Session 20 October 2018


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Session Date: October 20th 2018

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, Scottie, Niall, Princess Leia, Opal the Majesticat

Q: (L) Today is the 20th of October 2018. [Review of those present] Hello, is anybody out there?

A: 5D calling

Q: (L) What does that mean?

A: Chloe wishes to speak? Her passing was sooner than she wanted.

Q: (L) Well, I had the thought she had passed because that was probably when she wanted to go. Don't people usually pass when they want to go? Well...

A: Laura you know how stubborn I am.

Q: (L) Yes, and? What are you trying to say?

A: I refused to listen to your warnings because of simple jealousy.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "jealousy"?

A: I always joked about you being a "larger than life" personality. Behind the joke was jealousy that I did not have courage or convictions.

Q: (L) Well, I always thought you had convictions.

A: Shallow and held with stubbornness not courage. I am sorry I was not a better friend.

Q: (L) Well, I don't hold it against you - assuming it's you.

A: It is me!

Q: (L) Is there anything else you want to communicate?

A: Goodbye until we meet again. Goodbye.

Q: (L) Well, that was bizarre.

(Joe) Why?

(L) I mean, that's all she had to say?

(Pierre) It sounds like it was heavy on her heart, and she wanted to come clean about it and tell the truth.

(Joe) In those situations when you've talked to supposedly 5D people, do you ever think to ask them what their environment is like? Have you ever done that?

(L) I was just now thinking that I'd ask that until she decided to take off. Maybe she knew it was coming! [laughter]

(Joe) That's Top Secret!

(L) Alright. Hello? Is there anybody out there?

A: Good evening Cassiopaea calling.

Q: (L) So, was that really Chloe we were just chatting with?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Was that something that was heavy on her mind that she had to get off her chest?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I guess if she has anything to get off her chest to anybody else, she'll find a way. So, Joe was just saying why don't we ask people who talk to us from 5D what 5D is like. I was just thinking about asking that myself.

A: There are plenty of tomes with those details.

Q: (L) Well, if there are plenty of tomes with those details, are they true?

A: You can read and compare to get the general gist of things.

Q: (L) Okay.

(Artemis) Why was talking to Chloe so slow?

A: Difficult for her to channel energy. Plus her connection to Laura had weakened over the years as she closed herself off from new things and reality in general. Art was both her shield and her undoing.

Q: (Joe) Art?

(L) Oh yeah, she was just immersed in her painting. She was painting, painting, painting. She and I used to do art together and take art classes. I gave art up because for me, art is a waste of time. I mean, I'm glad other people paint pictures so I can look at them, but if you have other abilities and you spend it all on art, it's a waste.

(Joe) It's almost a way to involve yourself in...

(L) In a fantasy.

(Joe) You're creating it for yourself. Living in your paintings, ya know?

(L) I'm glad I read Collingwood. His take on art was really good and articulated what I instinctively felt about it. I’m pretty darn good at drawing and painting and so forth, I just don’t see any permanent value in it. Okay, carry on with questions. Honey, you have questions?

(Ark) Yes.

(L) You start off.

(Ark) I do? Now?

(L) Yeah.

(Ark) Yeah, I want to ask... I was always interested in what is called the Fine Structure Constant in physics. It's approximately 1/137. I wrote some papers where I quoted Mr. Armand Wyler who was kind of a crazy mathematician who worked on this. Now, what is this constant? This constant is very important because somehow it's one of these very important constants of the universe. We know speed of light, gravity constant, the Planck constant, or the elementary electric charge. But this fine structure constant is a combination of these, and it's just a number. It's not like a centimeter or a kilogram or whatever. It's just a pure number.

(L) What does it relate to?

(Ark) This pure number appears in a Dirac equation which tells how light interacts with electricity. So when you see stars, and spectra of stars, and you can analyze this spectrum in a subtle way you see this number in the light from the sky. Or you see in some very subtle experiments. You can measure it.

(Pierre) What you describe is light or photons. Where does electricity intervene?

(Ark) Because this light that comes is created by scattering or hitting one electric charge, or antimatter and matter colliding, or...

(Pierre) Okay, that's the source.

(Ark) So, this Mr. Wyler claimed that he mathematically derived this number. Physicists have no idea why it's just this, and nothing else.

(L) He derived it from what?

(Ark) He derived it from some kind of geometrical consideration. Higher dimensions. Six dimensions, seven dimensions, blah blah blah. He derived this number, and he gave the formula which was approximately the same as physicists are measuring. But no one could understand it. I couldn't understand it either. I was in Marseille at the time, I studied this paper, and I couldn't understand. Then he got invited to Princeton in order to explain his derivation because Americans of course, they want to have everybody who does anything original. So, he spent like half a year in Princeton. Apparently, he did not succeed in explaining. He came back to Europe, and was put in an asylum for crazy people. He didn't write any more after that. He disappeared, essentially.

(Pierre) So nobody knows what it really means or the reasoning behind it.

