Session 31 July 1999


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July 31, 1999

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Lorskvaa.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: I want to ask an off-the-wall question here before we get serious. Is there any kind of rain dance we can do to cool things off a bit? It is really scorching and our air conditioner is going constantly.

A: You can do as you choose.

Q: Well, if I knew that it might work, and if there was such a thing as a real rain dance, I would certainly choose to do it!

A: Laura, you cannot possibly expect us to answer such a vaguely and weakly worded inquiry!

Q: Well lighten up!

A: We are light.

Q: Well, let me phrase it this way...

A: Okay...

Q: There are many legends and stories and myths and customs around the globe that involve the use of varying ecstatic techniques which are designed to establish some sort of balance in the practitioner and this is supposed to extend to the environment, which, if things are overly dry, will balance itself by producing rain. Are any of these...

A: Most of the so-called rain dances would leave the participants so exhausted that ultimately, they cared not if it rained or not.

Q: But, is there a grain of truth in these ideas?

A: If you can dance all day on your tippy toes, then you deserve rain, baby!

Q: I am obviously not going to get anywhere with this line of questions since you are being so elusive! I am of the personal opinion that there ARE things that one can do that induce response in the environment; not necessarily dancing, but meditative or whatever practices that can have this effect. Any comment?

A: Meditate oh so softly and soothingly while strategically positioning a garden hose so that it is pointed straight upward, then slowly turn on the faucet.

Q: Okay, various folks are now saying that Dr. Mengele of Nazi fame is the same person as Dr. Green of Greenbaum programming fame.

A: No.

Q: Did Mengele go to South America and die there as reported?

A: Yes.

Q: The Greenbaum material says that there was a Jewish boy brought to America and trained as a doctor who became this infamous Dr. Greenbaum. Is that true?

A: No. "Green" is an alias, or more accurately, a pseudonym for multiple persons engaged in mind control efforts.

Q: Next question. Somebody sent me some information recently about something called "Roswell Rods." Can you tell me what these "Rods" are?

A: Do you mean the life forms?

Q: Well, that IS what some of the folks are trying to call them!

A: 4th Density Life Forms.

Q: That's pretty interesting. (A) Is it a being with a soul?

A: Sort of.

Q: (A) Intelligent?

A: Relative to others.

Q: In terms of what we know about relative intelligence, could you give us an example of something in our density that relates here?

A: Birds.

Q: They are like 4th density birds?

A: Maybe. That's close enough.

Q: Now, there is some woman who is sending some information around on the net saying that there is supposed to be some sort of 'grand cross window' around August the 13th, that will do something that she calls 'imprinting.'

A: No.

Q: Is anything interesting going to happen on August 13?

A: Vague. Open.

Q: I know it's vague. Just another of the endless rumors and obfuscations. These people must sit up all night thinking of this stuff! Now, somebody sent in a question: Was the moon placed in orbit around the earth for a purpose?

A: ?!? That is a leading question, i.e.: when did you stop beating your wife? Presumptuous.

Q: Let me ask it this way: was the moon added or placed deliberately?

A: Okay. This is impossibly complex because in one way or another, everything is part of a "plan."

Q: So, if we go far enough back or deeper into the considerations of the various densities, you will find out that everything is part of a grand plan. Can you give us just briefly any of the significant effects of the moon in its position in relation to the Earth?

A: These are basically known.

Q: So, the scientific observations are to be considered, as well as the earlier remarks you made about this. Now, this guy also asks: The Cassiopaeans have said that there are 16 groups of 'good 'guys and 16 groups of 'bad guys.' {Aliens being intended in the question.} Have they ever mentioned the names of any?

A: Excuse us!?

Q: Well, they want you to name the different groups since you did make this remark at one point. Are you going to give a list of the participants on each side?

A: No, we are not.

Q: So this is one of the things we have to learn to figure out ourselves.

A: Yes.

Q: There is another guy who wants to know if there is a possibility that the effect of the Wave is reflected in physiological phenomena, such as elevation in blood pressure and other things?

A: In some cases.

Q: In my own case, was my extremely high blood pressure a reflection of this Wave business, or was it just simply too much coffee?

