Session 22 July 2010


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Session Date: July 22nd 2010

Laura, Ark, Andromeda, Perceval, Ailén, Galaxia, PoB, Atriedes, Burma Jones, Psyche, Mr. Scott

{Laura, Ark, and Andromeda are at the board}

Q: (L) Today is July the 22nd, 2010. I believe today is the anniversary of the infinity symbol crop circle with the Yin-Yang thing in it that we used for the Paleochristianity logo. Isn't it also some kind of holiday, like the birthday of the virgin, or the ascension of Mary or something like that? Okay. Let's see what happens.

A: Hello children of Cassiopaea!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Rochiana

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea. Now listen rightly.

Q: (L) We are listening rightly.

A: You have questions about the Gulf Stream. Recall the astrological reading you did for The Dot Connector Magazine?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: Well, it was closer than you realize and the Gulf Stream clue is the missing piece.

Q: (L) Okay, so what's going to happen? Is the Gulf Stream breaking up, and is that going to bring on an ice age?

A: It is, it will.

Q: (L) Is that like imminent?

A: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

Q: (L) Okay, so are you saying that there are going to be some people who are very aware sooner than others, and then it's going to spread?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Because in my astrological interpretation, I kind of said that whatever would happen around the middle of July, it would develop more fully around the middle or end of August if I remember correctly. I'd have to go back to read it to be sure, because I wrote it in kind of an altered state.

A: Yes. Also let us commend you for working out the method you use. It is brilliant. No pun intended.

Q: (L) Well, thank you very much. I just never wanted to do astrology. Okay, so we've got that. Is there any follow-up question on the Gulf Stream thing? Oh, wait a minute... Read that back to me... {previous exchange is read back} What do you mean: "The cause is more than the oil"?

A: Internal planetary changes including magnetic field modifications.

Q: (L) And what is causing the internal planetary changes including the magnetic field alterations?

A: Both the change in the cosmic environment and the presence of foreign bodies in and near the inner solar system. {pause} Realm convergence.

Q: (L) Well, clearly human beings are really miniscule specks on this planet, and the planet itself is a miniscule speck in the galaxy, which is a miniscule speck in the universe. So, in a very large sense, we don't really count. So whatever happens, happens.

A: More or less, but remember that some consciousnesses "weigh" more than others. Also recall that "His eye is on the sparrow." While it may seem grim from your perspective, even you care about your smallest parts.

Q: (L) Well, it just seems like psychopaths have really screwed things up.

A: It is actually a bad time for them.

Q: (L) It's a bad time for them? What do you mean?

A: They will get all the blame!

Q: (Andromeda) That's an interesting... (L) Way to look at it. (Burma Jones) So then back to what Galaxia was wanting to know, is there going to be a revolution? Are people actually going to wake up and start... (Galaxia) And do something about it?

A: Oh indeed!

Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galaxia) On both sides?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galaxia) More for the evil side, or more for the good side?

A: Wait and see.

Q: (Perceval) Is it gonna be more concentrated in one particular area of the globe, for example in the US, as opposed to world-wide?

A: Yes. We have mentioned a 5D city on a hill.

Q: (Perceval) Is this in reference to the ice age in terms of the blame that people give to the government and that causes the revolution?

A: There are a few more steps before an ice age. Some of them not very pleasant.

Q: (Perceval) Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse...(Burma Jones) Mass starvation. (Perceval) Plague. (L) Crop failure.

A: All of those and more.

Q: (Andromeda) Great! (Perceval) On that topic, is one of those steps that could happen to cause a revolution...

(L) Well, actually they're talking about steps to an ice age, not steps to a revolution.

(Ailén) They said before the revolution would start, people would only see the oil as a reason to start a revolution.

(Perceval) Yeah, I asked if the ice age was going to cause a revolution. (L) I don't think there's going to be a lot left to have a revolution once the ice age has begun! {laughter} Okay, so all that stuff like crop failure is going to lead up to the ice age.

(L) I would say that if there were crop failures, economic collapse, and so on, that those things would bring about a revolution and while you're in the middle of the revolution THEN everything goes kaflooey. That would be my guess.

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So they said "all of those and more". Could one of those "more" things be any revelations about 9/11?

A: That may come too, but don't hang your hopes on "revelations". Rather it will be a change in perception by the public.

Q: (L) Okay. Well, all of that is very, very cheerful. So what are we supposed to do?

A: Continue to spread the truth and program that will unite all people of good will.

Q: (L) So uniting people of good will...

A: Remember we once told you that people would unite against the "invasion" at the time just before the earth changes?

