Session 4 January 1997


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January 4/5, 1997 (Lasted way past midnight!)

Frank, Laura, Terry, Jan

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: What name shall we use this evening?

A: Njorrg.

Q: [attempts to pronounce]

A: Pron: Ny or g; "Knee or gee."

Q: (L) Okay! Where are you transmitting from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Since we were discussing it, may I ask about the Kryon material?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) Can we be more specific. Is the Kryon source one from a higher density?

A: "Source" of most things in your density is, in one way or another, from a higher density.

Q: (L) Okay, I understand that, but what I want to know is this particular source a Being from a higher density who calls itself Kryon?

A: Infer as you see fit!

Q: (J) If you excuse the expression, you have to consider the source. (L) Now, it occurred to me tonight while writing to J, and it rather jumped into my mind while thinking how best to answer his questions, that it was very strange that Val was virtually begging me for every session I had transcribed, and I sent them to him as they were done, he called every week to discuss them, and then suddenly silence, no responses, and virtually in the next week after the last contact, he produces Alex Collier and the Andromedans. And, the funny thing I thought about recently is that Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopia! The only thing is, there is a core of information in the Andromedan stuff that is so similar, but it is wrapped in 3rd density garbage. Is it possible that the reason for this strange interaction is that the material I sent him has been, shall we say, borrowed?

A: Influences derived from our messages to you are to be seen more and more due to your widespread sharing of same.

Q: (L) Well, I am not objecting... I just want people to hear it, so I don't really mind...

A: Good, perhaps, but... there is much opportunity for corruption!

Q: (L) Well, that is certainly true, considering the stuff that is coming back to me about the "Wave." But, all my internet postings are dated, so it would be fairly easy to track. We have some questions here: Physicists talk about multi-dimensional universes. The idea is that our 3 dimensional space and 1 dimensional time is an illusion of plane beings, while the true universe has more dimensions perpendicular to the above ones. Physicists have different guesses here: 5, 6, 7, 11, 256. How many dimensions does the true universe have?

A: Not correct concept. Should be: How many universes does the "true" dimension have?

Q: (L) Alright, then. I think that from a previous session we were told that the number of universes was not countable. Is that correct?

A: Infinite, maybe, but more to the point: variable and selective.

Q: (L) Is it that there can be more at one time and less at another?

A: No.

Q: (L) Does this mean that any potential universe can be selected at any time to be the ONE that is cued? (T) No, the "jukebox" idea relates to time. Explain variable and selective, please?

A: For those who know how, universes can be created at will in order to transmodify reality merge.

Q: (L) What is a reality merge?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (T) Merging of realities from one universe into another? A creating of a new reality which is then merged with the old to create a new universe. (L) Maybe it means the realities of different people merge to create a sort of "mutual universe?" Like the idea "you create your own reality?"

A: Terry is closer, Laura is playing "left field."

Q: (L) The next question: The Cs, Andromedans and others talk about 'densities.' We are supposed to live in 3rd density. Does this number 3 have anything to do with 3 space dimensions?

A: Close. Means: Original definition closer to 3rd level of experience, relating material/ethereal spectrum, but denizens of Terra Locator came up with "Third Dimensional" explanation due to influences upon the subconscious mind from soul memory connection to Akashic record.

Q: (L) J talks about dimensions, densities and states. What about states? (T) Yeah, there's Georgia and Arkansas... no, that's not really a state...

A: You forgot poor little Rhode Island! Tsk tsk! Mirth!

Q: (L) Okay, does "state" refer to some state of being that entities can exist in?

A: On this, consult psychological text books for more information, if you are so inclined as this is the only area where this term applies.

Q: (L) Well, J has come up with the number 384 dimensions which comes from some obscure formula... he also says that these dimensions differ by entropy and that the next dimension above us is a superconducting dimension, that there are dark and light dimensions, forward and time back dimensions. Aside from the fact that we have already disposed of the NUMBER of dimensions...

A: We suggest that J create a universe thusly.

Q: (L) Okay, do densities differ by entropy?

A: No, but maybe by "atrophy."

Q: (L) Now, do we have densities that are superconducting?

A: ???

Q: (L) Do you mean that we need to discover in this area? Are there dark and light densities?

A: This line is not productive to your quest.

Q: (T) Well, this J does not seem to be able to grasp the idea that time is not a dimension, it is just a localized variable. (L) The C's said once that 4th density is "going with the speed of light." I think I remember that you said that there was NO speed of light there because "speed" was a 3rd density concept.

