Session 15 July 2000


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July 15, 2000

Ark, Laura, Frank

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Maranatta.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Let's cover the attack issue first. Frank just had a feeling about attack coming through to us in the not too distant future. Is this an accurate assessment?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you identify the source of the attack?

A: Many possible, but illness dangers are significant. There is still a 'bug" inside of Ark, which could explode at any time into a household-wide infectious pandemonium!

Q: What could be done in advance to prevent this? What kind of bug is it, and what measures to take?

A: It is bacterial, with a worm type attachment. Recommend colonic.

Q: Where did this bug come from?

A: Poland origin.

Q: And a colonic should do it? Anything by mouth?

A: Increase B vitamin intake.

Q: Well, Frank felt that the attack would come through {Ark’s work}, but I guess if Ark was sick, that would be sort of true, because then, he couldn't work. Is that why Frank picked it up that way?

A: Partly, but other complications lurk... Jealousies building with one who has a name with a "B." {In retrospect, this was a warning about Vincent Bridges.}

Q: Any particular action to take to forestall that one?

A: Be on alert to conferences with others.

Q: Any particular action besides just being alert?

A: Not to this point.

Q: Any other potential attack sources? Or, at least the next most significant?

A: (Atriedes). Not yet sufficiently aware of dangers of travel by road vis a vis himself.

Q: Any specific means of forestalling such a problem?

A: Remind and pray.

Q: You aren't saying my son is going to have an accident, are you?

A: It is possible.

Q: Can you give me a time frame; a specific window?

A: When travel distances expand.

Q: Well, he will be starting school on the 24th which means he will be driving back and forth to Tampa every day. Should one of us drive him for a period of time? Or go with him?

A: We hesitate to advise too strongly where finances are concerned, but newer vehicles have more safety features which can prevent physical damage.

Q: While we are on the subject of financial things, in order to update the car - a financial thing - if there is going to be a problem with {Ark’s work}, of course we don't want to increase our indebtedness, and I HAVE put some of our money into the stock market, so...

A: Wait a minute. There will not be a problem in the near term with {Ark’s work} if vigillance is practised. The spelling is a clue.

Q: Well, since things are starting to move, I guess it is also time to increase vigilance.

A: It would definitely be advisable.

Q: Any further advice on my stock market investing? I have taken the step, and I have done the best I could without you guys telling me what to do specifically what to do. Can you tell me if what I have done so far is the right thing?

A: You are doing well, so far.

Q: Any further advice? Should I just buy and hold, or should I buy and sell?

A: Buy defensive hedges.

Q: What are defensive hedges?

A: Stocks which weather recession well.

Q: What stocks weather recession well?

A: Food, drugs, energy, etc...

Q: But what about the tech and biotech which you told you before. That's what I have been going into, tech and biotech, and pretty heavy duty, too.

A: That is good!

Q: So now you think I ought to diversify into food and drugs? What kind of stocks deal with food? (F) Nabisco, General Mills, Kraft, Post, Bordens. And drugs would be Abbot, merck, Liggett Myers, Pfizer, and so forth. (A) WHY? If tech and biotech are going to go up, as you suggest, why should we invest in something else? If now is such a good opportunity to buy tech and biotech, why don't we just do that? Why diversify?

A: A good opportunity. If you diversify, you have a better chance to make more money and faster!

Q: So, maybe they are saying that food and drug stocks, and tech and biotech stops are all going to go up?

A: Yes.

Q: What about fuel?

A: Energy.

Q: Like the coal industry? I mean, "diamonds in the rough" are carbon, and carbon is coal, right?

A: Okay.

Q: Just okay. Not the best. What about Tampa Electric or Con-Ed? Things like that?

A: Those are shaky.

Q: What do you mean by energy? Gas?

A: And oil and nuclear and newer forms.

Q: (A) What is newer than nuclear? "Free energy" is newer than nuclear. (L) Tom Bearden! (A) Right!

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, everything about this Perceptronics matched what you were saying a couple of weeks ago, and it was really cheap, so I picked up a couple hundred shares for practically nothing

A: Good!

