Session 22 October 2008


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We had another session the other night mainly to deal with some issues about directions and/or actions we need to take to preserve our work/safety in these increasingly trying times. Obviously, I can't publish that part of the exchange; wouldn't be much point in having a strategy that everyone knows about, now would it? And since it is personal to us here, it does not have universal applications and so no one is missing anything.

We also asked a few general interest questions and a series of questions about Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute. I'm going to exclude most of the Pepin/HBI questions and answers for the moment until we hear back from our attorneys as to whether or not we can publish that part of the transcript. It's rather scandalous, to understate the matter.

So, with the above exclusions accounted for, here is that part of the session that we can publish now:

Session Date: October 22nd 2008

Laura, Ark, Chu, Anna, Simon, Scottie, Joe, A****

A: Hello

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Sikeloraea

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea

Q: (A******) Is there a connection between chemicals and gases in the air that can change DNA? (L) Can you say that again a little slower? (A****) Like, can chemicals and gases change your DNA if you breathe them while you're pregnant? Can they change your baby's DNA? (L) Okay, so the question is: can chemicals or gases in the atmosphere change the DNA of a developing baby if breathed in by the mother?

A: Not usually. But there are some that can pass the placental barrier. Research on your own as these are generally known.

Q: (Discussion of answer and asking precise questions) (L) Well, DNA can make you change at any time that it changes. I think the problem here is that there are defenses built in to protect infants from the mother's environment. But that doesn't mean that someone whose already in the world couldn't breathe a mixture of gases (assuming that gases can change DNA) and make them change. Your stomach lining replaces itself every 8 hours, every 24 hours you have a completely new pancreas, so it's theoretically possible that your entire body could be transformed if the DNA to do so got turned on. That's probably where legends of werewolves came from. (L) Can breathing a different mixture of gases for anybody in general affect their DNA?

A: Certainly, but not exactly as you propose. More likely to change DNA are ingested substances both organic and inorganic. Also note that most such changes are detrimental. Witness the well known effects of heavy metals and petroleum products.

Q: (L) Anything else? (More discussion of answers and asking questions) (L) A****** also asks: Are there monsters in caves all over the world?

A: No, not every one. P4 P3 P2 monsters are most usual.

Q: (L) What is a P4 P3 P2 monster?

A: Species designation.

Q: (L) Species designation by whom? Maybe I don't want to know!

A: Their creators aka 4D.

Q: (L) Was this little monster that we got this picture of that was supposed to be in the Cheddar caves, was that one of these P4 P3 P2 monsters?

A: P3

Q: (L) Aaah! Creepy! Are P3 or P4 worse or creepier?

A: Depends on your perspective.

Q: (A*****) Are there monsters in the caves in Malta too?

A: Oh, yes.

Q: (A****) Okay, we've got to go! (Chu) Was this bird sound flapping and hitting my door a creature?

A: Yes

Q: (A*****) Which caves do the monsters dwell in?

A: Research for answer.

Q: (L) I have some books on that topic that you can read. Okay, there are a couple of things we wanted to cover...

{Segment deleted; questions about strategic enclosure for cass and sott}

Q: (L) Speaking of lawsuits...

{Segment about Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute deleted for the present.}

Q: (L) Well, what about his product that he markets, this "Magneurol", that's supposed to make you super-psychic? Is there anything to that?

A: Sure... It makes you susceptible to microwave and other transmissions and your brain can literally light up like landing lights!

Q: (Simon) Landing lights... (L) Landing lights? Like something is going to land there?

A: You got it!

Q: (Simon) Does it make people identifiable to 4D or some alien race or species or...?

A: That is not the main purpose. It attracts those entities that seek certain "experiences." {Part of answer deleted which refers specifically to Eric Pepin.}

Q: (L) In other words, say earth-bound spirits "land" on these people or connect to them because of this Magneurol and induce them to seek out or desire or want the kinds of activities that Pepin promotes behind the scenes? Is that what you're suggesting?

A: Pretty much.

Q: (Joe) Is that why they don't report it? Because they "zone out"? (Scott) Like they’re in full possession mode. (L) Very interesting. The C's said once something about how iron can help changing densities or moving easily in and out of densities. (Joe) That was in response to your question about the changeling babies dying when brought near to iron. (L) Well there were some other things we wanted to ask about too.

