Session 29 April 1995


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April 29, 1995
Frank, Laura, Terry and Jan

Q: (L) Hello. Good evening.

A: Hello, good evening!

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?

A: Toria.

Q: (L) And where are you from, Toria?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Well, we were a little late getting started tonight and I expect you have been waiting. The energy has been generating in the room.

A: Terry, was it October, 1964?

Q: (L) To what does this question refer?

A: Ask Terry! Lake, yellow brick and brown brick buildings, cool day, fences, large cobalt colored cylinder, oscillating...

Q: (T) I would have been 14. (L) I bet they are talking about an abduction... (T) I was a freshman... my father's cousin had a place at Kuka lake and we used to go there and visit all the time... fences? I don't remember anything. I'm sorry. I'm drawing a blank.

A: Images we see...

Q: (L) Do these images relate to an event that occurred in Terry's life?

A: Ask... Now we see Victorian houses, green gabled roof... field... brown brick buildings...

Q: (L) Is this significant? We have a number of questions to get to...

A: Just "go with the flow." Directing "traffic" may restrict...

Q: (T) October?

A: We asked you.

Q: (T) Were there other people who saw this also?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) My mother?

A: Mother, brother.

Q: (T) Were there any neighbors who saw this?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Did my father see it?

A: ?

Q: (T) Dark blue? (J) Cobalt blue. (T) Dark blue, almost a black color? (J) Cobalt is a bright blue.

A: Cobalt is metallic navy blue.

Q: (T) Well, Glenn wasn't home...

A: Another locus.

Q: (T) I know what you are talking about! Yes, I did see something. I don't know if it was in October of 1964, but I remember seeing it!

A: Okay, now we are getting somewhere... what do you think happened to you that day?

Q: (T) I don't remember anything happening other than that I saw the object; it came floating over the house and then floated off in the other direction. I don't remember anything else happening. I stood outside watched it come, watched it go; and I stood outside and watched it for quite some time.

A: Neighborhood, what appearance?

Q: (T) It looked just like the neighborhood. It didn't seem any different. I don't remember...

A: Describe...

Q: (T) There was a fifties development out on the edge of the city limits of Rochester, surrounded by most of Kodak, out in that area, most of Rochester, across the street was a field with a schoolyard surrounded by a fence. A large, two-story brown school building, brown, or red brick... that I went to grammar school in. I don't know about yellow brick buildings, but our house was green at the time and the next door neighbor's house was yellow at the time with white fancy little trim stuff across the roof. (L) Victorian. (T) It wasn't gabled, but it looked gabled. There were little gables over the front doors of most of the houses. The doors came out to the front and there was a little peak. (J) Almost like a little porch... (Terry to Jan) You were in the house, you saw what it looked like? (J) Yes. (T) There was a stadium on the other side of the school yard, a ways back for Aquinas football games, their stadium. Some fields and one of the last remaining wooded areas that was in the city limits that wasn't a park down the street... a set of railroad tracks about five blocks to the East. The lake, lake Ontario, Rochester is right up against it, we were about seven miles, eight miles from there, maybe ten, I used to ride up there on my bike and back... the neighborhood itself didn't look any different because I watched the thing come in over the field. I remember my mother, I don't know if my brother was there, but I remember my mother and my neighbor. The neighbor woman was standing out on the front walk talking and they called me because I was in the house watching tv. I don't know if it was October though because it was still warm, sunny. It came in from high over the West, over a field, by the stadium, came down toward us, came right toward us. I thought it was moving right at us. It didn't start moving right at us until we were looking at it...

A: Was.

Q: (T) Yes. Was moving toward us. It seemed to change direction when I came out and started looking at it. It went right over and...

A: Objective was you.

Q: (T) The objective was me? I don't think I was picked up at that time.

A: Oh yeah?

Q: (T) Well there were people standing there... (L) Doesn't matter.

A: Time "freezes" during abduction.

Q: (T) The object had the distinctive falling leaf motion to it which I thought was an extremely odd thing for it to do. It came right over the edge of the house on the side of the house, where, sometime in the future, I had that thing happen to me when I was in the basement. It was right over where I would have been sleeping...

A: Oscillating.

Q: (T) I thought it sure looked metallic and I wished I had a little pellet gun and could pop a pellet at it; it wasn't more than about 50 feet up in the air. It was maybe 10 to 15 feet long and maybe about 3 or 4 feet around. It looked like a weiner rounded on both ends but not as fat; it was longer and thinner. (F) It looked like a hotdog? (T) It looked metallic to me. It was smooth, perfectly smooth. (L) What are we getting to here? This was obviously brought up for a reason. If Terry was abducted...