Q: Now, onto Frank's mom. Aside from what Frank is doing, are there any additional things that can or should be done that would optimize her recovery?

A: She is improving faster now.

Q: Is there anything he needs to add to her regimen? Anything you would recommend?

A: Not as of yet.

Q: Is there anything he can do to minimize the stress being produced by his sister?

A: Just being present helps...

Q: Frank says he is going to commit suicide if his mother dies. Is that a good idea?

A: No, but it won't happen.

Q: See?! They said she is not gonna die.

A: She is in better health than he is.

Q: What does Frank need?

A: He is okay, but she is strong, due to powerful genetic line. His is not as strong, due to his father.

Q: Is there anything he can do for himself?

A: Not now.

Q: I received this very mysterious e-mail in response to my Grail pages. [Reads e-mail] Is this a crackpot, somebody from the inside, or a veiled threat?

A: Close to number 1: Crackpot.

Q: Okay, let's get to the main subject. We have a serious problem here. In this series of sessions we had over a period of years about Roswell, on October 7, 1994, we were discussion Roswell, the question was asked about the number of bodies recovered by the government. The answer you gave was "three dead, one still in operation." Then, you said it was a "robotic, biogenetic being rather than a soul-encompassing physical existence."

On September 2, 1995, again we have a body count of 4, who were described as hybrids, and this was in relation to the alien autopsy video. So, we have four hybrids, composed of human and Grey Alien genetic combination.

On October 21, 1995, I was reciting the story from the alien autopsy video, and the camera man was quoted as having stated that there were four beings, and one was dead, and three were standing outside the craft crying and clutching boxes of some sort. I asked if this was accurate, and you said yes. So, in this case, which must also be the case of the four hybrids mentioned above, we have a count of four beings, with one dead, and three living.

Next: we talked about it further, and we asked about how many beings were in a particular crash, and you said 21. I asked how come the reports said that there were only four, and you said the reports were suppressed and fragmented because fewer individuals witnessed the interior of the craft.

So, now we have 17 more beings on the inside. However, on this occasion, what we were talking about was the fact that this was a mission to retrieve dead bodies for study. Five of the bodies inside were human, and two were bigfoot types. Before, you had said that the craft that crashed were on a "highly specialized mission" of reconnaissance and testing of environmental conditions of the area as a result of the nuclear testing that had taken place there. But this particular mission seems to have been otherwise. But, I know that one mission profile does not negate the other. Yet, it seems to be contradictory. But, the biggest contradiction we have seems to be where it states that there were four bodies. On the one occasion, three were dead and one was alive, then three were living, and one was dead, and now, suddenly, we have 21 and a whole different ballgame. Now, I understand that the way our questions are framed, and what awareness we have, are factors that can vary the response. But I have to deal with this because I am writing about it and there is confusion here.

A: There was more than one "crash in the vicinity" of Roswell, and at different times. The four body scenario refers to the incident most frequently cited.

Q: Now, when we say the "four body incident most frequently cited," how many were living?

A: Three dead, one living.

Q: So, what about the incident where there were three living and one dead?

A: Yes, in early June and approximately 100 miles further west of the Roswell area.

Q: So, in early June there were three living and one dead. And this is the one that the camera man was talking about?

A: Yes.

Q: And then there was an incident in July where there were three dead and one living, and that is the one that most of the Roswell witnesses are talking about?

A: One more.

Q: One more crash?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, so there were two crashes at the same time?

A: Three.

Q: There were three in the July period?

A: June/July.

Q: Two in June, and one in July?

A: June 4th, July 1st, and July 4th.

Q: The one in June occurred 100 miles further west?

A: Yes.

Q: The July 1st, incident, where did that occur?

A: 67 miles southeast of White Sands.

Q: And the third crash was the Plains of San Augustin crash that you have already given figures on, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Which one of these crashes had the 21 bodies?

A: Second. This explains the famous news release because the base was abuzz due to all these occurrences.

Q: It seems to me that if the base was already abuzz with these occurrences, they would already have had their cover organized and their stories straight! In such a case, the famous news release would never have happened.

A: No.