{Segment deleted: refers to strategic enclosure for sott/cass.}

Q: (Anna) Is garlic bad for me?

A: No!!!!!!!

Q: (Chu) What about {yerba} mate?

A: No.

Q: (Anna) Is mate the reason I've been having trouble sleeping lately?

A: Most likely. Use only in morning.

Q: (Chu) Is there anything we should improve or change in our candida/detox diet?

A: You are all doing well. Search transcripts for clues about minerals and secrets.

Q: (Ark) What can I do to sleep better?

A: Valerian.

Q: (Ark) What? (Anna) Valerian. It helps you relax. Just for me personally, I have a feeling that taking calcium isn't good for me. Is that correct?

A: Yes. It is too widely promoted and consumed out of balance with other minerals.

{Personal questions about specific individuals deleted.}

Q: (A****) Will the detox/anti-candida diet help me to stop having negative thoughts?

A: Yes indeed! Follow the diet and especially the supplements. The information about "secrets" applies to you too!!!!

Q: (Discussion of answer)

A: Also, what's with the depressing and mind warping music?!

Q: (A******) My music isn't depressing!

A: You should sing more. Clear melodies can change the vibration of your physical structure.

Q: (A****) That's why I sing in the bathroom.

A: Art and music are your gifts. Do not waste them.

Q: (A****) So that's why I sing because I know subconsciously...

A: You should study voice. It could be your ticket to dreamland.

Q: (A*****) So if I follow this candida thing and stop being so weird then it could help me accomplish my goals? (Discussion)

A: Yes. Always. When the voice within is in harmony with the voice without, the angels will sing with you.

Q: (A***) Okay. Sounds good. So when I do all this stuff, and I bloom, will I know instinctively where I ought to be?

A: Yes.

Q: (Simon) (question about breathing exercises)

A: Laura can teach you a better technique.

Q: (Chu) Does this music and singing thing apply to all of us?

A: Yes.

Q: (Anna) Uh-oh. (L) Just not to the same extent. (Anna) I have a whiskey voice, people! (L) I think singing helps you, but in A****'s case it was specific. (Scottie) So that would mean that playing an instrument would be good, yes?

A: Music is a good mode of expression for most people. But there are some who can change others lives with their heart and voice: A******.

Q: (L) Any last questions? (Ark) I just wanted to make a comment about how this music is good for everybody. It depends on what you have in your heart and mind. Remember F****! (laughter)

A: You hit the nail on the bald head! Goodbye.

{The referenced individual "F****" is completely bald.}

In the above session, there was reference to minerals in relation to secrets from a prior session, as well as a remark about iron and traversing densities. I'm going to include here those specific excerpts.

19 July 1997

Q: I had a dream the other night. As Ark and I were leaving
the park in my dream, I looked up and saw a mosaic on the
side of the mountain. It had seve sharks, one above the
other, the lowest being pale almost to the point of
transparency, and the highest being very dark and intense
in color. There was a HUGE sperm whale to the upper left,
he was in the posture of whipping around, his eye had
caught the sharks, and his mouth was open and he was going
to swallow them all in a single gulp. What was the
meaning of the whale and the sharks?
A: Logic.
Q: Are you telling me to use logic, or that the meaning IS
A: Logic says to you: examine!
Q: The other part of the dream was that I disappeared and
reemerged from a cleft in a rock. I was cleaning... he
went to investigate... and he returned and was crying and
all this water was flowing out of there like a spring...
What was the significance of this?
A: Trace minerals interact with deeply held secrets.