A: Crossroads.

Q: (L) It was a crossroads in Terry's life?

A: And now... connection completed.

Q: (T) I'm not following this...

A: Access your recent dreams.

Q: (L) That was a crossroads then and that connection is completed now... (T) Recent dreams... I dreamed something about moving into a building and I had something that had a power cord or something that went outside... a connection of some kind... (L) Is this the dream we are talking about here?

A: Ask Terry.

Q: (T) I don't remember them... they are just very vivid. Could something have happened to me just recently that started with that experience?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) It has to do with what we are doing here, but this isn't the completed connection we are talking about?

A: Not exactly.

Q: (T) The connection that was completed was all about something else?

A: Interrelated.

Q: (T) Did something happen to me just recently?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Something I am not aware of?

A: No.

Q: (T) Does it have to do with my job?

A: In part.

Q: (T) Does it have to do with the fact that I am saying certain things to people at work, or wherever I can, when I talk about events that are happening these days and trying to raise their level of thinking on these things?

A: Yes, now, let's explore your friends and relationships and experiences in the years immediately following the event to see if we can "dig up" something of startling significance!!!

Q: (T) Are we sure this is 1964 and not 1974?

A: Terry, you know better!

Q: (T) I'm just asking because that event and the event that happened in winter with the voices outside the window and all the weirdness that happened that night seemed to be a lot closer together and that other event happened in the 70s, sometime. That was somewhere close to my trip out to Arizona and the weirdness out there with the car and all that. (L) Is that what you guys are talking about, the trip to Arizona and the voices and all that?

A: Oh, there is sooooo much, isn't there Terry! It is time to divulge.

Q: (L) Okay, Terry, we're waiting. What happened in the year 1964 and the year following? (T) In the year following I was 15. (L) Who were your friends and what kind of relationships did you have? What were you doing? (Susan) How did you feel about everybody after this event? (T) In a way, but it was not immediate. After high school. But, in those days I was mainly hanging out with some people I met over at Edison. Tom ___, a lot of people named Tom. I used to go to the lake and take drives around it at night. We just used up gas. I felt comfortable because I did a lot of things but most of the people I knew didn't get along with each other. I still do this today, I have learned from hard experience that I can't mix my friends. I learned at that time that every person in any group that had a counterpart in any other group. Groups may be different, but they all have the same make-up, and I was always "my" person in each of a number of groups. There was nobody in any of the groups I hung out with that was like me; I was that individual for several groups. (L) Is this the issue here?

A: No.

Q: (T) Does it have to do with when I got my driver's license and we all used to drive around a lot out in the country? We drove all through the lakes area...

A: Some.

Q: (T) We used to drive all through the hills out there at night... long drives. (L) Did something happen on one of these drives?

A: Maybe 0...

Q: (T) Maybe nothing. (L) What is the objective of this particular line? (T) Does this have something to do with that bizarre town I came across one night and never was able to find again? Is that tied in here somehow?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Strangest town I have ever seen. Talk about David Lynch! (J) Divulge. (T) I was driving down through southwest New York one night. I was out of high school. I used to get stoned then too, so a lot of my experiences aren't dependable because I got stoned. I went through a town one night down there in the Southern Tier, in the Finger lakes area, and it was the strangest thing. I have been through all these little towns, and there's usually people and stuff. Not a lot, but at least somebody around. It was about nine or ten o'clock, and I went through this town; it was two story buildings built right up to this 2 lane main street, with a little narrow sidewalk, and it was like driving into a canyon, and the buildings went straight up into the air. There was a street light every so far, but they were those little yellowish bulbs that don't cast much light on the street. There was absolutely nobody out there. There was nobody in any of the buildings, they were all boarded up and shut down. It looked like a town but it didn't look like a town. It went about four blocks. I came back out of it, turned around and drove through it again because I didn't believe it. I could never find it again, and I didn't know the name of it.

A: Discover.

Q: (Susan) It was the Twilight Zone... (T) Was this town...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You drove into another reality. (T) It wasn't really a town, was it?

A: Nope.

Q: (T) It gave me the willies. And, I turned around and drove through it a second time because I didn't believe it was there. (Susan) Were you by yourself? (T) Yes, I was all alone. There was nobody out there. One signal light that looked like it was out of the 1920s; old street lamps... like a ghost town, literally. (L) What are you guys trying to tell us here about Terry, through Terry? We are big kids now, we can take it.

A: Not the issue.

Q: (L) What is the issue?

A: Learning increases power.

Q: (L) Okay, what are we trying to learn here in this walk down memory lane?