A: Are those the only two possibilities?

Q: No. What was the cause?

A: Combination of many factors. We think you are possessed of more than enough knowledge for this!

Q: Okay, Larry and Elvira. Some guy writes to him as follows: "Larry, I am getting some strange reports about the Pacific UFO. What have you heard? One thing, there is more and more effort being put into finding it or getting it, or however you put it. If you will look into it, the Navy has just launched a deep sea rescue submersible and they announced that they are going to 'test' it in the Pacific. Another thing, ASTAT announced about a week ago, maybe two, that there is an unidentified sonic source from the deep Pacific." So, Larry added: "it appears to me that the Lizzies are constructing an underwater base in anticipation of the arrival of more than 36 million Lizards due to arrive soon. Could this be so?"

A: The problem with these questions is that they attempt to construct the beginning at the middle: presumptuous!! If one truly wishes to learn, one must be open to all possibilities.

Q: Okay, I guess that you are saying that there is some assuming going on here. So, let me ask this: are there 36 million Lizards on their way here?

A: The Lizard beings occupy 4th density.

Q: Are you saying that because they occupy 4th density, they don't have to COME here because they ARE here?

A: Close.

Q: Now, you have told us that there ARE 36 million Nephilim on the way.

A: Nephilim are 3rd density; big difference.

Q: Is an underwater base being constructed in the Pacific in anticipation of something?

A: No need to construct that which already exists.

Q: Is there any truth to the idea that the U.S. Navy is trying to find or get something out in the Pacific?

A: Maybe, but all governmental stuff is compartmentalized, so it is pointless.

Q: Okay, he also writes: "the photon belt energy is almost upon us according to our channels." I guess he means the wave energy, or the interpretation of this according to these various channels. Is a 'photon belt' or wave energy almost upon us?

A: Laura, you know how to deal with this.

Q: I know. This purported photon belt has been 'almost upon' us so many times that it is becoming boring. Now, another person wants to ask: "is archangel Michael one of the Nordic beings?" Don't blast me; I'm just the middle man here!

A: No comment.

Q: Now, this guy here suggests that ceiling fans and other things can interfere with alien abduction or manipulation. Can electronic gadgets interfere with aliens coming through the density curtain?

A: No, but maybe a pin cushion would help.

Q: Why a pin cushion?

A: Why not?

Q: (F) I think they are getting irritated with all of these irrelevant questions. (L) Well, this guy suggests that tinkling wind chimes and garlic slices placed around the room, the rubbing of garlic into affected body parts, keeping the lights on, and so forth will keep aliens away. (F) That won't keep away aliens, but it WILL keep away human abductions! (L) Well, hold on here! This is interesting: he says that when an abduction is imminent, place the hose on the ground, turn the water on and walk across it... that running water can block the aliens.

A: B.S.!

Q: There is another guy who sends this list: he says that {reading}: "...on August 12, 1943, in Cornwall, that Aliester Crowley performed a ritual with the intention of producing a line of 'rough water' from Cornwall to Montauk point. Also, in August 1943, the Navy went ahead with the Philadelphia Experiment. Then, on August 12, in 1983, the Montauk Project crashed after successfully manipulating time and space as well as mind behavior control. Then, on August 11, 1999, the last solar eclipse of the Millennium will take place, and that the path of this eclipse is the same as the path of rough water Crowley wanted to produce in 1943. Furthermore, the shadow of the eclipse will first touch land at Cornwall, UK at 11.11 a.m.

"On August 12, 1999, one day after the last solar eclipse of the Millennium, four major constellations will form a grand cross square in space - (this must be where this woman gets this grand cross imprinting thing) - with Earth as its center."

Some folks are saying August 17th and 18th.

"The four constellations are Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. These same four figures make up the Sphinx and are directly out of the book of Revelations. On August 12, 1999, at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Illuminati, a faction of the Freemasons, begin rituals in preparation for the return of Horus. In attendance will be some of the most significant leaders of the world. Also, on August 12, 1999, a comet only just discovered this past April - this is Comet Lee - will complete its trek from behind the Sun. This comet fits all the Nostradamus predictions for a disaster in 1999."