A: Please... we are drifting! Tell A that "aether" is Terran material science's attempt to address ether. The trouble is, there is simply no way to physicalize a plane of existence which is composed entirely of consciousness. It is the union of perfect balance between the two "states" or planes, that is the foundation and essence of all creation/reality. You cannot have one without the other!

Q: (L) When you say the two states or planes, you are saying the physical state and the state of consciousness...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you can't have one without the other. And the state of consciousness and the state of material existence are so completely connected, that both are infinite? One cannot exist without the other...

A: Yes, connected, intertwined, bonded... Merged.

Q: (T) A structure of the universe that holds the levels together... everything is connected. The consciousness of 6th density is perfectly bonded and balanced with 3rd density, and the quasi physical level of 4th density, and the totally physical levels 3 through 1, and the total ONE of 7th, and whatever 5th is. (L) We have four levels of physical expression, so to speak, going from the really solid, minimal consciousness level 1 to....

A: Yes, but the Terran scientists have been programmed to believe that nothing can exist unless it can be measured, estimated, calculated and represented in some way in the physical material plane. Not true!!!!!!! For example: We are in NO WAY physical.

Q: (L) Well, I also want to know why you refer to a technological device that supposedly transports someone from one density to another, as a 'Trans Dimensional Remolecularizer?'

A: In order to reconstruct 3rd density into 4th density physical, other dimensions must be utilized in the process. Remember, we are talking about exact duplicates which are merged.

Q: (L) But, a little while ago you said there was a single dimension and many universes, and now you are saying utilizing another dimension, so the terminology is getting to be a little bit confusing... (T) It is like a program loading onto a computer. Some programs just load straight in. Others need to create a space on the hard drive to put files that they need to LOAD the program, but are not PART of the program, and when it is finished loading, it erases all the "loading instructions." The hard drive is still the hard drive, but for a time, the program used a sector of the hard drive, and created a temporary dimension, let's say. (L) Is this what we are looking at here?

A: Close. And remember, we said "true" dimension!

Q: (L) So, it is like one hard drive, many programs, loading instructions for new programs that are then erased, etc. If there is one "true dimension," and infinite universes within it, does one particular universe exist, of and by itself, at any given time, until it is merged into a new one, or is there within this one true dimension, multiple universes as real as ours is, to which we could go, and could be there alongside ours, so to speak?

A: Yes to the latter.

Q: (L) And, can infinite numbers of "dimensions" exist within each level of density, even if temporary?

A: Yes. If you want to go back and change "history," either for individuals or for universal perception, you must first create an alternate universe to do it. Your 4th density STS "friends" have been doing this a lot.

Q: (L) If you, being a general term, create an alternate universe, does the former one continue to exist, or does the former one merge into the new one?

A: Both.

Q: (L) If the former one continues to exist, does it exist and evolve on its own, disassociated with the second one, or this offshoot?

A: Clarify.

Q: (T) The universe you are in: you are going along and say, "I think I will create a new Universe." You do it, and move to it, and you bring your universe with you. That is the merging of realities. But, when you move to the new universe, you are no longer in the original one which continues along on its own. The pattern of the old universe, you bring into the new one, and when you become part of the new universe you have just created, you are no longer part of the old one you just left. It just goes along with everybody else there. (L) Is this correct?

A: Sort of... remember, one can create all ranges of types of alternate possibilities.

Q: (L) So you could create a new universe with a new "past," even?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in that way, both actually occur and you can change the whole thing?

A: When merged, the former never existed.

Q: (T) Not for the person creating the new universe, but the former will continue for everybody else.

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, for the person creating a new universe, the former never existed, but the other beings who are satisfied with that old universe, and "go" with it, are still continuing along as though...

A: Your 3rd density mind restrictions limit the scope of your comprehension in this area.

Q: (L) If you decide you don't like your present universe, and you work like crazy to learn how to create a new one, and you do it, do you, essentially, forget that you did this? And why you did this? And forget the other universe?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) So you can or you can't... (T) Going by what you just said: "an unhappy universe," is that because your perceiving the universe you are in as being unhappy because that is the way you are and where you are at, in terms of learning, and by creating a new universe, you are simply wishing to change the way the universe is around you, and really its not the universe that has a problem, but you...

A: Off track.

Q: (L) So, the universe you are in, is what it is, and you are in it for some reason... (T) You're in it to learn lessons... just to change the universe because you don't want to learn the lessons you've chosen to learn... (L) Or, you have learned them and thereby CAN change the universe... (T) When you learn, you just move on automatically, you don't have to change the universe. The universe will change for you.

A: Deja vu comes to you compliments of 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Is deja vu a result of some sensation of the universe having changed?

A: Or... some sensation of reality bridging.

Q: (T) As you move into the new one, you have leftovers?