A: How many times do you learn when led by the hand, network!

[Break to discuss Terry's experiences.]

Q: (L) Are we getting anywhere?

A: It's all interrelated.

Q: (L) It is interrelated with what. What event that just occurred... has it been our period of attack?

A: No.

Q: (L) The event that just occurred is private to Terry and happened in his life only?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Each of my relationships was with an individual who thought for themselves, they understood things, they had their own experiences that were different from most people, and knew that most people could not relate or understand. It doesn't have to be abduction experiences, but they have had life experiences...

A: Yes, but that is the sign of something more significant.

Q: (L) So, in other words, the fact that Terry... (T) Is it that these relationships formed and shaped who I am today because these people and I shared these different things with each other?

A: No.

Q: (L) No, I think it is the fact that you were able to form friendships with these people of all different kinds, that that was the sign of something significant. The thing that flashed through my mind is: are you a messenger, are you a catalyst?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did he have something or did he do something in his interactions with these people that caused...

A: No.

Q: (L) Did any of them do something where he was concerned?

A: No.

Q: (T) Is it the fact that I am able to form relationships with vastly different types of individuals?

A: All originate from same "plane."

Q: (L) In other words, he formed relationships with others like himself? And, did they all originate from the same plane, as in somewhere else?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Well, we are getting somewhere. And was this ship that he saw from that plane or place of origin?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did this ship have a lot to do with interacting with all of these other people that Terry formed friendships and relationships with subsequent to this time?

A: Yes, but not central issue.

Q: (L) The central issue is that Terry and all of these other people that he formed relationships with... (T) Do we all share a common experience?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Do they all share a common origin?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what is that origin?

A: Neormm.

Q: (L) Neormm?

A: Closest English equivalent.

Q: (L) Is that a place?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where is it?

A: Check star guides.

Q: (T) Is this a star? All of us are from another star that I've formed relationships like that; the special ones that I would consider lasting?

A: In perpendicular reality.

Q: (T) Am I the Orion we are looking for?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is Jan one of these too?

A: No.

Q: (L) Jan! (J) What? (L) Why not? (J) I don't know! (T) I'm confused. (J) What is the significance of my relationship with Terry, then? (L) Humanize him? [Laughter.]

A: Open.

Q: (T) It's an open relationship! (J) No it's not. It's a marriage. Sorry! (T) You're the one who wanted it! We were fine for 27 years... (F) Was it that long? (T) No, it only felt that way. (L) Alright! Where are we now? We have discovered that Terry has a perpendicular reality that has been running through his life and probably is an ongoing thing, is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) What is a perpendicular reality? (L) It's a perpendicular reality! (T) Oh, well, thank you! That explains it all. (L) Well, you have side by side alternate realities, this one goes this way [gestures up and down]

A: Intersection is at realm border.

Q: (L) So, in other words, you could follow along in your mind to the realm border because you have an intersecting reality with it. Is that correct?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, I tried. (T) It sounded good to me. I have an escape hatch!

A: They merge.

Q: (L) Okay, we have discovered the significance of the fact that Terry is part alien with a perpendicular alien reality that causes him to interact with other people who also have these perpendicular realities. What's the point? [Laughter] (Susan) Something to do! (J) It's a hobby.

A: "Point" is 3rd density concept, and you need "refresher" course!

Q: (T) Remedial Cassiopaean. (L) Well, I am just trying to understand what this whole thing is all about. What are we getting at here?

A: Then learn from what we communicate to you and what you already have "locked up" inside of you i.e. time to get the key!

Q: (L) Do we have to look at our own stuff this way? (J) Does this have anything to do with the fact that Laura just spent the past day and a half...

A: Please stop trying to "push" us this way and that, and just learn freely.

Q: (L) What I think is, maybe everybody does this, right now on the planet. There are always different groups that are forming connections with other people with whom they share an alternate reality. (J) In other words, we are all being attracted to each other? (F) Right. That makes sense. (L) In which case, what alternate reality do we share or do we share no alternate reality and are each representatives of an alternate reality different from each other and are a connection point?

A: Latter concept is exactly correct!

Q: (T) We are what is common to each other in our group?

A: What did we say about increasing power?

Q: (L) So, in other words, each one of us is connected to our own reality and groups of our own realities and...

A: Read back now Jan.

Q: (L) I have heard the concept, written or talked about, that certain people, or perhaps everybody, have locked up inside themselves pockets of energy or knowledge as in electromagnetic patterning in their fields...

A: Like putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

Q: (L) We are the pieces of the puzzle? (J) Yeah, we've known that.

