Session 16 July 2007


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Session Date: July 16th 2007

Laura, Ark, Joe, Andromeda, Scott, Ailén, Galahad, PoB

Q: (L) Hello

A: Hello

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Osrazzo

Q: (L) And who are you, where do you transmit through?

A: A Cassiopaean portal in far and lovely Cassiopeia.

Q: (L) Do you have any messages for us tonight, or can we just ask questions?

A: Ask away.

Q: (L) Well, I want you to know that tonight is the birthday of the Cassiopaean connection.

A: Up to you, maybe, wait and see, open!

Q: {Much laughter at string of typical, though often protested responses.} (L) Alright, carry on. (Andromeda) Well I have only one question, and that's what happened to these people off the coast of Australia? They disappeared off the Barrier Reef, and they had their dinner on the table and their laptop open and stuff and they just disappeared. (J) In April, this year...

A: Yet to be seen. They will turn up.

{Segment of personal questions and answers regarding family matters deleted}

Q: (Joe) Was there any election fraud in the 2007 French elections?

A: Of course!

Q: (Joe) Is there a percentage we can have of fraudulent or stolen votes?

A: Believe that the percentage is over 20 percent.

Q: (Joe) So 20%?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) That would suggest that only 30% of people voted for Sarkozy. (H) Did Segolene get more votes than Sarkozy?

A: Yes.

Q: (S) So that pretty much means that the feeling that Laura and I had that maybe Sarkozy wasn't quite so evil was probably fairly wrong?

A: Probably, but remember that Sarkozy is not in charge. He just doesn't fully realize it yet.

Q: (H) Will there be some sort of event that will sort of bring it home to him?

A: Most likely. There is a grave aura of danger spreading over France.

Q: (L) Danger from where?

A: Conflict is between those who want to put France in the bind and those who do not and know it will be like sparks in a powder keg.

Q: (L) Why would it be like sparks in a powder keg?

A: The French mentality: arrogance etc.

Q: (Joe) They're worried about another revolution. (L) And who is pressing to put France in the bind?

A: Your favorite Zionazis.

Q: (L) And who is against it?

A: Sarkozy among others. Though he is trying to appease in some ways.

Q: (H) Was Segolene more closely aligned with the Zionazis?

A: That is an interesting question: Let us just say she was picked to run to lose.

Q: (H) So is this Julien Dray character who is close to her one of the key players?

A: Indeed. Sarkozy thinks he can handle it, but he will find he has a tiger by the tail.

Q: (Joe) So essentially, both Sarko and Segolene were picked, and Segolene was picked because she would be a plausible loser, but the whole thing was rigged anyway so Sarko would win.

A: Good analysis. See? What do you need us for?

Q: (S) So they picked him because he's kind of the dupe. So he's kind of against the Zionists, but he's going to discover very soon that it doesn't matter because they put him in power and they're going to make him do whatever they want...

A: Not against, just thinks he is smarter.

Q: (H) So the supposed reconciliation with some of the socialists that Sarko is proposing is in fact a building of the Zionist front within the French government.

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) Does putting the French "in the bind", was that code for a terror attack?

A: Not particularly, just recreating same conditions as in US and UK.

Q: (L) In other words, fascism. That's what the word fascism means: something bound together, like a bundle of sticks. (H) So, uh, are there any good guys?

A: Most of them are dead.

Q: (sighs) (L) So in short, we're screwed!

A: You be the "good guys."

Q: (nervous laughter) (H) So was the April Drop Dead date you referred to, did that have some link to the timing of the French elections? They started at the end of April.

A: Yup, and more yet to be revealed.

Q: (H) Any chance we'll get a little revealing of this tonight?

A: What was Dubya doing in April? Blair? Sarkozy?

Q: (S) They were having meetings about blowing up Iran! That was my theory. (Ailén) Should we be thinking about moving soon?

A: Moving will happen when it is time.

