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The Lactiferous duct is not something like milk or made of milk or akin to milk etc. but it's simply transporting milk. If the Cs would have used the word plantiferous then I could maybe understand it as funny way to say 'vegetarian' (one whose digestive tract carries plants). But since it was used by Laura it seems to me she simply meant plant-like as in biological or physiological. Since the C's said 'grays' I imagine these entities to be pretty much humanoid or at least more like animals than plants.
5/ We (as humans) tend to consider ourselves as the most evolved species on this planet (probably because we were able, or obliged, to "conqueer" the whole planet, and destroy it !)
Today with my friend we were joking. Both of us have pretty similar life situation where we work in a family business where our parents are our bosses. The joke was that our parents are actually only thinking that they are our bosses, they believe that they have "conquered" us in a way, until we leave, go for a vacation and everything is left on their shoulders haha. When in reality we are willingly helping them for our own benefit.
A: Hello kinder! Cassiopaea is on the line! Millmnoa speaking! Dyatlov Pass is only one of many similar occurrences on your planet. The events had more to do with transdimensional transfer and time dilation than any "secret" experiments.

Q: (L) Time dilation... Transdimensional transfer we semi-sort of understand, but time dilation? Well, I guess in a sense we semi-sort of understand that, too. Okay, why were their tents cut from the inside as though they were escaping from there?

A: The portal appeared there.
Years ago I reported here experiencing time dilation spontaneously while walking in the city and others confirmed they noticed same too in their countries. It appeared to be bound to certain areas / places.

I think its was just consciousness reacting to the city area's: EM - gravity field / iron content in the rocks in soil. Also was enhanced probably by having too much iron in my blood.

at 11:58am
I set my phone's loud alarm clock to
for the pressure cooker to surely reach boiling point.

Then I set up the 6xpower force field of my PSI-enhancer machine carefully, put my favorite mat inside and sat down meditating using the already explained method.

Normally, when its not an August heatwave, I reach a nice focus-state / can sync my two brain halves*, but in this heat I was struggling with it.

After just what appeared as
3 minutes,
I got frustrated that I couldn't begin to reach focus and progress in a satisfactory way with syncing the left and right halves of my brain,
(this end-result state of achievement is always most noticeable, most apparent and is a very pleasant what I call "Crowned Focus Achievement State")
but this time, I couldn't achieve it, so I was getting mildly annoyed. At that exact point the
loud alarm clock of my phone sounded.

I thought:
- WTH??!

Went out of my room, walked the required 4 meters distance (this at all times advised you keep from any microwave-emitting bouncing-wave radiation source):
Q: (L) Well, that's not good. How close does the pager have to be to you to have this effect?

A: Four meters. Cell phones too and television and computer screens can be transmitted through thusly.

Looked at my phone's clock, it was

The time-passage I perceived during meditation as about 3 minutes, lasted in the real world for
27 minutes. 27 minutes passed in the real world, while I only perceived 3 minutes passing..

Again at
I set the alarm clock to 15 minutes, to 12:42pm.
Again I sat down to continue meditating. This time I perceived time crawling very slowly and when I was getting worried that somehow I missed the loud alarm, I looked at my clock in the room: it showed 12:40pm. Okay..
Sat back down to meditate again and after what appeared as 30 seconds, the outside loud alarm of my phone sounded. In the real world 2 minutes have passed. So again there was destroyed time-binding, a jump in time-perception, a loss of perceived time.

During long-long chores and physical work, after doing a meditation this way, I recognize the
1. beginning of the work
2. I'm conscious reaching the middle of the work
3. and then I become conscious that its already 'end of the work'.

All the while I have greater single-task-focus, more energy, less worry, no annoyance of slowly passing time and I'm no longer bothered forgetting something, because I usually meticulously always remember, what I set out to do: multiple pre-planned tasks [that I wanted to do in the beginning of the day] I now always remember (they pop into my brain) at the right-perfect time, so all pre-planned tasks I manage to complete with great satisfaction.

Also any time during long chores/physical work I'm pondering some important and complex concept discussed on this forum / read in books / analyzing info heard in recent interviews about current geopolitical events in mind - when a difficult term comes to mind, I now always can find its name by fishing out from memory the exact name of the phenomenon / substance / method used by the people talking in radio shows or video interviews. Remember how annoying the feeling is "Ah, it was on the tip of my tongue, but darn, I can't remember now!!" ?
So instead of developing early-onset dementia I actually gained the opposite.

This matches my previous estimate that this kind of meditation destroys the time-binding at a ~90% rate:
3. Time-binding greatly reduced or negated entirely: this is a great surprise as it ~90% almost completely eliminates those verrrrrrrrrRRrrryy SloooOoooooowwwwllllyyyy crawling seconds during mentally painful physical exercises.
27 minutes is 100%. This was recognized as 3 minutes, which is 11% of the 27. Therefore 89% of the rest of the time = 24 minutes was not followed, not recognized, thus negated via destroyed time-binding.

First I thought I strain my brain too much via this high-intensity meditation type and therefore I develop early-onset dementia-like symptoms by over-exhausting my brain depleting it of resources... Sort of how you can over-exert yourself by doing high-intensity training every day, as explained by Grant Smith here. So I had to reduce the intensity = POWER of this meditation type I termed "Shaoling-style Kantekkian Power Chi-Kung" and use it with a 'Soft-Focus': without 'applying power'. This resulted my brain using less nutrients, so I noticed I'm not as exhausted after this meditation type as I became, when I meditated this way every day with full POWER.

Remember, how Kantekkians got power-crazy, so this was probably me just regressing into the bad 80+K years old Kantekkian habit of power-craziness...

But it doesn't matter if I got exhausted or not, the mental-physiological bonuses of this meditation always applied:

Except as enumerated at the bottom of this post, its effect is the opposite of dementia and forgetfulness.

*Here are the bonuses for this type of meditation:
Meditation - especially, the type described below - interestingly gives you:
1. better reflexes,
2. improves short term memory.
3. Gives your mind & thoughts more cohesion, more order, more organization.
4. Reduces mind-fog and gives you less forgetfulness, the ability of better selection of tasks: so most or all your planned tasks for the day will be carried out beautifully giving you the satisfaction of real progress.
5. Therefore it prevents depression.
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