Session 21 March 2020

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Thank you kindly for the session! It really clarifies a lot and puts the puzzles tighter together! :thup:
However I have trouble understanding the following excerpt:

Meaning, for someone wishing to leave the planet, as in dying, it is more deadly? Or vice versa?

As I understand it - for souls who want to leave the planet it is not so ‘deadly’ considering it is helping them achieve their goal of leaving.
Ok, seems that the C's are confirming what is on the argumentation spectrum of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who explicitely says that we (as human beings) are in symbiosis with virii. It makes so much sense that there is an exchange between virus and human, and not only that. It is a force of directing both, virii and humans, according to their predisposition. At least that is what I understand here. I also can't get away from the picture of antennaes. Like in proteins. I see a virus also like an antenna now.

Altough I started shaking while reading the session, I had the impression that the information is immensely well and good and also mind healing. In the sense of having another valuable point of view to adjust your own thinking to. No. Not adjust to. Test against. And that is a nice feeling.

I do not know whether I already had it. I had a lot of strange short colds (I detoxed a lot last year), no fever (for more than 20 years) in the last two years. I had a really bad hayfever season last year though. Lasted for months and was really bad. This year: Nothing at all. Not even a little itch in the nose or the eyes, not the slightest sign. My immune system seems to be well up right now.
Thank you so much for this session - a clear wake up call for everyone to get ready and prepare for the times to come.

Q: (L) Something like the Black Death would really do a number on the elite, wouldn't it?

(Chu) But it's likely that after this, people are going to think that everything is going back to normal and their systems will be very weak. And then the real deal hits.

A: No

Q: (Artemis) Are people being prepared to deal with the plague?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) SOME people!

This part surprised me as I thought along the lines of Chu's comment. Does the Cs reply imply that (i) the masses are being primed to believe that the present situation will continue and take place every year going forward, or that (ii) enough people are waking up to the fact that a real pandemic is likely to happen and prepare accordingly? or something else completely...?
Thank you all there very much! That was a real Corona session :wizard::flowers:

[The above answer took 12 minutes and 38 seconds with 2 short arm-resting breaks!]
Can't imagine how long the quija group had their hands in the air! You would really welcome some physiotherapist on the ground like the best tennins players do, no? Will you reveal the real total time to blow our minds? Do you also take ice cold bath for your arms to speed up recovery?

[Short Intermission - Everyone goes out to the lobby to get a snack (while maintaining a 1.5m safe distance from each other)]
Made my day :rotfl:

I wonder what these conflicts are... I guess partly among those among the PTB "in the know" and those who just use it for their own agendas and so on? So far, it looks like everyone is marching along in unison.
It reminds me of John Nash (if I get name of that mathematician correctly) playing monopoly with other scientists and then dully trashing the game players from his own group that was supposed to cooperate in order to win.
(Ark) I was recently interested in biofeedback machine that is supposed to monitor your brain waves and teach you how to achieve alpha state or delta state. I notice that these machines that were widely available 40 years ago disappeared from the market. Are they so beneficial that they were suppressed?

What type of device Ark wanted to discuss ? Does it have to do with "mind machines" or brain entrainment (BWE) ? I think he could look at the work of Thomas Budzinski who has done a lot of work with biofeedback and neurofeedback. I'm sure he could find the name of the device ! I'm working with brain entrainement to treat mental illness, I'd be happy to help him if he'd like !
I'm glad you're looking better !
Some questions I have now after reading the session:

(Chu) But it's likely that after this, people are going to think that everything is going back to normal and their systems will be very weak. And then the real deal hits.
A: No
So, it would mean that the plague is not something that will happen just after this virus, but maybe next year?

Q: (Artemis) Are people being prepared to deal with the plague?
A: Yes
Q: (Artemis) SOME people!
How do they already know ? Could it be planned in some way ?

(L) Okay, so is one of these factors that it was seen that this was a good opportunity to reset the economy?
A: Yes
That would be the April drop dead date then ?

Q: (L) Is another factor to reinforce their power to be able to lock down, impose restrictions, control people... Is that another part of it?
A: Yes but that too will backfire due to exposure.
So, some people will make revelations that will stop in some way the lock down. They say the lock down would last 2 months, so maybe it could stop because of some revelations.
Definition of "exposure" : "the revelation of something secret, especially something embarrassing or damaging."

(Andromeda) How long has it been circulating?
A: More than two years.
I had a cough one year ago which I couldn't get rid of (for maybe 2 weeks), which surprised me because I am never sick with the keto diet. I was wondering if it was another coronavirus strain.
So it has been circulating but is it another virus that the US soldiers brought to China ? Or is it the same ? Was China unaware of this virus before, if it was already circulating ?

Also : did China want to quarantine everyone knowing that the virus would have chaotic or beneficial effects (for us), or was it an innocent measure of health protection ?

Should one just passively accept the chip and wait out the NWO/4D STS invasion until it falls on its own sword?
A: Avoid if possible
So the chip will not be in the vaccine. And it's better to avoid the vaccine, but it's not that bad if we have it.

Are viruses from comets the main driver of evolution?
A: Yes
I guess we are only talking of mutations and not creation of life forms by 4D entities here, which would still be the main driver ?

Q: (Chu) Is it likely there will be food shortages, too?
A: Yes
Not sure if the food shortages are within 2 months or within 2 years here. I guess it's 2 months. So now, the best way to invest money would not be gold or silver, but food ?

Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?
A: Yes

I was also wondering about the fact that the virus seemed to specially target politicians, deputies, public figures, mayors (Estrosi for example, mayor of Nice)...
I have a question concerning the beaming thing. We are talking about electromagnetic frequences here, right?

I am a little disappointed of myself right now that I am such a slow thinker. I wish I would have been quick enough to submit a question to the C's: Is there any connection between the spread of this virus (or maybe even any virus?) and electromagnetic frequencies? Are ALL virii activated by those frequencies, or only the epstein barr group?
Really a historical session, many, many thanks for it. The answers put many of the questions of the Coronavirus to rest indeed.
Including mine, about financial preparedness. I think the usual advice still applies right now: reduce exposure to stocks and maybe cryptocurrency, have 3 months expense at least if you can in cash; buy some gold perhaps.

Exactly. I expect there are a LOT of people who don't want to hang around and might be wanting to get ready for a new and better incarnation.

This may explain why so many elderly are roaming the streets of Brazil.

EDIT: Just occured to me, that the April Drop Dead could be mass suicides due to the crashed economy?
Thank you so much for your hard work and thanks for the laughs!

So far Holland hasn't gone into lockdown, which is interesting, especially considering the country is very densely populated. So, more chance of infecting the population (also, we had a few sunny days, many people were outdoors with authoritarian followers clamouring for draconian measures). So, perhaps we can expect serious trouble if many Dutchies become worse and some become better people. Don't know, just thinking out loud here.
First of all, thanks for the new session and getting it all up so quickly!!!

Just a few questions which came to mind immediately

Wowza! If this thing has been going around for 2 years then there is a possibility that a LOT of people have already had it. Heck, I think I have had it!

I had the same thought, I've been really sick a couple of times in the last 2 years. I've never had a dry cough but I've had flu-like symptoms once or twice. After one of the illnesses I went through a period of time where I was totally exhausted and sleeping 10-12 hours a day for about a month before I got my energy back.

The main question I have is: if its been "out in the wild" for the past ~2 years, why would the PTB be trying to stop the spread now? Did a recent mutation make it more infectious? Or some other change that is making the PTB feel they need to lock things down now? Maybe the Chinese response and ensuing panic in western countries is forcing their hand?
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