Q: (S) Cool, we get to move again! (A) We will BE moved! (laughter) (L) Will we be moved?

A: No!

Q: (L) Am I going to end up in a prison being tortured and martyred or something?

A: Not likely.

Q: (Joe) What about any of the rest of us?

A: Ditto.

Q: (H) Well, you notice that for the question, "Will we be moved again?" they said "No!", but for going to prison it was "Not likely." (L) Well, I mean obviously I could do something to get there. (Galahad) Keep an eye on her, Ark! (laughter) (Joe) Is an attack on Iran imminent?

A: They are trying to move in that direction. More likely to be a false flag attack in US and UK and France and possibly Russia to garner public support.

Q: (H) That's one heck of a false flag attack! (Joe) Mossad are more than capable. That's really unimaginative. I was hoping for something more... (L) Creative? (H) Hey, it works!

A: It may not...

Q: (Joe) That was I was going to say. There's a danger in doing the same thing over and over again. People will start to not believe it any more. (Galahad) That's where they are caught: in their inability to think creatively. (Joe) It may not, depending on us. (S) Well, I'm all cheered up now. (laughter) (S) Is there any good news at all?!

A: You have this information which the rest of people do not.

Q: (L) I want to... (Joe) We're doomed to know what's going to happen before everybody else... You want to what?

A: You will do what you will do. Help is on the way.

Q: (L) I would just like to know what form this help is going to take?

A: That would be cheating. Look to the skies...

Q: (Joe) Help is a comet! (laughter) (L) Or it's a supernova and we're all going to get fried... (S) Well, if the earth was hit by comets and it was a disaster area, well that would be cool, and if there was a supernova and we all get superpowers, well that would be cool too! So there ya go! (Joe) Maybe the supernova will wake a bunch of people up. (laughter) (A) Recently we were concentrating on psychopaths, ponerology, and so on, and this is now starting to go around. But, I have the feeling that while this is spreading, we should take some other subject and focus on promoting that. Psychopaths and ponerology are becoming famous, so when that happens we should move on to the next big thing. Which direction should it be?

A: When Dolan gets here, you'll get some ideas.

Q: (S) Yeah, so the help that's coming is actually an alien invasion. Then we'll all be enslaved and the aliens will be the masters instead! (laughter) (L) Or maybe they'll try to fake an alien invasion and the REAL aliens will show up. Or they'll try to fake an invasion and a comet will come and hit. (Galahad) I wanted to ask about S***** since he's coming back soon. We've noticed absolutely no change in S****. He seems to be in a rut, turning in circles. Does S**** realize that he is expendable? {Individual in questions was previously identified as an unconscious agent.}

A: No. Too worried about how he looks to others. Remember, it is not really S**** in charge. He is a false personality in need of shocks. You can give him a few...

Q: (Galahad) That suggests that there is something else inside him that could be awakened?

A: Very likely.

Q: (Joe) Would an appropriate shock be to simply tell him that we know he works for MI5?

A: Not the best approach. Better to apply consistent shocks to the emotional center via SOTT work.

Q: (L) He can work on the Signs page. (Andromeda) Good idea! (A) I want to know what is the future of the present growing tension between the US and Putin?

A: Most of it is show, but there is also the fact that Putin is a smart man who is leading the tyrant into a trap.

Q: (L) I would say it's not so much because he's a good guy as it is because it's a power struggle.

A: Yes.

Q: (Ailén) Is Putin working with Chavez on that?

A: Sure.

Q: (L) Sure, he'll work with anybody. He's not a stupid man. He's WAY smarter than Bush. I think he's smarter than Sarkozy, and he's definitely smarter than Blair. He's got some neurons firing there. (A) Practical question: Should PoB sell the apartment in Wroclaw?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I just want to know what's going on with F****?

A: Reality shock leads to drugs and more reality shock thereby.

Q: (L) Spiraling down, eh?

A: Yes.

Q: (PoB) What can I do for M**** now or later on?