The dream mentioned above was one of a series of dreams over a two year period. One that seems to relate because part of it had to do with what one eats, was recorded in the sessions over a year later:

8 August 1998

Q: Okay, I dreamed that I was in this castle type place with
many rooms and many people. In one of these rooms, a sort
of main room, there was a 'Head of the Family.' I
understood that all the people present were 'members of
the family' with greater or lesser connection to the head.
This person was in a large chair and all these people were
there and all this activity was taking place, and it was
going on around him, but he was not paying too much
attention to anything. I couldn't tell if he was bored,
or sick. There seemed to be some sort of plots and sub-
plots being whispered all around, and I became aware of a
plot to kill this 'Head of the Family.' I was horrified
and I made a decision that, no matter what, I had to go to
him and tell him this and offer my help. When I did, it
was almost like it gave him new life. He perked up and
became more interested in all his surroundings because of
this information I gave him. He invited us to go to a
private room to have a meal together. The funny thing
about this guy was that he kept alternating between being
black and white. One minute he was a pure Aryan type, and
the next he looked like an Egyptian. One thing that was
outstanding was the clarity of his skin whether black or
white. So, we went to this room, a small, intimate room
with a pair of windows, and two little twin children,
seemed to be girls, came with us. I was aware that they
were his children. They too alternated between being
black and white. We sat at the table and there were
simple plates and simple food. I was surprised that it
was so simple and plain and I wondered about it and asked
a question. I was told that pomp and circumstance was
only for the impression on those who do not know anything,
but that it is the responsibility of the 'Members of the
Blood' to be careful in what they eat and their personal
habits. We ate and then I was told that I would be
escorted back to our vehicle because I must return for the
time being to prepare myself for some task. It was also
said that because of my decision to do 'what was right'
that I had demonstrated that I was the 'chosen' one who
would become the 'heir' in some way. Now, our vehicle had
been left at the end of a road... a road that we had
traveled and had then run out and we had been 'taken' to
this castle by some miraculous means so that we had to be
taken back to our vehicle. We were warned that there
would be dangers in returning. There was some sense of
danger in our travels back home, but we made it and then
there was the sense of waiting for some sign that would
come in the future. The rest was unclear and I woke up.
What can you tell me about this dream?
A: Near death experience indicates resolve.
Q: Whose resolve?
A: Try to interpret laterally.
Q: What does 'laterally' mean?
A: Patience charts course, not pressure.
Q: Another funny thing is that, a few days later we bought
this book about the Holy Grail and it talks about dreams
of people switching between being black and white, and
about birds that represent this concept such as the
magpie, the balance between good and evil and so forth.
A: Theme presents itself in balanced cycle. Search for grey
middle ground when tempted to choose either black or
Q: Anything else on this?
A: No.

The comment about iron being involved in moving between densities is included in another series of remarks about diet:

7 June 1997

Q: You guys are so funny! Next: Is there any relation
between the dietary restrictions of the Jews and the
instructions for animal sacrifice on the alter as
delivered in the book of Leviticus, and the present day
cattle mutilations and possible use of humans for food?
A: Disconnected variables.
Q: Okay, let's back up: is there any relationship between the
instructions for animal sacrifice and the cattle mutes?
A: Only in the general sense of enzyme actions upon
Q: Does that mean that the instructions for preparation of
sacrificial animals were designed to prepare them for
alien 'food?'
A: More for energy transfer.
Q: Do you mean energy transfer in the a) sense of the
transfer of the energy of the animal through the
sacrifice, or b) the transfer of the energy of the human
performing the sacrifice into the animal, and then through
the animal to the alien (and I am using the term alien in
its broadest sense) ?
A: Why not both?
Q: The next thing is the dietary restrictions. Many cultures
eat rabbits and pigs, in specific, those of Aryan
extraction. The rabbit was sacred to Athena, and the
Celts at a LOT of pork. Yet, here these items are
restricted from the diet of the Jews. Is there any
relation between the diet as outlined here, and the Aryan
genetic tendencies to conquest and domination?
A: Trichinosis used to be nonexistent in Aryan types... But,
mixing of genetic factors eliminated this.
Q: So, the Jews were susceptible to trichonosis, and the
Aryans were not?
A: Originally.
Q: So, it was necessary for the Jews not to eat the pork, but
not for the Aryans, and the mixing caused susceptibility.
In a general sense, are strong Aryan genetics indicative
of the necessity for the consumption of meat?
A: In a sense, but pescadorial features substitute semi-
Q: Pescadorial. Semi-adequately. What needed to be added so
that the substitution would be not just semi-adequate, but
totally adequate?
A: Iron/protein levels.
Q: So, it is the iron that the Celts need? Well, that brings
me to the next question: In all the Celtic folklore when
they talk about 'fairies,' which are obviously other
density beings very similar to our modern 'Gray alien,'
these fairy/slash aliens insist that no iron come near
them in any way. It was also said that bringing iron into
contact with someone thought to be a 'changeling' would
prove whether or not they were because if they were, they
would disappear instantly. Also, the instructions for the
building of the Temple of Solomon included restrictions on
the use of iron in either the preparation of the materials
or the putting together of the building itself, even down
to the rejection of the use of iron nails in any part.
What is the significance of this restriction on the use of
iron by these other density beings, whoever they are?
A: Bloodline trails.
Q: Are you saying that... I don't understand... not even well
enough to frame another question...
A: You will, my dear, oh will you!
Q: If it was necessary for the Aryans to have iron... okay,
maybe the iron is something that interacts...
A: What about iron as an element?
Q: Okay, let's see: Iron - derived from early Celt 'iserno,'
via Illyrian 'eisarno' from the IndoEuropean base 'eis,'
which means to 'move vigorously; strong, holy.' It is a
white, malleable, ductile, metallic chemical element that
can be readily magnetized, rusts rapidly in moist or salty
air, and is vital to plant and animal life; it is the
most common and important of all metals, and its alloys,
as steel, are extensively used. Symbol: Fe; atomic
weight:55.847; atomic number: 26; specific gravity: 7.86;
melting point: 1535 degrees Centigrade; boiling point
3,000 degrees C. The electron shells are thus: 2,14,8,2.
Iron is an element of blood, hemoglobin, and is easily
magnetized... there is some new work about iron and
magnetite in the brains of people who are psychic or have
'abduction' experiences... is it the magnetism?
A: Yes....
Q: Is it something that holds one more firmly in 3rd density,
and the elimination of it enables one to switch
densities... or...
A: Tis magnetite that acts as a conduit, and perhaps, just
perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?!?
And what about the legend about the alchemists? Is not
the key term there really transformation?!? And has not
the "smoke screen" really been delivered so effectively by
all the concentration upon the substance?!? And does not
this remind one indeed of all the misguided concentration
upon substance rather than meaning that one finds so
regularly on 3rd density??
Q: I get it! So, it is the magnetite in the body, that
collects and holds the charge, and it has absolutely
nothing to do with an external substance at all! Is that
A: You are getting "warmer."
Q: Am I right, we need more iron for magnetite, or am I
completely off base here?
A: You are right, but, do not underestimate the significance
of that just delivered! What better deception than to
divert the meaning of alchemy, by focusing upon substance,
then addicting those souls bound to 3rd density to the
Q: Okay, it is the magnetite that acts as a conduit. And the
concentration is upon the substance, that is, the
magnetite. Let me conjecture that the thing that is
believed to be distilled out of the alchemical operations
is magnetite, is that correct?
A: No, because no need, if not deceived by other efforts.
Q: Were these other efforts involved with sexual function?
A: More like the results of same.
Q: Okay, they were concentrating on...
A: Today's version of the deception could be your favorite
and mine, "monoatomic gold."
Q: Oh, the David Hudson fiasco...
A: There too, one is lead astray by substance... Remember
our little dissertation about all the really big bangs?
Q: Yes.... I remember... and I got a lot of flack from
that... The three days of darkness, et cetera... the
implications... let's back up...
A: Oh my, oh my, we can turn this powder into gold!! And if
you eat enough of it, you will have orgasms forever as a
light being... Oh my, oh my!!
Q: Good point! Getting people addicted to the substance by
these claims...
A: How addicted is Marti?
Q: Yes. She is the one who is really promoting the David
Hudson thing...
A: Did she want to have orgasms in heaven, or what?!?
Q: That's true! That was her idea of heaven - the Hindu
lingam and yoni in perpetual motion! Is there something
else on this now, or can we move on?
A: Up to you.