Q: (L) Well, yeah. We were talking about the Nephalim and their stun guns and that sort of thing. But it looks like psychopaths are the new Nephalim, and they're already using stun guns - tasers. And then we asked if they were going to try to stage a fake alien invasion. All of this disclosure business is trying to point people in the direction of alien invasions, trying to get them prepared for some kind of fake alien invasion. Then you said yes, but a real invasion might take place first or earth changes would happen. Now, it's just been pressing on my mind, becoming more and more clear, that we don't NEED an alien invasion with psychopaths ruling this world as their transdimensional agents. And it has occurred to me that when you said that way back when, that basically the invasion has already occurred! It's here, now. It's psychopaths in power!

Everybody is looking and waiting for some kind of aliens; well, aliens are a supernatural phenomenon. Yeah, there is a certain physicality to it, but it strikes me that that physicality doesn't have... what do I want to say? Endurance? It doesn't "vibrate" right in our reality. It can come and go, but it doesn't stay here. So they need agents. They've always needed agents. They've always needed human-looking beings to control, to manipulate, or to even "download into" in a funny sort of way, like a possession or an activation. It's like they're sitting at some control console in some hyperdimensional place controlling their agents the way we control remote control toys.

So anyhow, this is what I've been thinking. Everybody's waiting for something to happen, like disclosure, or after disclosure. But it's already happened. It's here NOW! Any so-called “disclosure” will be a fraud unless they come out and say that it is a supernatural or hyper-dimensional phenomenon, which they are NOT going to say because that completely counters their entire world view that worships the physical universe. That’s where the whole Darwinism, material science, exclusion of scientific study of the paranormal, and so forth, comes from. That sort of thing can NEVER be studied honestly because it would destroy their reality construct.

(Perceval) That's a great screen.

(L) Yeah, they're trying to prepare people for physical, material aliens – “Disclosure” - because they're going to TRY to pull the alien invasion trick or the "alien god" trick and they'll say, "Worship the alien god! Join behind us! We're his high priests!" But it's not going to work.

(Perceval) It's almost like that's been held in reserve if it's necessary. They've prepped people with the idea of aliens.

(L) It's like this gigantic counterintelligence program. And the main thing that I've seen them working to counter is the idea, the concept, the understanding that this phenomenon is a supernatural one. To make that clear, what we have always called supernatural, which is not necessarily "supernatural", is really just hyperdimensional. We've been aware of these things – this other reality – for millennia. They come and go. It's like the finger in Flatland. We're Flatland! Am I on to something with this?

A: About as accurate as you can get without making direct predictions.

Q: (L) Who was it, this scientist guy... Was it Werner von Braun who said they were going to create this illusion about an alien invasion, and that it was all a big lie and a big fraud? And the real reason he said it was that he knew that it was a paranormal or a hyperdimensional phenomenon. Is that what he meant?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Because that fits. We've already been invaded. It's already a done deal. (Perceval) An invasion of psychopaths. (L) Yeah.

(Ailén) It's a perfect excuse for not taking responsibility as human beings. They can blame it on aliens, and say, "We're all equal, we're all victims! We didn't know!"

(L) Alright then. So what's next? Everybody wants to know why this consortium bought up all the cocoa beans in Europe?

A: Once again the wishful thinking disease strikes!

Q: (L) What do you mean by that?

A: They actually think that people are going to care about chocolate!

Q: (Burma Jones) So they know that everything's about to fly apart and they’re just thinking, "Let's get this precious commodity before it happens!"

(L) Maybe they don't KNOW that things are going to totally fly apart. Maybe they think that some things are going to fall apart, and they think they're going to make a killing on chocolate. But they don't know how bad it's going to be because they've seriously underestimated what's going on.

A: It is not a good time to be a psychopath!

Q: {laughter} (L) So that's kind of like the BP people. By being psychopaths, they really screwed up. They are the ones holding the bag for what's coming down the pike weather-wise.

(Perceval) It's like you said as well about finding the trait of the psychopath is their inability to perceive the future consequences of their actions. They're gonna get some serious consequences.

(Ailén) They'll be blamed for everything, even things they didn't do.

(Perceval) And they can't even see that's what's coming before it happens. They're not going to have any contingency plans.

(Galaxia) I have a question. Are some of the people in the US going to see what's happening and get out?

A: Some.

Q: (Galaxia) At least some will survive.

{Break and discussion of article about BP oil spill and its effects on the Gulf Stream}

(Andromeda) I didn't see that one.

(Ark) It was very reasonable.

(Andromeda) What did they say?

(Ark) It will come rather quickly.

