Session 12 November 1994


Jedi Master
I'm wondering if the "grand cycle" is not 309,000 yrs (or roughly 12 x 25,000 yrs) but perhaps the total 618,000 yrs (approx) spent as STO and STS in 3rd density. The Cs answer in this session: "Service to others provides the perfect balance of those two realities; service to self is the diametrical opposite closing the grand cycle in perfect balance" triggered this thought.

One question that I have for the forum and perhaps the Cs is: does a soul often need the experience of being STO and STS in 3rd density in order to polarize to STS or STO in preparation for graduation to the 4th density?
What I thought of was Goethe's color wheel when I read A: Picture a blending colored circle image. As we can see all colors blend and become darker (blue to indigo) or lighter (red to yellow) as you go around. Goethe stated that blue and violet contain the essence of darkness and I believe they are intensive and he said they seem to recede from us. On the other hand colors like yellow and orange contain the essence of light and are extensive and they seem to draw near. The dark and light colors appear to reconcile in green and magenta. Maybe this has something to do with Ra's rays of creation. Ra connected the blue ray to 5th density and the C's have said that 5th density is an intense state.
If we take the yin/yang symbol as totality and balance (STO) then the two sides both represent imbalance (STS) if taken on their own because they are one sided. They also contain the seeds of their own "destruction" and will eventually become their opposites.
In regards to your questions about "time"candasiri the C's said that it didn't technically exist before the 309,000 year period. As for do we need to be STS and STO to polarize for 4th density I would have to say yes because we chose a short wave cycle which brought about duality. No amount of self righteousness can tell me physicality isn't addictive and self abasement can't convince me of its complete futility. Hunger makes us appreciate abundance but fear scarcity. Love/light/knowledge gives life meaning that death seems to steal away, but it makes love all the more meaningful. Without pain would we be capable of compassion? I guess it's funny because the state we're in now is probably the opposite of when we first incarnated. There seems to be a silver lining to this though because deep down in our psyche we remember the past "golden age" of STO but now we have a certain insight into our own natures and nature itself though it's a limited view. I believe balance happens through this process.
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