Some details on bi-density beings is included in the following passage:

23 November 1996

Q: (L) Okay, let's move on to Courtney Brown. (T) We all
know who he is, and what he is writing about in regard to
remote viewing... what is it all about?
A: Vague.
Q: (T) Is the book Courtney Brown wrote, "Cosmic Voyage,"
concerning the Martian population...
A: It is true that there are underground bases on Mars, but
they are Orion STS.
Q: (T) Are there Martians as portrayed by Courtney Brown?
A: Not exactly. He is portraying the Orion STS as the
Q: (T) Is Courtney Brown a government disinformation agent?
A: More as an "agent provocateur."
Q: (T) Is he working for the government?
A: Not directly, and remember, the government is not one
Q: (L) Who is primarily backing Courtney Brown?
A: Rockefeller group.
Q: (L) And, is Mike Lindemann and company part of this
Rockefeller group at this time?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Linda Howe?
A: No.
Q: (T) Did Courtney actually do remote viewing to obtain the
information in the book?
A: Not really. Not needed.
Q: (T) Does this mean that the whole story is concocted on
his part?
A: Semi. Elements of it are factual.
Q: (T) Yes. I could see that there were factual elements. I
could also see that there was a LOT that was questionable.
that conflicts with EVERYTHING else that has come out from
other researchers. This is all totally twisted and
A: Close.
Q: (T) Is Courtney able to do remote viewing?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) But he did not use it with this book?
A: No.
Q: (T) So, the book was made up the way it is. It is a
story. Some factual information, some invented
information, some pure BS thrown in to fluff it out. So,
the book is NOT an account of work that has come from
remote viewing sessions?
A: No, but not needed.
Q: (L) You have said twice that remote viewing was not
"needed." Where did he get his information?
A: Secret sources. Agents of the nation "of the third eye."
Q: (J) What or who - is the "Nation of the Third Eye?"
A: Terran civilization under the surface.
Q: (L) Now, wait a minute. I remember that when they said
the Aryans were brought from Kantek, and that they were
"sturdier," or something like that, and I remarked that it
seemed that they would be less sturdy - and the C's
answered "on the surface." Now, that has always bothered
me. I don't think they meant "surface appearances." Have
the Aryans been glorified as the "master race" because
they are more suited to living underground?
A: Close. All types there are "Aryan."
Q: (L) Okay, is this a Terran underground civilization that
has been 'managed' by Orions, or did it develop on its
A: One at a time.
Q: (L) Did the underground civilization develop on its own?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it managed or manipulated by Orions as well?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are these "managers" Orions from other densities?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) I don't understand. Are there some that are 4th and
some that are 3rd?
A: The human types there are "bi-density."
Q: (L) Holy Shiite Moslems!
A: Grays and Lizards are 4th density. They can "visit" 3rd
density, but they must keep returning to 4th in order to
Q: (T) Are you saying that the human/Aryan types can exist as
long as they want in any density?
A: In 4th and 3rd.
Q: (L) They can move back and forth, existing with equal ease
on either density?
A: Well, not with "equal ease," because 4th density is
easier, naturally.
Q: (T) So, the information Courtney Brown was given to write
this quasi fiction book, is about the Aryans and not about
the Martians?
A: "Martians" is easier to understand for the less well-
informed, not to mention any discussion of the densities!
Q: (T) Absolutely. Martians are easier to accept. A lot
easier to understand than densities! (L) Okay, Third Eye.
What is this?
A: That is what they call themselves when pressed for an
explanation by surface types, such as yourselves. They
were the inspiration for Masonic lore and Illuminati, too.
Q: (L) Does this "Third Eye" designation have a connotation
of third eye abilities as we understand them?
A: Psychic.
Q: (T) Does Courtney know he has been had?
A: He has not been "had." He is under the employ of those who
pull the levers, so to speak.
Q: (L) You said "pull the levers." Is Courtney Brown a robot,
Greenbaumed, mind-controlled, implanted, or any or all of
the above? (T) Or is he just foolish?
A: No. Not so foolish, he does not worry aout paying the
power bill. As Forest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid
Q: (L) Are you implying that I am foolish or stupid because I
DO worry about paying the power bill?
A: No, we are not implying that you are stupid, or foolish,
for that matter... But, Courtney Brown is not either. Who
is he hurting? And, he has hit the jackpot with this one.
Knowledge can be procured by reading literature, then
analyzing it.
Q: (T) Is the time table that he has given correct?
A: Close.
Q: (T) So, the powers that be are going to follow this time
table and present the Aryans as Martians?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are the Aryans going to present themselves as
A: Initially. In order for the Terrans to get used to the
idea of EBEs.
Q: (T) But, they are not the good guys. Beware of Greeks
bearing gifts.
A: Some of the "good guys" are identical in appearance.
Q: (T) Is this a subterfuge on the part of the Aryans so that
they can slide in quietly and take over?
A: No, they do not need that at all. It is a way for the
"government" to introduce everyone to the new reality of
the existence of intelligent life all over the place, not
just here.
Q: (T) So, they have their own agenda, but it is not what
Courtney presented in the book.
A: It does not matter. The book is a somewhat altered "New
Reality 101."