(Perceval) He was referencing scientific papers. That the oil was very likely going to have an effect on the Gulf Stream.

(Andromeda) Well I said that when this first started!

(Psyche) Right now in the Southern Hemisphere it's extremely cold. Thousands of cows are dying.

(Andromeda) With the heat of the water in the Gulf and density of the oil, when it gets sucked into the Gulf Stream, something's gonna happen. It's a very delicate balance already.

(Perceval) And the thing is that what helped it along was when they sprayed that dispersant on it. That makes it sink. The oil would have stayed more or less on the surface if they hadn't done that. It's spreading it out a lot more. I suppose the first thing before a full ice age would be...

(Andromeda) There would be lots of droughts or downpours. (L) Floods. (Andromeda) Lots of precipitation, dirty rain. (Ailén) Acid rain.

(Andromeda) Then crop failure because of the acid rain.

(L) Falling ice.

(Andromeda) And then you get economies crashing.

(Perceval) That's the thing: if crops start failing in a big way, the economy will just be gone. So at the same time, you have no food and no jobs!

(Andromeda) And then we've got this stuff coming up from the inside of the earth. It's like the earth is having a fever or something. Chills and fever.

(Perceval) Imagine people where there are food shortages and people are starving...

(L) And somebody has chocolate! {laughter}

(Perceval) And then an earthquake or something on top of it!

(Andromeda) Not sure having chocolate is the greatest idea in a food shortage.

(Perceval) You can just see them planning... "What do people like? Chocolate! When people are hungry, what will they want? Chocolate! Let's corner the market on chocolate and coke! People will be crying out for it!"

(Ark) Well, maybe people will get sick with something, and these people will spread information that the chocolate is the antidote! {laughter}

(Andromeda) I wouldn't put it past them.

(L) Speaking of psychopaths... What about S****?

A: Like we just said... {laughter} People are catching on. But remember that his kind tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

Q: (Perceval) Does he know that he's a psychopath?

A: No. Do any?

Q: (L) Well, there are some who say they know that they are a psychopath.

A: They don't really believe it. It is just another ploy.

Q: (L) So those people that some psychologists report, and they say, "I've got a psychopath, he knows he's a psychopath. He has sadness on his face when he tells me, 'I know there are feelings that I can never feel'", that that's just horse hockey and they're just pulling the psychologist’s leg again?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. So what other questions do we have jotted down?

(Ailén) What's with all the recurrent mentions of pedophilia coming out lately? We had the lady from this association that helps abused children contact us, we had Corruption of Silence brought to our attention, we had Burma Jones's research on the people named King involved in pedophilia, we had a few little coincidences and people thinking about it out of the blue. That very same day, there was also the episode of Midsomer Murders that involved pedophilia.

A: It is emerging into awareness.

Q: (Ailén) As in global awareness. (L) Well, what about the name King being associated with it? (Burma Jones) Yeah, why are there so many Kings that seem to be involved?

A: Notice that there are other clusters of names. You just stumbled on one.

Q: (Burma Jones) So, is there a familial relationship between Leslie Lynch King and Lawrence E. King of Omaha, Nebraska? (L) Who's Leslie Lynch King? (Burma Jones) Gerald Ford. (L) Oh.

A: Far back.

Q: (Burma Jones) Oh, okay. So, it's mostly coincidence that there were two Kings from Omaha that were...?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I bet you could find more like that. (Burma Jones) So, was there then a relation between Lawrence King of Omaha, Nebraska and this kid who was killed in southern California who had the same name for his sexual deviance?

A: No.

Q: (Burma Jones) So, just name clusters... Those other clusters of names. Do names cluster around things like pedophilia because of targeted genetics, or is it just some kind of symbolic...

A: Yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) And where the ones who were targeted, were they maybe the ones who had a chance of helping the world so they're targeted to make sure they're destroyed when they're children?

A: In some cases.

Q: (L) Alright, what else? There's one question I'd like to ask. There was a discussion on the forum the other day about spanking. And it is my contention that there are some situations where that is the only thing to do, but that it should be very rare. I mean, special situations. Maybe I myself did not follow that model, but there were some instances where that was the only solution. Am I just self-justifying? (Ark) For me it was good. Otherwise probably I would become a criminal. {laughter}

(Andromeda) What if a child is gonna go play in the traffic? Is he gonna take you seriously? I mean, for their protection they need that.

(Ark) I was playing on the railways, and my mother came and saw me and she grabbed my ear and pulled me back home. For a week I couldn't touch my ear!

(Andromeda) That might have saved your life.

(L) Did it keep you off the railroad tracks?

(Ark) Oh yeah.