A: The best thing, the fastest, is to leave her alone until she learns what she came to learn.

Q: (L) How will PoB know when M**** has learned what she came to learn?

A: She will know when M**** begs for forgiveness.

Q: (Galahad) Are you planning to show up for the {QFS Meeting}? (laughter)

A: If invited!

Q: (Andromeda) I'll get that to you in the mail. (laughter)

A: PoB must be strong in the love that is higher and can wait for each soul to fulfill its destiny. What makes you sad is not even M****. M**** is still sleeping.

Q: (Discussion of answer)

A: In patience and wise waiting, M**** may possess her own soul. She is like a seed planted in the warm dark earth. If you do the wrong thing or try to fix anything, it will be like digging up the seed to see if it has sprouted. Doing so will kill the possibility.

Q: (S) What happened to our friendly {French agent of secret services who befriended us}?

A: He got what he wanted.

Q: (L) He probably wanted a copy of the book. He found out that we aren't anything that anybody said. We're just perfectly normal, and he read the book and decided we aren't a cult. (A) He will be becoming here in July or August.

A: Well... Hmmm... Keep your eyes on the skies and your ear to the ground. Knowledge protects. Goodbye.

Q: Oh, comets and earthquakes!


Comments following session:

(A) So, how does it feel at a meeting of one of the most talked-about and defamed channelers? We are having fun, thinking, and then people write and study these transcripts, and steal them! (laughter)

(L) Gosh, most of this is just common sense.

(Joe) Most of it is "figure it out for your self and do your own work"!

(L) The funny thing was that in the beginning, I thought that you could just find stuff in regular books and you'd know something. And I guess what they really taught me was that that's not how it works. You've got to look below the surface and dig, dig, dig! Also they taught me that this whole reality is manufactured, and you have to work to get to the truth. The truth won't be in one or two books, out in the open. Once you know that, once you know it's not going to be easy and that you have to work for it, and you start doing it...

(A) It becomes fun!

(L) It's like what Gurdjieff said: When you have a good teacher, you get to the point where you don't need the teacher any more. And while I like to chat with the C's now and then, I don't really need it. And they kept saying, "We're trying to teach you how to use your brain." It's so obvious now! To all of us! But it wasn't so obvious then. We had these emotional illusions that needed to be fixed and connected to these ideas of Gurdjieff.

(Joe) Helping us to help ourselves.

(L) Yeah. Give a person a fish and they eat for a day, but teach them to fish...

(A) It's the same with science. When you are a student, and you work on your PhD, you believe that there is somebody that really KNOWS. So you read all these books, which will take you three years. Then you start to talk to these people, and they say, "That's a good question!" and "That's a good question, too!"

(L) The other thing is that some of the physics ideas the C's pointed out along with other ideas about the universe being open, these were several very basic ideas that seem so simple now. But they were so difficult to get to because of the programming. And if we remember how it was for all of us to even THINK outside the box... You know that something bothers you all your life, but you don't think that you can get outside and look at it. Once you do and you see what it is, you say, "DUH! Why didn't I figure that out before?" So you have to have compassion for all the other people because all these other people do not have certain advantages that we have. We have to figure out ways to communicate ideas to people who have different thinking styles, educational levels, biases, programs. That's why when I write things, I explain things in so many different ways. That's what I did for The Wave, and what we do on the Signs page, etc.
Thank you for the session Laura :)
That makes clear the present political mess in France.

At the moment, I read texts speaking about planned civils wars in Europe by the pathocrats, opening the way to a russian invasion and fascism in Europe. I read, there would be "two" (in fact just one, the pathocrats' project)) projects to impose global fascism; one "american" and one "russian". Considering Douglas Reed 's "Controversy of Zion" maybe this scenario could be possible.

My 2 cents.
jeff said:
At the moment, I read texts speaking about planned civils wars in Europe by the pathocrats,...

Hi jeff. Sounds plausible. Can you provide a link to these texts?

thank you so much Laura for this session . I had a doubt about the election of Sarkozy now I know it's fraudulent .