Crowley was associated with Wilhelm Reich, this guy says, but I believe that is incorrect as far as I have been able to determine; just more rumor mongering - famous for his theory on Orgone energy. "The military used him in their research on weather control;" I believe that is also a spurious rumor because, if the government did ANYTHING regarding Wilhelm Reich, it was to silence and destroy him.

"Orgone energy was essential to sexual magick practices by Crowley and others who followed and worshipped the ancient gods. Sexual Orgone Energy was a primary factor in Montauk projects," this guy says, and the Illuminati are a faction of the Freemasons who want to usher in a New World Order because they believe they will inherit the earth and that they can accomplish this by arranging for the return of Horus.

He further writes that: "Crowley's wife, Rose, went into trance and delivered to her husband instructions from Horus on the ways and means of preparing for his return. All of this smacks of conspiracy. I am not a conspiracy believer, but I do believe that many influential people do believe in practicing rituals according to secrets that have been passed down through the ages. How could Crowley coincidentally perform a ritual that connects Montauk to Cornwall, which happens to be the site of ancient occultic practices, at the same time as the Philadelphia Experiment, simultaneously connecting all three via time and space as well as physically." Alright, could you make a comment on that, or should I go through it more slowly.

A: General comment: oh please!

Q: That's what I thought. Now, you told us that the Montauk experiment was something that began in the 1920s. All of the stories say that the Navy was trying to make ships invisible to radar for defensive purposes. That's the story. My question is: is that just a cover story?

A: No.

Q: Is that, in fact, what they were attempting to do?

A: Close.

Q: Can you get me any closer to it? What were their intentions?

A: Convergence of interests: US Navy, Secret Government, Esteemed physicists.

Q: Did they actually, even accidentally, discover through this work something about time travel?

A: Yes, but it was more an accident for the Navy than for others involved.

Q: Okay, was the accident and following fiasco fairly accurately represented in the various books about it?

A: Fairly.

Q: After all of this, did they bring the project to a halt, even if only temporarily?

A: No.

Q: Did they decide that 'oh, we have discovered something really fantastic; let's see what we can do with it?'

A: Closer.

Q: Did this actually take place at Montauk?

A: Some.

Q: Were Russians and/or Germans working on similar projects at the same time, or even a little later?

A: Germans earlier, Russians later.

Q: Are the efforts of the Germans, Russians, and the Americans combined at the present time?

A: At some levels they are combined, yes.

Q: Would you be able to evaluate the efforts of the three and say which one, at the present time, is the most advanced?

A: Does not work that way.

Q: Why does it not work that way?

A: Advanced goes to Consortium.

Q: Are you saying that when work of this kind gets to a certain level, it gets absorbed into the Consortium?

A: Close.

Q: Was Aliester Crowley connected with any of these people involved in the Montauk project?

A: No.

Q: Was Aliester Crowley just a looney tune on the outside...

A: No.

Q: What was Aliester Crowley's role in all of this?

A: Role?

Q: Did Aliester Crowley have a role in ANY of this Montauk/Philadelphia business?

A: No.

Q: So what Aliester Crowley was doing was altogether separate, though it may have been of interest to some groups?

A: Separate, though it may have occasionally intersected.

Q: Is there any particular significance to the date August 12, at any point in time?

A: No.

Q: Back to Montauk: the Montauk project continued. Did they ever, at any point in time, produce monsters as some of these stories I have heard relate?

A: Maybe.

Q: Was this a result of opening portals between densities or dimensions and having cross-density window fallers dropping in, so to speak?

A: Partly.

Q: Were any of these supposed monsters that they were supposed to have created, productions or creations of their minds?

A: Other densities afford a degree of one and the same thing.

Q: Okay. You previously have said that the HAARP project is a continuation of the Montauk project.

A: Partly.

Q: What part is not correct?

A: You must remember compartments.

Q: So, the right hand often doesn't know what the left is doing. You also once said that the HAARP project was partly operational. Are some of these wildly extravagant shootings of recent times, or people going off the deep end, a result of some of the HAARP experimentation in mind control, or testing?

A: This is a result of many forces.