Q: Previously, I asked about this Kal Korff book, and essentially you said that my scenario about the different stories, the various witnesses, whoever is behind the cover-up is just feeding disinformation through all of these people. They are capitalizing on all kinds of witnesses and so forth that then get "exposed as frauds," are just part of the cover up. You said that this was correct. So, I said that "they are feeding disinformation through all of the so-called "Roswell Witnesses," and you said "close." I would like to know how close, and just how they are feeding disinformation through all of these witnesses. Obviously, these people believe what they are saying.

A: They do.

Q: They believe. Why do they believe?

A: They are telling what they remember, but it is soaked in twisting parallels.

Q: Are the people doing this themselves?

A: No. Event mixture.

Q: But they all seem to remember this July 4th crash, or so they say.

A: Yes.

Q: I don't get what you are saying here.

A: Events were intertwined.

Q: So, some may have witnessed different events?

A: Parts of...

Q: Have they also been tampered with in terms of abduction or having implanted memories or screen memories?

A: No.

Q: Have they, in any way, been exposed to something that was falsely staged by the government in order to make them think....

A: No.

Q: So, they are all sincere and honest witnesses, but they are witnesses to different events, and they all think that they are witnesses to the same event?

A: The so-called suspicious circumstances are merely a patchwork, cleverly used by those who wish to conceal.

Q: For example: did the fireman actually go to a crash site and witness what his daughter claims he witnessed?

A: Yes.

Q: Was it an alien craft crash site?

A: Yes.

Q: Did Jesse Marcel witness a crashed UFO?

A: Pieces of one.

Q: Did Glen Dennis really talk with a nurse who later disappeared?

A: Yes.

Q: How did this woman disappear? Kal Korff could find no record of her existence.

A: Transferred, discharged, records expunged.

Q: Is she dead, so that she doesn't know all the stories about her experience?

A: Yes.

Q: Did she die under suspicious circumstances?

A: No.

Q: Did the little balsa wood piece actually come from a toy company as Korff suggests?

A: No. Kal Korff was paid to mislead, but it is now moot as the military changed its story yet again after his book was published.

Q: One of the things that Kal Korff did was to dig into Jesse Marcel's background, and he claims that Marcel never had any of the background that he claimed, and that Jesse Marcel is basically a liar. He has the military records to back him up on this. Were Marcel's records altered?

A: Jesse Marcel never claimed to be a military pilot. He was an intelligence officer who held a private pilot's license

Q: That's not what Kal Korff says. He quotes Stanton Friedman, and William Moore and all those guys who wrote about Roswell, as quoting Marcel to have said he was a military pilot. Korff quotes from their books, and says they wrote these things and didn't check to find out that Jesse was a liar.

A: Jesse did not lie.

Q: Okay. Well. You also said "Roswell did involve evidence of non-human intelligence." Did this just mean basic information about the reality of alien visitation, or was there some other implied meaning here?

A: No implied meaning.

Q: Now, in this second crash where you said that there were two big foot types: were the big foot types also dead?

A: Yes.

Q: You also said that some of the beings went into 4th density, sort of, at the time of one of these crashes. What exactly DID happen?

A: It is complex, but suffice it to say that they re-transited to 4th density.

Q: You said that there were five dead humans inside that were retrieval and study specimens. Where did they get these bodies?

A: Mexico and South America.

Q: Now, on two or three occasions you said I should be researching a modern-day connection between the Roswell event and the underground zones and the Canary Islands. What is the connection of the Roswell incident to the Canary Islands, other than the names? Are the Canaries a sort of headquarters?

A: Clue is that similar energies are employed.

Q: Recently, I went to this hypnotist down in St. Pete, who took me back to this incident when I was a child. My impression was that drugs were used on me. Is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: What was the drug?


Q: When I saw the werewolf type being sitting at some kind of console that controlled people. I had the impression that these people who were doing these things to me were robot type beings, that they were not human, and that they were controlled by this werewolf type being. Was that also correct?

A: Close.

Q: Who was this werewolf? I was expecting to see a Lizard, or anything but a werewolf. He had eyes like lasers.

A: Screen mask.

Q: What was behind the screen?

A: You know.