It was also sad to know that may be the group had to move again but i understand if it's for your safety and I know the future is open :)

fille des bois
Hello Cholas,

cholas said:
jeff said:
At the moment, I read texts speaking about planned civils wars in Europe by the pathocrats,...

Hi jeff. Sounds plausible. Can you provide a link to these texts?


It's a newsletter which is in french and not published directly on internet.

If I could I would send links on the forum.

Except in deutschland, the European industry is destroyed. When people will be hungry and when they will see that they have been betrayed by their politics (which are puppets) the situation could become strained.
Thanks you very much!

I suppose this has really hit home the fact that although we are not alone in our search for knowledge nothing great is ever completed without great effort put forth. In a way I feel like I'm cheating by reading these transcripts yet I know there is probably a great deal of more information still waiting to be discovered and learned. All I wish to say is thanks for sharing all your hard work!

To whom much is given: much is expected.
I checked out of interest - Derek Batten, Peter Tunstead and James Tunstead have not turned up yet. There are a couple of theories in Wikipedia, but that's all.
Thanks for sharing. Why am I reading this one only now ? I knew for Ségolène ! Dominique Strauss-Khan has been proposed an offer he couldn't refuse : to withdraw from the presidential race (which would not interest him more than that, anyway) to let Ségolène Royal fail in front of the cameras. What bothers me is that DSK is still presented as a "socialist" as he is the head of the IMF.

The fun part of this election fraud is that since 2007, I often talk about politics with friends or colleagues, concluding by asking "ok fine, but who voted for HIM anyway?". And each time, the same embarrassed look goes throughout the assembly. If Sarko only scores 30%, the embarrassed look makes sense ^^
FWIW, Larry Romanoff has a lengthy article on Dominique Strauss-Khan.

And his conclusion;

The only people with the power to do this, to plan and execute all the portions of the US side of this theatrical performance, and to obtain the necessary silence from all participants, are the alphabet agencies. The (Khazar-controlled) CIA has the power to say, “This is a matter of the utmost national security. You will comply with our instructions in all details and, if you dare ever breathe a word of this, you will most likely disappear and your family along with you.” The CIA could enforce obedience from the NYPD, the hotel, the prosecutor’s office, the judges and the courts, the phone companies, the airport authorities, and could easily arrange the multiple bank accounts and mobile phones. They are skilled at creating and planting evidence, and they have the power to control media information and disinformation. That’s what they do, and their authority is more or less absolute.


The question then remains, from whom were the CIA taking their instruction? It would not have been from the US administration, and certainly not from Sarkozy’s election team. Who was it, who was “out to get” DSK? The answers to all the questions trace to the Jewish bankers in the City of London, the master to whom both Israel’s Mossad and the CIA ultimately report, and these are the people who, for their own reasons, wanted a final extermination of DSK, to utterly ruin the man for his disobedience, and remove him forever as a potential nuisance. DSK was released on bail (from Rikers Island) only on condition that he resign his position as MD of the IMF. This wasn’t the NYPD’s idea, nor the position of the US government. This could have emanated only from the Khazarian mafia in the City of London. It was they who wanted DSK removed from office.

DSK is a Jew, until recently one of the world’s most powerful men, yet still far removed from the “inner circle” of the Khazar mafia in London. If this is what these people will so freely do to one of their own, you can imagine the rickety scaffolding on which the rest of us stand. There is no shortage of unusual and suspicious deaths of those daring to reveal inconvenient truths – or threatening to reveal them. Think of Gary Webb, Michael Hastings and Anne Heche. Think of Robert Maxwell, the Jewish media mogul (real name: Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) and Mossad’s ‘assisted suicide’ (see note 86) in helping him fall naked off his yacht in the middle of the night to drown in the Atlantic Ocean, shortly after boasting that “they can’t do anything to me because I know where all the bodies are buried.”
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