Q: Is this something that we ought to pursue: a line of questions about these recent acts of violence?

A: Only if you had a better grasp.

Q: I don't think I have a good enough grasp. Back to Montauk. Is Montauk connected in any way with this Alternative Three idea of transferring groups or perimeters in the event of a cataclysm or disaster?

A: Too complex, but be careful of what you read.

Q: In what sense?

A: Disinformation. This is most of what you hear and read.

Q: (A) Okay, you have mentioned the Navy and the physicists, and then there were these people who simply were producing monsters, which does not seem to be anything that the Navy would want to do, much less physicists!

A: You are confusing subjects and time frames.

Q: (A) Somebody had to plan this experiment, yes?

A: But that was the Philadelphia Experiment.

Q: (L) How did this business of producing monsters and all that even come into this project?

A: Experiments in mind programming and psy-warfare.

Q: So, these were separate experiments. But, did they fall under the Montauk project...

A: Yes.

Q: So, they were compartmentalized things.

A: But the monsters were long after the Eldridge.

Q: When did the experiments with the monsters occur?

A: Late 70s.

Q: Have they continued on with this monster producing business?

A: No need to get hung up on "monsters."

Q: Well, that would give me the heebie jeebies for sure!

A: Other materializations.

Q: They are working on other materializations, or they HAD other materializations?

A: Not just monsters.

Q: Well, that's too good to pass. What OTHER kinds of materializations did they have?

A: You name it!

Q: Were they able to materialize money for themselves?

A: No need.

Q: Were they able to materialize people from the past or the future?

A: Temporarily.

Q: Did they, in fact, do this?

A: Yes.

Q: Did they ask people from the future what kinds of events have occurred between then and now in order to refine their plans and activities?

A: No such.

Q: Why?

A: Variable futures.

Q: So, they could materialize somebody from the future, but it was only as potential, or probable future, so therefore, it meant very little, or was useless?

A: One of 329 decillion.

Q: Probable futures?

A: Yes.

Q: It's a lot.

A: Up to a point...

Q: At which time something collapses into the now. Regarding these folks they materialized from the past: anybody we would know?

A: No.

Q: Could they select who they materialized, or was it random?

A: The materialization was really a duality. Review texts re: abductions between densities for idea.

Q: Could it be possible that, using this technology, the U.S. Government, or Secret Government, has been doing abductions on human beings that the victims THINK is an alien abduction?

A: Maybe in some cases, but the technology is not comparable.

Q: Other than people from the past and future, what other kinds of things did they materialize in the Montauk experiments?

A: Review.

Q: What kinds of things were they interested in materializing more than anything else? (A) Probably technological devices. (L) Did they materialize technology from the future?

A: This is more complex than your questions indicate.

Q: I realize this. I am struggling with this whole idea. I would just like to know what sorts of things they were most interested in materializing so that I would then have a clue as to which direction to go with my questions.

A: Not applicable.

Q: When they were doing this materializing, did they not have direct intent? Were they just experimenting to see what WOULD materialize at various settings?

A: Their knowledge brought them to a level different than your current imaginings.

Q: Well, help me out here! What do you mean?

A: No use comparing apples to oranges.

Q: At any point did their knowledge and materializations incline them toward benevolent acts and tendencies regarding the rest of the human population?

A: This is not working because you are thinking one way and they do not.

Q: Can you give me a word or two that will clue me as to how to change my thinking?

A: Sure. Try to explain calculus to a kindergartner!!

Q: You are saying that this Consortium, these Montauk folks, have a level of knowledge, and a way of thinking, that makes my thinking, and our thinking, seem like ...

A: Poppycock.

Q: My thinking is poppycock relative to theirs?

A: Close.

Q: (A) But this is only because we do not have this knowledge!

A: Right !!!!

Q: And we are trying to get it!

A: You cannot get it without an enormous amount of patience!

Q: Do we have time to have that kind of patience?

A: These experiments have been conducted over a time period you would recognize as about 93 years and have involved thousands of humans and a few hundred NHIs.

Q: Are the people involved in these experiments STS or STO?

A: All "people" are STS.

