Session 17 March 2001


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March 17, 2001

Ark, Laura, Vincent Bridges
Reconstructed from notes.

Q: Is anyone there?
A: Yes.
Q: What is your name?
A: Oxajil.
Q: Is that your name?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you transmit via Cassiopaea?
A: Yes.
Q: Do you have any messages for us?
A: Open other door.
Q: What does that mean?
A: Look mirror now Laura.
Q: Does this mean we should use the mirror for communication?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there anything Vincent can do to help this process?
A: Open.
Q: (V) If it would be my free will to do something along this line, would it help to facilitate communication?
A: Work on Laura.
Q: (V) That means we should have done the work on Laura before the session, as Ark suggested?
A: Listen to Ark.
Q: (V) So, we screwed up by not listening to Ark earlier?
A: No. Listen to Ark.
Q: (V) Something else Ark said today?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Can you give us a keyword for this work on Laura that we need to do?
A: Number Five.
Q: (V) What does number five have to do with anything?
A: Laura. Listen to Ark.
Q: (L) Question for A******: is Sweetheart alright?
A: Yes.
Q: Is she in kitty kat heaven?
A: No.
Q: Has she been reincarnated?
A: K. Yes. (Kitten?)
Q: (V) Back to the number five clue. How does this relate?
A: Open other door.
Q: (V) Door as in the mirror?
A: Open now.
Q: (V) You mean we should try the mirror right now?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Is this related to what I was told in 1987?
A: Yes. More.
Q: Can we have another clue?
A: L V...
Q: We don't understand.
A: Knowledge protects.
Q: But what is this L V?
A: Process of L V. Source.
Q: (V) Does this mean that the process of deprogramming will lead to the source?
A: L V I 3 5 Ark.
Q: (Confusion expressed about this last "clue.")
A: L 5 I 3 for more. Mirror.
Q: (V) So we will know more or be able to get more via the mirror?
A: Yes. Goodbye.

End of Session
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