(L) Would anything else have worked?

(Ark) Um...

(L) If she had told you it was bad to play on the railroad tracks, would you have listened?

(Ark) I knew it!

(L) So it was the fear of consequences that prevented you.

(Ark) You just don't think about it.

(L) So, you think that spanking makes you think about things?

(PoB) It makes you remember.

(Ark) Spanking made me pass a history exam. Otherwise it was another year in the same class.

(L) Alright, so let me ask my question again: Is...

A: Let us ask you: Are there situations in life where asserting yourself physically is appropriate?

Q: (L) Well I would have to say yes. (Andromeda) Definitely. (L) In a world populated by psychopaths, crazy people, bullies, and behaviors that are hurtful and harmful to you and people that you love...

A: Okay, then how will children learn about those situations if they do not have a model of behavior?

Q: (L) Well, I mean a model of behavior seeing an adult stand up to another adult, not an adult to a child.

A: Children can be bullies and manipulators, too!

Q: (Atriedes) In fact that's usually what children who don't get spanked by their parents become: manipulators.

(L) I've never seen a child who didn't have firm limits drawn that were stuck to that did not become completely obnoxious. I've heard people say that they've never spanked their child and little Johnny is oh so wonderful. And they don't know what little Johnny is really like.

(Atriedes) Also think about how society is, how it outlaws any physical reaction between adults in the sense that you don't have a physical recourse anymore. It's against the law to get into a fight. If someone's hurting you, or doing something and taking your stuff, and you resist them, you're in trouble. They're not. So you have no way of enforcing any kind of social order because your hands are tied that way. And that's kind of happened after the whole "don't spank your child" thing. They make all these laws about “no violence” and the world has just gotten more violent. Because, of course, the rules only apply to normal people, not psychopaths, and especially not the psychopaths at the top.

(L) Yeah, it's kind of a thorny issue. So I guess kind of the way we discussed on the forum is how it is.

(Ark) Rare and just.

A: Yes

Q: (Ailén) That's the problem. Most parents don't do it in the right situations or in the right way.

(Atriedes) And there's a difference between abuse and spanking. One's a way to dominate someone else, and the other is a way to enforce structure and rules. If your purpose is to enforce structure and rules, and you are thoughtful about it, then it's not abuse.

(L) It's also about consequences. If you don't learn it at a certain age, you never learn it. It's like the time is gone, and you have to have it put into your physiology at a young age. And I don't say at a really young age. Children younger than three shouldn't be spanked, but only after they're three or four years old, and even then it should be just a smack on the butt or something minor...

(Ark) You can teach a child something, and it will take ten years. And there will be recursion. You spank once, and... (L) And they learn it forever. (Atriedes) The sad thing is that pain is a lot more effective to form memories.

(L) That's true because most of us when we're growing up only understand what someone else is going through if we understand it ourselves. You see someone else cut their finger and you know what it feels like because you cut your finger. It's like a physical thing that you get in your body. Then you do something that hurts somebody else and maybe you're too young to understand intellectually the seriousness of it, but then you get a smack on the butt and you understand in a kind of genetic or physiological way that you did something that hurt somebody else and you got a smack. Later on when you're older it's explained, but you have a foundation on which that explanation can make sense. If you've never had anything physical happen to you as a consequence or repercussion of anything you've ever done, and then all of a sudden when you're ten years old and your cognitive facilities start to kick in and somebody starts explaining things to you, you will not understand. You will not understand what pain or suffering really is because you've never had anything, no consequence.

A: Very close. Remember the woman described in Ponerology as a characteropath?

Q: (L) The one with the brothers where they defended everything she said and everything she did. She never had to have any consequences for anything she ever did. But then wasn't that supposed to be some kind of brain damage?

A: The same can result from indulgence.

Q: (Galaxia) Does being an only child cause some of them to be missing something in their brain because they didn't have any siblings? Do they have brain damage or something?

A: Sometimes, yes. The important thing about discipline for children is activation of brain chemistry mixes at certain windows of imprinting. The human organism is largely a product of evolutionary pressures. To act as if there are no dangers in the environment, to raise a child without exposure to the natural consequences of growing in a hostile environment, is to deprive the child of many systemic cascades of brain activity necessary for proper growth and development.

Q: (Ailén) In other words, no discipline, no activation of a sense of reality.

(L) Yeah, they live in a bubble forever.

(Ailén) They think they're right, they think they're good, correct...

(Andromeda) Maybe that's connected to what Galaxia was saying about only children.

(L) They never have to share.

(Ailén) But they can get disciplined.