Q: Well, the people who are working in the direction of STO, what chance do they have of access to this knowledge?

A: They do not need it.

Q: Why don't they need it?

A: They will have it when the elevator reaches "floor number 4."

Q: Are you saying that it is not essential for us to struggle to know these things because it will come naturally?

A: Close.

Q: Well, gosh! You had me worried there! So, these guys are working and digging for knowledge to control others?

A: Close.

Q: Are they trying to develop technology to lock the planet into 3rd density so that it won't go to 4th density?

A: Some may be.

Q: Do they see the moving to 4th density as a threat to their plans and projects?

A: Perhaps.

Q: (A) I believe that there is a lot of this knowledge that would be useful for me to know before I go to 4th density, assuming I will go. I mean, knowledge is knowledge, and I am sure I would make good use of this. Why did you say that this knowledge is not needed for us?!!!

A: We did not say that.

Q: You said that all people are STS, and then we asked about those who are moving to STO, and the answer was 'they do not need it. They will have it after they reach 4th density.

A: But you are not there yet.

Q: You just said that we couldn't possibly get it! We don't have ninety some years and thousands of people to work on, and that what we know now is just poppycock!

A: No, no, no. You are misreading what we said!!!! Your line of questioning bespoke a level of knowledge not on the same level as those directly engaged in the vast experimentation which in part, was conducted at Montauk. If you were to review the transcripts extensively, you would find that you possess much more knowledge on this sort of thing than you apparently have remembered for tonight's session. You have put forth so much energy toward building the website that you have drained some of your conscious recall ability for the moment. And no, we are not criticizing your efforts, we applaud them!!! But, you could use a thoughtful, meditative review! Good night.

End of Session


Thanks again Laura and team ! for dedicating yourselves to get all onto papper/bytes and careing about humanity in general !

This made my night lol ....

"A: Meditate oh so softly and soothingly while strategically positioning a garden hose so that it is pointed straight upward, then slowly turn on the faucet."

Researching all the Montauk project material I could find a copula years ago the one thing that struck me most was , when the "monster" froze seemed .... correct when thinking from a popular physics point of view in that "time" is just frames of refreances ( as I understand it well the best one can do from 3D ;))

Thanks again for your efforts.
Q: Well, the people who are working in the direction of STO, what chance do they have of access to this knowledge?

A: They do not need it.

Q: Why don't they need it?

A: They will have it when the elevator reaches "floor number 4."

Does this imply that all who are 'working in the direction of STO' will reach 'floor number 4'??...


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domwatts23 said:
Q: Well, the people who are working in the direction of STO, what chance do they have of access to this knowledge?

A: They do not need it.

Q: Why don't they need it?

A: They will have it when the elevator reaches "floor number 4."

Does this imply that all who are 'working in the direction of STO' will reach 'floor number 4'??...

No. As I understand this refers to the fact that to have knowledge about technology of the secret goverment is unnecessary for to do what is supossed to do. It doesn't imply that STO candidate can graduate.


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Bringing monsters into our density is hardly needed considering we have enough psychopaths roaming around! Very interesting regarding the experiments, one can only imagine what they discovered in whole. Thanks for sharing!


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Wendathon-Wemdu said:
Any idea who attended this session? It's missing from the opening...

I thought it would be a simple matter of just checking the notes; nope, the various handwritings showed different people at different times, all failing to note the attendees. All the way through 1999 for some reason.

Not to be stymied, I decided to get the tapes and listen to the openings etc. However, I then spent the last 2 hours sorting tapes and realizing I really, REALLY, need a better storage system for the hundreds and hundreds of tapes.

One thing that I am doing with the annotating of the sessions is making sure that all the glitches get taken care of.


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Q: That's what I thought. Now, you told us that the Montauk experiment was something that began in the 1920s. All of the stories say that the Navy was trying to make ships invisible to radar for defensive purposes. That's the story. My question is: is that just a cover story?

A: No.

Q: Is that, in fact, what they were attempting to do?

A: Close.

Q: Can you get me any closer to it? What were their intentions?

A: Convergence of interests: US Navy, Secret Government, Esteemed physicists.

Q: Did they actually, even accidentally, discover through this work something about time travel?