And more:

22 July 2000

A: We wish to review some things first. The concept of a "master race" put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a "trial run" for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.
Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a "vehicle" in 3rd density, so to speak?
A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.
Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are "programmed," could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?
A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

Another possibly related excerpt:

25 July 98

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of
History at Temple University, concerning his extensive
research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs
wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.]
Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of
somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens
are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that
producing offspring is the primary objective behind the
abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?
A: Part, but not "the whole thing."
Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?
A: Replacement.
Q: (L) Replacement of what?
A: You.
Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human
beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with
a clone or whatever?
A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a
new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then
mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so
forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a
lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and
replacement... see?

And still another that adds possible detail to the picture:

8 August 1995

Q: (L) Who was Arajuna of Tiahuanaco?
A: Well, we believe that you are referring to one of
approximately eight hybrids that ruled the area currently
referred to as Central America. Hybrids being a 4th
density to 3rd density transfer experiment from the Lizard
race to the human race, which was abandoned after
approximately 240 years of experimentation by the Lizard
Beings, due to the lack of success for sustaining physical
duplication, or reproduction of the race. It was one of
several attempts by the Lizard Beings to directly transmit
their souls into 3rd density environment for permanent
placement there. And, of course it is no longer perceived
as necessary by them because their intention is to rule
3rd density beings in 4th density when they arrive there.


22 October 1994

Q: (L) The comment was made at one point that certain alien
beings abduct humans and subject them to cruel and
torturous deaths in order to create "maximum energy
transfer." In this respect, what is this maximum energy
transfer that occurs during a long, slow, torturous dying
A: Extreme fear and anxiety builds up fear/anxiety energy
which is of a negative nature which fuels the beings that
you speak of in that they draw from that and produce a
sort of a fueling energy which keeps them going as one of
their forms of nourishment based on their metabolic
Q: (L) What is their metabolic structure?
A: That is very complex and very difficult to describe
because it is on the fourth level of density which you do
not understand. But, part of their reason for existence
on the fourth level is their ability to nourish themselves
both through ethereal methods and through physical
methods. Therefore, this energy transfer would represent
the ethereal method of nourishment and other means are
achieved physically.
Q: (L) What other means?
A: Well, the drinking of blood and blood by-products would be
an example of that.
Q: (L) Do they do that?
A: Yes, but the manner of intake is different than what you
may be thinking. It is done through pores.
Q: (L) In what manner?
A: Bathing and then absorbing the necessary products and then
disposing of the remaining product.
Q: (L) Did Arthur Clarke channel "Childhood's End"?
A: No. Used imagination.
Q: (L) Is the amnesia related to UFO abductions deliberately
induced or is it a product of the mind's inability to deal
with the event?
A: It is an equal commingling of both.
Q: (L) The part that is deliberately induced, how is that
A: By using a cosmic energy flow to influence memory function
through a combination of spiritual and chemical
Q: (L) Can you be more specific?
A: Being more specific would be in another way less specific,
but a good way to put it is altering the flow of
electromagnetic energy in the brain. Electromagnetic
energy, electromagnetism, is the life force that exists
within all that evolves through long wave or short wave
Q: (L) Going back to the beings that absorb nutrients through
their pores, what kind of beings are they?
A: Both those that you describe as the Lizard Beings and
those you describe as the Grays. This is necessary for
their survival in each case. Even though the Grays are
not natural parts of the short wave cycle, but rather an
artificial creation by the Lizard Beings, but nevertheless
they mimic the nourishment functions.
Q: (L) Since they are artificially created by the Lizard
beings, does this mean they have no souls?
A: That's correct.
Q: (L) How do they function? Are they like robots?
A: They function by interaction with the souls of the Lizard
beings. This technology is extremely far in advance of
that with which you are familiar, but the Gray beings are
not only built and designed artificially, but also
function as a projection mentally and psychically of the
Lizard beings. They are like four dimensional probes.
Q: (L) As four dimensional probes, what are their

