the bankers...

(Perceval) So all this talk of ISIS in the refugees is kinda true?

(L) To a certain extent.

(Perceval) But ISIS is controlled, so you know what that means.

(L) But ISIS was created by the USA?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So... Next question?

(Alana) They're sending the refugees to Germany, is that to destabilize the central powers of Europe?

(Perceval) Yeah, Germany is the economic powerhouse.

A: Germany is a direct target in case you haven't noticed.

Q: (L) So they want to destabilize Germany and put a total puppet government in charge?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?

A: Yes

Q: (L) She still harbors...

(Galatea) Opinions. [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Germany is the center of European power, decision-making, etc.

(L) So, if the USA were to control Germany completely, they'd own Europe.
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