A: Yes, but it was more an accident for the Navy than for others involved.

Q: Okay, was the accident and following fiasco fairly accurately represented in the various books about it?

A: Fairly.

One of these esteemed physicists I understand was Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown who is famous for discovering the 'Biefeld–Brown effect' and was one of the founding fathers of 'electrogravitics', as well as being one of the secret fathers of antigravity technology. Thomas Townsend Brown - Wikipedia.

So why do we know so little about him? Well this is because his name has been deliberately lost in the sands of time (at least as far as the scientific mainstream is concerned), as much of his most important work was classified for ‘national security’ purposes. Townsend Brown spent a good deal of his career working for the US Navy after originally enlisting in 1930. This included spells working for the United States Naval Research Laboratory in Anacostia, D.C.

So how is he linked to the Philadelphia Experiment? In 1938 Brown was promoted to Lieutenant and in 1939 he was assigned for a few months as a material engineer for the US Navy's flying boats being built at the Glenn l. Martin Company in Maryland. He was engaged in magnetic and acoustic mine-sweeping research and development under the Bureau of Ships in Washington D.C. from October, 1940 to March, 1941.

So what sequence of events triggered the Naval Research Laboratory to investigate the possibility of optically "cloaking" vessels of war? It all began when several Naval researchers were asked to investigate a peculiar phenomenon, which was plaguing a classified arc welding facility. This facility was classified because it protected a new Naval process for fabricating very durable armour plated hulls. Dr. Brown was requested to examine "the phenomenon". His knowledge of "dielectric stress" phenomena and the activities associated with arc discharges made him a perfect candidate for the task.

What Brown discovered would subsequently go on to the form the basis of the Philadelphia Experiment and can be found set out in detail in chapter 7 of a book written in 1999 by Gerry Vassilatos called 'Lost Science', "Electric Flying Machines" - Thomas Townsend Brown. When you read it, you will understand how the US Navy stumbled upon the phenomena by accident as the C's confirmed in the transcript above.

The record of events set out in Vassilatos' book would certainly serve to explain why in October 1942 Brown was discharged from navy service after requesting to resign "for the good of the naval service in order to escape trial by General Court Martial" and with his official discharge exam listing "no comment" as to the reasons why.

At the time all this occurred, there were only three men in America who had any idea of what was behind the peculiar "blackout" effect the naval dockyard workers were experiencing. They were Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Thomas Townsend Brown. All were probably involved in the Philadelphia Experiment in one way or another.

The peculiar "blackout" effect suffered by the dockyard workers was believed to be a result of intense and complete retinal (rhodopsin) bleaching, a chemical response of the eye to intense "instantaneous" light impulse. This was the initial conventional answer. The more outrageous fact was that the effect permeated the control room, causing "retinal blackout" even when personnel were shielded by several protective walls.

An unfortunate victim of such exposures was a certain William Shaver. Shaver worked as a Naval arc welder with much earlier and smaller hand-operated versions of the system. These systems employed intense impulses of low repetition frequency. After repeated exposures to this impulse energy, he began freely hallucinating. The result of neuronal damage, the centers of his will began shredding away. This otherwise stable man ultimately lost his grips on reality, writing hundreds of pamphlets throughout his remaining years on the frightening topic of "beings from the underworld". It was subsequently discovered that exposure to sudden electrical impulses of intense potential and extremely low frequency produces a deadly nausea, in some cases even the neurological damage leading to eventual madness. These pamphlets would, of course, go on to form the basis of the 'Shaver Mystery' as published in the science fiction magazine Amazing Stories in the 1940's. Richard Sharpe Shaver - Wikipedia. Was Shaver really mad and psychotic or was his mind blasted open perhaps?

It is also worth noting that Brown became involved in the subject of UFOs and in 1956 helped found the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), although he was forced out as director in 1957 due to allegations that he had been using funds to further his own anti-gravity research. Due to his contacts with the Navy he used to be sent secret UFO photographs. He would have his young daughter sort them into two batches for him. Apparently he told her that if the objects in the photos appeared to wobble then they were ours, if they were still, then they were the 'others'.​
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