(Andromeda) But they're not as likely though. You have a lot more chances when you grow up with siblings.

(Galaxia) Does _________'s growing up an only child contribute to her inability to grasp certain subjects and understand herself and everything around her?

A: In her case that is only a small factor.

Q: (L) Alright, can we wrap it up? (Galaxia) Do that thing where you ask that question. (L) Oh. {laughter} I'm tired, so if there is anything that we need to know that I haven't asked, consider it asked and give me the answer, please! {laughter}

A: Nice try! Good night and don't worry. Just be aware! Goodbye.

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Thank you Laura for the latest session, I'm off to print and then read it.
Thank you for another Brilliant session, once again. i remember when i was younger and my nan caught me playing with matches. she said that when she was younger and in the same situation her mother lit a match, blew it out and put the hot tip on her palm, and to teach me a lesson she was going to do the same to me. well, i kicked and screamed and in the end she didn't do it but needless to say i never played with them again. or at least until i was old enough to smoke. It got me thinking though, if she hadn't of done that, and reinforced a positive change in my behavior i might of ended up a pyromaniac or something, but im glad to say that i did not.

A: There are a few more steps before an ice age. Some of them not very pleasant.

Q: (Perceval) Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse...(Burma Jones) Mass starvation. (Perceval) Plague. (L) Crop failure.

A: All of those and more.
always something to look forward to :shock:
Thank you for posting!

You know ever since this whole oil thing happened, and seeing how many people connected with each other on facebook, I really thought about a revolution coming soon. Now with this gulf stream going on and the toxic rain etc, it is inevitable!

Very interesting as always. Thanks.
Thanks for an enlightening session! :flowers: :thup: :flowers:

The coming changes are pretty much what my gut and dreams are warning me about....but I doubt very much Hubby and I will be able to leave the country anytime soon, if at all.

We'll make the best of it, come what may. :D
Thank you for this posting. There is lot to think about in this session (as usual).
Thank you Laura and all the crew for the new session. :love:

Very interesting and a lot to think about.
Session 22 July 2010 said:
Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?

A: Yes.

And the 4D STS will be having a lovely feast on our collective suffering and horror.
Whew! Just think how many souls chose to come into an incarnation at this time! Some wicked lessons coming for a lot of us!

We will do what we will do though. I for one will want to further the cause of Truth till my dying breath, if I can. Leave a little bit of order in all the chaos. Yeah. Or something like that.

Thanks Laura and you all for having and sharing another fascinating session!
It’s good to see the psychopaths are about to get some of their own medicine.

A: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

Q: (L) Okay, so are you saying that there are going to be some people who are very aware sooner than others, and then it's going to spread?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, it just seems like psychopaths have really screwed things up.

A: It is actually a bad time for them.

Q: (L) It's a bad time for them? What do you mean?

A: They will get all the blame!

Q: (Andromeda) That's an interesting... (L) Way to look at it. (Burma Jones) So then back to what Galaxia was wanting to know, is there going to be a revolution? Are people actually going to wake up and start... (Galaxia) And do something about it?

A: Oh indeed!

Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?

A: Yes.

I’m relating this to a passage from The Controversy of Zion,
The Protocols repeatedly lay emphasis on the incitement of “the mob” against the ruling class as the most effective way of destroying States and nations and achieving world domination. …
Although, this is incitement is in a different way from what the Protocol meant :).

And, then there is this (both quotes are from the chapter on The "Protocols"):
… mocking scorn for the writhing masses far below (“the mob” …) who vainly struggle to elude the “nippers” which are closing in on them; these nippers are “the power of gold” and the brute force of the mob, incited to destroy its only protectors and consequently itself.

And, in this case the ruling class is the ‘moneyed psychopaths’, and it is likely to bring down their domination. Interestingly prophetic ideas in the Protocol, unknown thoughts on its own destruction through wishful thinking! :)
Mrs. Peel said:
Luks said:
Thank you for the new Session

Ice age and starvation and revolution.... Oh my!! :scared:

Oh, have a nice weekend. :lol:

That is really much to ponder about, and what is running through my head: "forewarned is forearmed" and that hopefully through networking much people can get prepared for whatever is coming.

Thanks for sharing Laura and all others involved!!
Gimpy said:
The coming changes are pretty much what my gut and dreams are warning me about....but I doubt very much Hubby and I will be able to leave the country anytime soon, if at all.

Yeah, me either. I'm stuck in this ticking time-bomb too.

I'll just have to stay on my toes and hope for the best.

Thanks for the session Laura and crew! This confirms our fears about the gulf stream. The discussion on spanking was interesting too. Very enlightening as always :thup:
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