A: They have all the same capabilities of the
Lizard beings except for the fact that their physical
appearance is entirely different and they do not have souls
of their own and also their biological structure is internally
different. But, their functioning is the same and in
order to remain as projection beings they also must absorb
nutrients in the same fashion both spiritually and
physically as the Lizard beings do. The reason the
negative energy is necessary fuel is that the Lizard
beings and the Grays are both living in the fourth level
of density, which is the highest level of density one can
exist in serving only self as these entities do. So,
therefore, they must absorb negative energy because the
fourth level of density is the highest example of self
service which is a negative thought pattern. The fourth
level of density is a progression from the third level of
density. With each progression upward in density level,
the existence for the individual conscious entity becomes
less difficult. So, therefore, the fourth level of
density is less difficult to exist in that the third, the
third is less difficult than the second and so on. It
puts less strain on the soul energy. Therefore, beings
existing on the fourth level of density can draw from
beings existing on the third level of density in terms of
absorption of negative soul energy. Likewise, beings on
the third level of density can draw from beings on the
second level of density, though this type of drawing is
not as necessary but is done. This is why human beings
existing on the third level frequently cause pain and
suffering to those of the animal kingdom who exist on the
second level of density because you are drawing negative
soul energy as beings who primarily serve self, as you do,
from those on the second level, and on the first, and so
on. Now, as you advance to the fourth level of density
which is coming up for you, you must now make a choice as
to whether to progress to service to others or to remain
at the level of service to self. This will be the
decision which will take quite some time for you to adjust
to. This is what is referred to as the "thousand year
period." This is the period as measured in your calendar
terms that will determine whether or not you will advance
to service to others or remain at the level of service to
self. And those who are described as the Lizards have
chosen to firmly lock themselves into service to self.
And, since they are at the highest level of density where
this is possible, they must continually draw large amounts
of negative energy from those at the third level, second
level, and so on, which is why they do what they do. This
also explains why their race is dying, because they have
not been able to learn for themselves how to remove
themselves from this particular form of expression to
that of service to others. And, since they have such, as
you would measure it, a long period of time, remained at
this level and, in fact, become firmly entrenched in it,
and, in fact, have increased themselves in it, this is why
they are dying and desperately trying to take as much
energy from you as possible and also to recreate their
race metabolically.
Q: (L) Well, if we are sources of food and labor for them,
why don't they just breed us in pens on their own planet?
A: They do.
Q: (L) Well, since there is so many of us here, why don't
they just move in and take over?
A: That is their intention. That has been their intention
for quite some time. They have been traveling back and
forth through time as you know it, to set things up so
that they can absorb a maximum amount of negative energy
with the transference from third level to fourth level
that this planet is going to experience, in the hopes that
they can overtake you on the fourth level and thereby
accomplish several things. 1: retaining their race as a
viable species; 2: increasing their numbers; 3: increasing
their power; 4: expanding their race throughout the realm
of fourth density. To do all of this they have been
interfering with events for what you would measure on your
calendar as approximately 74 thousand years. And they
have been doing so in a completely still state of space
time traveling backward and forward at will during this
work. Interestingly enough, though, all of this will
Q: (L) How can you be so sure it will fail?
A: Because we see it. We are able to see all, not just what
we want to see. Their failing is that they see only what
they want to see. In other words, it's the highest
manifestation possible of that which you would refer to as
wishful thinking. And, wishful thinking represented on
the fourth level of density becomes reality for that
level. You know how you wishfully think? Well, it isn't
quite reality for you because you are on the third level,
but if you are on the fourth level and you were to perform
the same function, it would indeed be your awareness of
reality. Therefore they cannot see what we can see since
we serve others as opposed to self, and since we are on
sixth level, we can see all that is at all points as is,
not as we would want it to be.
Regarding the Cave Monster reference, see: Monsters

where you'll get a glimpse of the fun critter...