(Ark) No. Now, there is a certain other mathematician who is a very famous one named Michael Atityah. He's a Fields medal winner in mathematics who is 89 years old. Recently at the end of September, he wrote a paper about fine structure constant. He derived it in a completely different way. That's what he claims. So, he explains that in the paper that I have here (waves sheaf of paper). Of course, physicists started laughing. "Oh, this is old. We don't understand, it doesn't make sense to us," and so on. But I look at this paper, and I see certain keywords there. I don't understand. It's too difficult for me right now. But I see things that I always considered as important. There are quaternions there, there are octonions, there is a lot of algebra, there is Mr. Von Neumann with his infinite-dimensional algebras. So, it all kind of fits for me, but it has very detailed relation to this other mathematician, Wyler. There is some overlap, but it's different.

(Pierre) And they reach the same result? 1/137?

(Ark) Yes. In fact he gives this number the Russian letter "Ч" ("ch"). This is very strange in an English paper. This is a British mathematician, a "Sir", and he uses this Russian letter for this constant? I have no idea why he's using a Russian letter. But I'm so interested and I've always been interested. So I would like to know if this 89-year-old mathematician Mr. Michael Atityah, with his idea about this fine structure constant that no one understands, is onto something?

A: He is definitely "onto something"!

Q: (Ark) Now my question is whether it is first priority for me to understand because it may open...

A: It will certainly help!

Q: (Ark) Yes, it will help, but I want to know if it is the first priority?

A: No

Q: (Ark) What is the first priority? Can you help?

A: Memories and "reflections" will help.

Q: (Niall) A trip down memory lane?

(L) Why did you put "reflections" in quotes?

A: Maybe something should be reversed?

Q: (Ark) Okay. Reverse. Probably gravity.

(Joe) Reverse gravity.

(Ark) Yes. [laughs] Thousands of physicists are working on dark matter and dark energy which no one can see, but it's like Ptolemy, epicycles and such, and apparently the universe consists of 80% of things we don't see. With the help of this dark energy and matter, they are able to explain things they observe in the stars. But there is another school that says we don't need dark matter or energy, but instead we need to modify gravity. I want to know which way is better?

A: Modifying the concept of gravity may help. But consider dark things in terms of your former question about fine structure and its relation to light and "electricity".

Q: (Ark) Okay. Enough. I'm done.

(L) Next?

(Pierre) In previous sessions, we discussed the intrinsic informational content of some geometric shapes. Do geometric representations of the Golden Ratio carry an intrinsic informational content?

A: More like an attractor.

Q: (Pierre) It acts a bit like the spiral antenna. Does it attract any kind of information like an amplifier, or does it attract a specific kind of information?

A: It depends on many other factors. The spiral is found in many contexts and in general can be thought of as a transducer.

Q: (L) It would depend on a lot of things it seems. Remember when they talked about spirals and Stonehenge and how its spiraling "slowed down the information" so that it could be received and understood?

(Pierre) Oh yeah? I didn't remember that. Okay. Does the HIV virus trigger some specific genetic mutations?

A: No

Q: (Pierre) Okay. Concerning the Quinton therapy and beneficial effects we noticed amongst various people, what percentage of those beneficial effects was due to the Quinton water, and what percentage was due to the other components?

A: When Quinton is present it is sufficient.

Q: (Pierre) Does it mean that the other components...

(L) When she puts those other components in, she doesn't use Quinton.

(Chu) Yes she does.

(L) Not very much. She uses a little bit, but it's mostly the other stuff and regular saline solution.

(Pierre) So, how do you interpret the answer?

(L) It means Quinton would probably do the job without the other things.

(Joe) When people drink Quinton, there have been different experiences - some not so pleasant. Is it kind of like iodine where it kind of energizes good and bad stuff like bacteria? Some people have digestive problems as a result, or they feel tired...

A: In some cases it is nothing more than a vivid imagination.

Q: (L) So when people are having like super-dramatic effects, they're basically...

(Joe) It's psychosomatic.

(L) They're dramatizing. Speaking of dramatizing...

(Niall) The Soyuz rocket launch last week that aborted after launch, was that just an accident?

(Joe) And before that there were the holes in a part of the space station.

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Pierre) Is it the same entity that sabotaged SpaceX a few years ago?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) We cannot ask who, right? Well, the competitor to Soyuz...

(Joe) Well, the thing is that the Soyuz rocket, if that was sabotage, that would have happened in Russia. It's a government-owned space program.

(L) I would imagine that there are plenty of Russians who can be bought; money can buy anything, just like there are plenty of Americans.

(Pierre) The competitor of Soyuz is the ESA.

(Joe) Or NASA.

(L) What about this murder of this poor guy Khashoggi?

(Joe) Is that what it seems to be?

A: Nothing ever is!

Q: (Joe) Is it what we were hypothesizing? Well, no... Was he killed in the embassy?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Was he killed with the knowledge of Crown Prince MbS?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) With his knowledge. Why, because this guy was an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime?

A: Arrogance and sure Trump is in his pocket.

Q: (Joe) That's ridiculous. The whole "free world" is threatening fire and brimstone against Saudi Arabia. That's all BS, right?

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) They can't do anything.

(L) It's a distraction!