A: Draw on a piece of paper one perpendicular intersection.

Q: [We get paper and draw figure.] (L) Like that?

A: No, make it like an upside down "T"

Q: (L) Okay, this is it. [Draws figure] Now...

A: Use next page, and this time draw it near but not at lower left corner.

Q: (L) Is that okay?

A: That is at llc. Too close.

Q: [We try again.]

A: Make it much smaller.

Q: [We try again] (L) Is that okay?

A: Close to center.

Q: [We try again.] (L) Is that better?

A: Now, connect to another.

Q: (T) Above it or below it?

A: Make it slightly different angle.

Q: [We try.] (L) Like that?

A: Try again.

Q: [Terry tries] (T) I think I am getting what they want. (L) Is that it?

A: No.

Q: [Terry tries again]

A: Connect bases.

Q: [Terry tries again] (L) Why don't you just draw it on the board for us? [Clamps pencil next to planchette on piece of paper] Okay guys, draw! [The planchette draws the figure.]

A: Continue...

Q: (J) Is it a spiral?

A: No.

Q: [Terry draws figure which looks like polygon with perpendicular extensions to each side.] Is that the idea?

A: Now, circularize base. Now enclose with outer circle. Now, make clean copy on another page.

Q: (J) Is this a crop circle?

A: Has been done, yes. Designates union of perpendicular realities.

Q: (L) Was the town that Terry went through one of the perpendicular reality towns?

A: Close. Need seven spokes.

Q: (L) Each person in the group is a spoke?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are we ultimately going to have seven spokes?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are the five of us here, five of those spokes?

A: Open.

Q: (T) That was diplomatic, wasn't it? Is there more to this concept?

A: Of course!

Q: (L) Once the seven spokes are in place in terms of persons, is that going to increase our power/knowledge exponentially?

A: Explosively.

Q: (L) Is this why there has been so much attack and so many attempts to stop this process?

A: Partly.

Q: (T) Okay, we have the image on the paper with seven spokes. What do we do with it next?

A: Open.

Q: (T) Okay, this is just this lesson. (L) What is in the center of the circle?

A: Will fall into place, now you must ponder the significance and we must say goodnight!

End of Session
Thanks for sharing this old session Laura.
Were you ever able to find a crop circle that was similar? Just wondering if there are groups of people connecting in sevens (I know - assuming here :umm:), then how do the groups connect with each other if at all? Crop circle could give a clue?
Silveryblue said:
Thanks for sharing this old session Laura.
Were you ever able to find a crop circle that was similar? Just wondering if there are groups of people connecting in sevens (I know - assuming here :umm:), then how do the groups connect with each other if at all? Crop circle could give a clue?

We can get the crop circles described in as images, but someone else will do that. Right now, I'm just concentrating on going through these old sessions and getting them up!
Does this 7 spokes have something to do with creating communities? Interesting.
Like seven chakras. Connecting chakras. Connecting spokes.

Is that kind of basic rule for establishing functional ... I do not know correct world for this impression... organic?... community?
... like Magnificent Seven ...
Each one different but all united by one aim.
Different is seven different ways?
Each representing different chakra?
Red - strong
Orange - skill
Yellow - intelectual
Green - emotional
Blue - communicates, talk
Indigo - sees things
Purple - unites all, gives aim???
Thanks for sharing. Interesting to read this session again. Kinda stands out, I had read it also about a couple months ago in the Wave.

Anthony said:
This session was included in the Wave series right? I remember it from somewhere.

Yep, looking back through the book-it's in Chapter 5 of Book 1 of the Wave series.
Please ask C's about concept of seven in creating communities.
I just guess that likely answer would be: explore!
had someone drawn this image of the seven spokes crop cricle?

Mikel said:
had someone drawn this image of the seven spokes crop cricle?


Chances are you probably are not checking for this anymore, but on the off chance that you are (after 3 years, heh), or if anybody else is looking for this image, I made a rough sketch of it here.

Forgive me for the blurriness. An actual crop circle depicting this concept would also most likely be much smoother & more proportional, but hopefully this conveys the general idea.

Perpendicular reality 7 spokes.jpg7 Spoke Perpendicular Realities.jpg

As clarified by the C’s, seven spokes are necessary. To assist the visualization I’ve made this sketch far from perfect as a subjective interpretation of mine. Moreover I ended up with many other versions done of it, being one more colorful than the other, and so also somewhat multifarious than the earlier ones. But turned out my favorite one was the first picture, the simplest from the start. A friend of mine has disagreed and chose the picture two; therefore here the two are. The “parallel lines” —not colored here— I had in some other versions painted in yellow.
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