Session 23 October 1994


The Living Force
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What does 'Open' mean when the Cassiopaean's respond? I always thought it meant; possible or unknown. But what does it really mean?
I think it can mean different things in different contexts. Sometimes it can mean "you should figure it out yourself like Altair explained so that Free Will is not either violated or abriged in terms of our learning, and sometimes it can also mean that that the future is either open in various levels of possibilities or various levels of probabilities when an event is getting closer to a "close"/"collapse" at some point in various cycles within the Grand Cycle. Also sometimes it can mean that for our own protection from higher level STS forces, some very sensitive level of information is best not known at a general public level at a particular point in "time" for either various indidivudals or groups in our learning cycles due to the principle of not violating the Free Will choices of said higher STS forces. Hope that makes sense. Cheers.
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