Q: Lizards?

A: Yes.

Q: Why would they screen themselves as a werewolf?

A: Cloak.

Q: Well, did I accomplish anything with this session, or was this woman just not the right one I need to go to, that I need to do more.

A: That is okay.

Q: The issue of Val Valerian being associated with beings who have "blockbuster" information has come up a time or two lately. There are a couple of ideas as to who these beings might be. As a matter of fact, we have discovered that Val Valerian is not as reliable as one would wish. He seems to be quite a disseminator of disinformation. So, who, precisely are these beings Val is associated with? Are they aliens?

A: No.

Q: Are they government types?

A: Yes.

Q: So, Val is a doorway for dissemination of information and disinformation?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, he has just recently posted some stuff that is so trashy that I really was taken aback. Is he hooked up with Scientology and Black Magick? That is where it looks like his information is tending lately. This Samuels guy has really written some strange stuff that seems to be loaded with disinformation.

A: Val trips up as do many...

Q: Well, who is this Samuels, and who is behind him? It sounds so much like Scientology...

A: Pay no attention to this, but some of his information commands serious review.

Q: Well, I know that! But, he has really gone off the deep end with this stuff! What does one have to do to keep from falling into such traps?

A: Find one's own path.

Q: On the alien autopsy video, Ray Santilli has consistently refused to reveal any information at all as to who was behind the release of this film. Could you tell us who is behind making available to him this alien autopsy information. Was it a rogue individual, or was it a deliberate leak ....

A: Latter.

Q: And that is why he has and will refuse to reveal his source to anyone. He simply CANNOT. Did the camera man as he was described, ever exist at all?

A: Close.

Q: So, Ray Santilli is under a restriction that makes it utterly impossible for him to say anything at all in his own defense. He cannot and will not.

A: Close.

Q: Thank you. Good night.

End of Session
C's said:
A: Partly, but other complications lurk... Jealousies building with one who has a name with a "B." {In retrospect, this was a warning about Vincent Bridges.}

Q: Any particular action to take to forestall that one?

A: Be on alert to conferences with others.

Well, that could not have been more accurate, considering his 'conference' was when you came to your senses about him and really set him off.
Wow, what a session, lot of interesting information. Thank you Laura.

So much about the 1 and only Roswell UFO crash!!! I need to read this session once more:))))))))
Interesting session, Roswell and

Q: When I saw the werewolf type being sitting at some kind of console that controlled people. I had the impression that these people who were doing these things to me were robot type beings, that they were not human, and that they were controlled by this werewolf type being. Was that also correct?

A: Close.

Q: Who was this werewolf? I was expecting to see a Lizard, or anything but a werewolf. He had eyes like lasers.

A: Screen mask.

Q: What was behind the screen?

A: You know.

Q: Lizards?

A: Yes.

Q: Why would they screen themselves as a werewolf?

A: Cloak.

Lizard controlling people - > psychopaths ?
Wow. Rosewell.. I never heard of the crash involving 21 beings. Incredible. There so much that happens on this Big Blue Marble.

Thanks for sharing!
Thought I'd post this here, from Linda Howe's site, as she keeps investigating this piece of metal: Part 7: Mysterious Metal from Bottom of Wedge-Shaped UFO — Update 1996-2018 Research – Earthfiles

Posted on August 9, 2018 by Linda Moulton Howe
Part 7: Mysterious Metal from Bottom of Wedge-Shaped UFO — Update 1996-2018 Research

“The bismuth/magnesium-zinc alloy is an electrogravitic rectifier. You energize it in order to cause it to rectify gravitational field energy — unidirectional force, one direction, based upon how you have the material oriented. And when the Bi/MgZn material is being energized, along with the other structure of the craft — the structure of the craft really negates gravitational energy from penetrating. In other words, it becomes weightless.”
I don't know where to post it. Sorry if this is not correct thread.
Well there is this thread (when in doubt, just use the Search button) about Skinwalker Ranch. If it hasn't been posted already perhaps you could write a short summary of the videos above, neonix, so people can watch them when they are interested. Posting a summary is considerate, since most of us are very busy!
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