A: Yes

Q: (L) It's part of the big freaking farce that they're putting on to keep everyone occupied, distraught, distracted, destabilized, exhausted…

(Joe) Keeping the news cycle hot.

(Pierre) Like when you play with Pikabu (Opale’s nickname).

(L) Yeah, it's like using a laser to make the cat go this way, and then make the cat go that way... This way, and that way. The whole world is being teased with a laser light.

(Joe) It's kind of useful in the sense that the Saudis can kill a guy in their own embassy and chop him up into pieces, and all the Freedom and Democracy people in the West are like, well, slap on the wrist and carry on!

(L) Look at the double standard! No evidence whatsoever of the Russians being involved in something that happens in broad daylight in England, and the whole world sanctions Russia. Then Saudi Arabia does this, he's filmed going into the embassy, they have recordings of the torture session with cutting off his fingers and god knows what, but, "Well, we have to wait for the investigation!" WHAT?!

(Pierre) That's what Russia kept saying: Let's conduct an independent investigation. They never got it.

(L) Some people are seeing it, I think. The masses aren't. They're just like the cat following the laser light. This way, and that way.

(Joe) You'd assume that a lot of people can't avoid the fact that their glorious Western leaders are in bed with a serial killer. One of their strongest allies is a serial killer.

(L) That's coming through loud and clear for some! I guess that will build up a lot of rage and anger, and one day it's gonna pop. Next question?

(Pierre) There was this earthquake in Mexico that happened on the 19th of September in 1985, and then another on the same day in 2017. For the second one, you had people in Mexico commemorating the thousands of deaths in 1985, and then the second one happens that very day. Did the commemorative event have an effect on the second earthquake?

A: Indeed!

Q: (L) I guess you can refer to that session where we talked about the day after Christmas earthquake in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Isn't that the one that had the tsunami and some 200,000 people were killed? The Cs said that if you can't create without, you create within.

(Pierre) I don't think it was only the grieving in Mexico...

(L) It was the current state of affairs.

(Pierre) The injustice and poverty and misery that is so widespread...

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?

A: Yes!!

Q: (Pierre) The human-cosmic connection goes both ways. And the crazy cosmic events make people more crazy, so then they trigger even more events. It's a downward spiral.

(L) Do the last question. I'm tired.

(Joe) The shooting in Crimea, in Kerch... A guy killed 19 people. It was like a Columbine type of event. Was there more than one shooter?

A: No

Q: (Pierre) We've seen Emmanuel Macron posing several times with young, black, athletic guys... Is Macron homosexual? [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) That's the cherry on the pie!

(L) The cherry on the cake. The cherries go inside the pie.

(Joe) Oh yeah! Was this Crimea guy mind-programmed in some way?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Aren't we all?

(L) I was thinking CIA. Am I onto something?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Yeah, they've got mind-programmed people everywhere, and they're creating these walking zombies. They're everywhere!

(Joe) It's a bit symbolic. It's the town right next to that new Kerch Strait Bridge that unites Russia and Crimea. Nobody in the West liked that, and then suddenly you've got a school shooting in the town right there.

(L) Nothing positive seems to be making a difference in the world. It just seems to be getting uglier and deeper and nastier.

(Chu) But that kind of stuff used to be almost only in the USA. And now...


(Andromeda) Shootings, stabbings, car rammings...

(Joe) They want to sow discord. They're the Lords of Discord.

(L) Yes. When the Cs told us about Greenbaum programming so many years ago, and coming mass shootings everywhere, we had NO idea how that was going to manifest. It’s all too horribly true. Okay, I guess I wanna say goodnight. Kissy, and thank you for being with us.

A: Goodbye.

Thank you for your great questions and thank you the C's for setting some things straight (Not MACRON, ahaha)... Always a refreshing day when a session appears here!
Thank you for sharing another great session. A lot to think about.
Thanks for another very interesting session. The info about Mexico reminds me that people need to find safe ways of venting their grievances and frustrations, rather than letting things fester within, because who knows what can happen if things go on like that for a long period of time.

I've also long wondered what 5d is like, although I hope it's a fair way off for me to experience.
Thank you for the session... Macron seems to me to be the most repellant individual in western political leadership at the moment. Quite an achievement in itself, looking at how stiff some of the competition is. He just seems slightly bizarre... It's like a recently arrived alien is having their first go at being a human politician
Session Date: October 20th 2018

Q: (L) I guess you can refer to that session where we talked about the day after Christmas earthquake in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Isn't that the one that had the tsunami and some 200,000 people were killed? The Cs said that if you can't create without, you create within.

(Pierre) I don't think it was only the grieving in Mexico...

(L) It was the current state of affairs.

(Pierre) The injustice and poverty and misery that is so widespread...

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?

A: Yes!!

Q: (Pierre) The human-cosmic connection goes both ways. And the crazy cosmic events make people more crazy, so then they trigger even more events. It's a downward spiral.

What a summary of what is going on with the human-cosmic connection and our planet earth! Earth expresses humanity's downward spiral, all this craze, with all her force.

Thank you all for the session.
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