Session 4 April 2015


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riclapaz said:
Thanks Laura for your answer, if I understand correctly, sometimes in a physical body there are more than a soul, this agreement was made during the stay in 5D, as a kind of team, with one goal "x",could be my assumption proper?
No, not usually an agreement, but rather opportunistic, like an infection. People need to get rid of this idea of "agreements" made at 5 D. Yes, there are SOME such agreements, but it only covers a narrow range of relationships. The universe - and life - is open.


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Chu said:
I was re-reading In Search of the Miraculous these past few days, and there is a small bit that reminded me of this session, and in particular this part:

A: The "Wave" is in process. Remember your principle of scale.

Q: (L) You mean the one that I wrote when I was doing Noah?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, that principle of scale was basically that when a quantum wave collapse occurs at the atomic scale, it's like nearly instantaneous because of the smallness of the system.

(Pierre) Macro scale takes more time.

(L) Yes. A wave or a phase transition at the macrocosmic scale would take place over a period of time. So, that reminds me of the session back I think it was in 1995, because I just recently re-read it, and it was about the dying off of the frogs. We were talking about frogs dying off because somebody had reported that frogs were disappearing. We asked about this, and the answer was along the lines that that was a precursor or an effect of the Wave. In other words, what we're seeing from our perspective are incremental events that, in a larger perspective, would be more or less instantaneous.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is that the principle of scale we're talking about here?

A: Yes. And those who do not realize this will "go under".

Q: (L) So somebody's who's waiting for a specific date for some kind of big flash to happen and suddenly they're gonna go from one world into another, they're simply not grasping the cosmic scale of thing?

A: Exactly! We once said that it was a grand example of cosmic "Pomp and Circumstance". You simply do not have the full perspective!

Q: (L) So that means that we are talking about changes on such a huge scale that our perspective is that of...

(Perceval) Here's an example. They said it's a creative cosmic process, so it's basically like a giant cosmic rototiller coming through the universe and turning over the soil and spreading fertilizer for new growth to maintain the universe like a good gardener. We're like one little tiny grain.

(Chu) We're like the worms who see the rototiller approaching for hours. [laughter]

(L) We're a microbe in a hundred thousand acre farm.

(Pierre) And we feel the vibrations of the coming rototiller for our whole lives, and just now, the rototiller is coming closer.

(Galatea) And some of you are gonna stick to the rototiller blades and get blasted up into space!
It says:

The conversation began with my question: "Can war be stopped?" And G. answered: "Yes, it can." And yet I had been certain from previous talks that he would answer: "No, it cannot."

"But the whole thing is: how?" he said. "It is necessary to know a great deal in order to understand that. What is war? It is the result of planetary influences. Somewhere up there two or three planets have approached too near to each other; tension results. Have you noticed how, if a man passes quite close to you on a narrow pavement, you
become all tense? The same tension takes place between planets. For them it lasts, perhaps, a second or two. But here, on the earth, people begin to slaughter one another, and they go on slaughtering maybe for several years. It seems to them at the time that they hate one another; or perhaps that they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose; or that they must defend somebody or something and that it is a very noble thing to do; or something else of the same kind. They fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game. They think they signify something; they think they can move about as they like; they think they can decide to do this or that.

But in reality all their movements, all their actions, are the result of planetary influences. And they themselves signify literally nothing. Then the moon plays a big part in this. But we will speak about the moon separately. Only it must be understood that neither Emperor Wilhelm, nor generals, nor ministers, nor parliaments, signify anything or can do anything. Everything that happens on a big scale is governed from outside, and governed either by accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws."
Anyway, just thought it worth sharing here, since it's also about the principle of scale.
Thank you very much Chu for pointing and sharing this.

What I thought is that this paragraph about war is kind of good example and explanation for the understanding of non linear time ... something like the things we are experiencing now, like war, if I understand it right they are for the bigger picture already "past", or just reflection of actions that happen "before" our ability to recognize them on earth, even though once we will recognize them, for us that will be the "future" in our linear thinking. I don't know am I on the right path here?

But than, how that action is approaching reality which operates in linear time, is there ability to do some kind of a change on that "travel path" that will affect the final output to be different form predicted if there will be no any change? Like for example if you kick the ball, if there will be nothing on the way to influence the movement of the ball, it is quite easy to predict from the characteristics of the kick, where the ball will fall, and how the ball will fly through the space. But if on that way for example a big bird fly near the ball at the half of the ball flaying path, and trow a small stone to the ball, that will for sure influence the ball to change predicted path ... ?
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