I think I understand window-fallers but the C says these are created and live in caves, I might be dense but why :) ?
What would be the purpose or function of monsters? I mean, if they have the cybernetic gray to do the work for them.
GRiM said:
I think I understand window-fallers but the C says these are created and live in caves, I might be dense but why :) ?
What would be the purpose or function of monsters? I mean, if they have the cybernetic gray to do the work for them.

Hi Grim,

One reason may be:
Food For The Moon said:
"Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of food. Just as apples can he prepared and eaten in a variety of ways, consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways. Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge. They began to Figure out that this is how Prime Creator nourished itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself. The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power. These new owners who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species. They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power."
or this:

Q: (L) The comment was made at one point that certain alien beings abduct humans and subject them to cruel and torturous deaths in order to create "maximum energy transfer." In this respect, what is this maximum energy transfer that occurs during a long, slow, torturous dying process?
A: Extreme fear and anxiety builds up fear/anxiety energy which is of a negative nature which fuels the beings that you speak of in that they draw from that and produce a sort of a fueling energy which keeps them going as one of their forms of nourishment based on their metabolic structure.

Dinner :evil:

STS may be waiting for the perfect 'time' to introduce the masses to their monsters since they aren't seen often.
That monster classification system seemed a bit bizarre and random, so I went looking for more about the Cheddar cave critter, and found this:


Looks like the same thing to me. :huh: So maybe P3 stands for Plastercast Version 3.
Thank you Meg for the reply!

I forgot that I could search for 'monster' in the sessions.exe-program.

Q: (L) *** wants to know what the Loch Ness Monster is.
A: Serpent. 40 feet long average. There are 51 in the lake. They live in underwater cavern system and are leftovers from
pre-cataclysmic times.

Q: (L) Are there any huge monsters at the bottom of the ocean?
A: Giant squid about 1000 feet long. There are about 20,000 of them more or less.

So the monsters (in this case lockness-type) are creations from earlier experiments that somehow survived in caves with no particular agenda more then eat and being monsters?
Leonpher said:
:huh: So maybe P3 stands for Plastercast Version 3.
lol, a good one. Pitty we dont speak turkish. Maybe someone can translate.
I thought creature suspiciously resembled gollum.

Seems there are far more interesting things then monsters in the caves of Malta these days.
Today Masonic lodge of Malta decided make public appearance in the newspapers and that was very odd to say the least.

The question that I am dying to ask C's is what about the origins of those dolicephalic sculls found in hypogeum tal'safleni...


It that really the same crevice? They seem to be the same creature but that stood out when I looked.
but the line seems to be extending over gollum's body and the rest of the background is pretty much the same on both pictures, to me it looks like slightly different angle but still the same rock
Stormy Knight said:
but the line seems to be extending over gollum's body

Yeah, I thought it might be a magazine picture-scan artifact but it looks like it belongs in the picture. Well, strange :)
Very interesting, thanks for posting!

GRiM said:
It that really the same crevice? They seem to be the same creature but that stood out when I looked.
I think the picture is folded

They're identical, with some little bits and pieces that probably changed over time and in the quality of the pictures.

Doesn't mean the first image isn't a goblin though! Maybe a complete replica was placed in to debunk a real incident. Probably not... but possible! :shock:
Leonpher said:
They're identical, with some little bits and pieces that probably changed over time and in the quality of the pictures.

Doesn't mean the first image isn't a goblin though! Maybe a complete replica was placed in to debunk a real incident. Probably not... but possible!

I agree. And the Cs are so cryptic about it.

The creature looks identical, but the crevasse seems to be different. Upon immediate inspection, it looks like it must be the same, just different lighting, so probably the only way to tell would be for somebody with photo manipulation skills to superimpose one on the other to see if the match is as it appears to be.

Of course, if you think about it, if anybody ever DID get a photo of such a thing and it was real, there would be a lot of effort to debunk it, even to the extent of replicating it and making it look silly. Look what they did with the alien autopsy... and the guy who now says he was behind it - who didn't show up for years - has a sudden windfall of funding and so on.

That is a favorite trick of disinfo, after all.

Added: To get a feel for how the alien autopsy video has been "managed", read this thread:
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