A: No.

Q: (L) What is reality bridging?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (L) Is it somewhat like merging universes? (T) A bridge is something you put between two things...

A: You wish to limit, wait till 4th density, when the word will be obsolete!

Q: (L) That still doesn't help me to understand deja vu as a "sensation of reality bridging." Is deja vu because something comes into our reality from another?

A: One possibility..

Q: (T) Didn't we talk about this? That it is a bleedthrough from other dimensions... that when we think we have been someplace before, it is because in another dimension we have...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you are now in a particular universe that has been created and merged by 4th density STS, and there is still the old universe existing, and you feel a connection, or a bridging, because some alternate self is in that alternate universe, living through some experience... or a similar thing?

A: No limits of possibilities.

Q: (L) So it can be any and all of those things, and bridging realities of "past" and "future," as well. Is it possible to change the past within a discrete universe, or does every change imply a new or alternate universe?

A: Discrete does not get it.

Q: (L) Well, within a particular, selected one of the universes, can you go back in time, within that universe, change the past, and have it change everything forward, still within that selected universe, like a domino effect?

A: In such a case, yes.

Q: (L) But, you said that if you want to change the past, you have to create an alternate universe... (T) No, you asked about changing the past, and they said you have to create a temporary place to work from, a position from which you can manipulate the reality...

A: That is for specialized activities.

Q: (L) So that creating of an alternate universe was for special things, and not for a general historic change?

A: What was described is not the same as an "alternate universe."

Q: (L) It is a temporary file that will go away when you are finished loading the program. And that is not creating an alternate universe, but rather a temporary dimension...

A: Close.

Q: (L) In our particular universe, what is the primary mode? Are we constantly shifting and merging universe to universe, or is our past being changed and reacting like the domino effect... at least in the past few years... (T) But, we wouldn't know if the past has been changed because we wouldn't see it...

A: Measurements are inadequate.

Q: (L) How does that relate to my question? Which is happening? Is our singular universe being changed as in a domino effect, or is it continuously being merged with a new one and another and another... (T) What you are asking for is a measurement. (L) Is it that any and all possibilities and will and do take place?

A: Closer.

Q: (L) Can you clarify that any further for me?

A: No, because you would simply not grasp it.

Q: (T) It is part of the infrastructure of the universe which we are in no way capable of understanding at this point. We can't even get quarks right.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the words "universe" and "dimension" synonymous?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) In what sense yes?

A: For you, these are "grey" areas, and no matter how hard you try, until your perception shifts fundamentally, you ain't gonna get it!

Q: (J) I guess it is a question of faith. (L) Are all universes "Free Will" universes?

A: If chosen.

Q: (L) Are there universes where everything is predestined?

A: Within the framework of a cyclical separation bond.

Q: (L) What is a "cyclical separation bond?" I think I'm getting in over my head...

A: Only because "you ARE in over your heads."

Q: (L) But you didn't tell me what a cyclical separation bond is!

A: And if we do, you will ask: "What do you mean by that?"

Q: (L) Well, you are right about that. (J) It's like a little kid asking: "Daddy, why is there air?" (L) Are there universes where time goes in the other direction, as in universes of anti-matter?

A: Why do you ask this?

Q: (T) They have been telling us all along that there is no such thing as time except as we perceive it. (L) Well, I guess I just meant "anti-matter" universe. Okay, there are 4 physical densities...

A: No, three.

Q: (L) Okay, there are 3 physical densities, and the 4th is...

A: One is variable. Three Ethereal.

Q: (L) Okay, three that are physical, three ethereal, and one in between that is both.

A: Close.

Q: (L) Do you go from 4th to 5th repeatedly until you are ready to go to 6th, or do you go to 6th from 4th, or to 6th from 5th?

A: Because of already given data, that is elementary my dear, Martin, elementary!

Q: (L) I am NOT Martin anymore! So there!

A: You are in an alternate reality.

Q: (L) Oh, God! I don't even want to THINK about that! That's horrible! Does this mean that when you gave me the word "NEW," you perhaps meant a new universe? A new reality? (T) Well, you are because you have changed. But we're not.

A: Why does Njorrg always get the tough assignments?!?

Q: (T) Because you are lucky!

A: Mirth iz goot!

Q: (L) Stop laughing guys... is the entire universal system, everything combined, similar to a dissipative structure, or is any part of it similar to this?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay, in a general sense, and I know you are pulling out your hair with me, if you had hair to pull, is there something that you can tell us about what it is, other than awareness, that determines your density level, like a transition point, like a flower breaking open, or something erupting through a membrane, or is it something that occurs more gradually? All of a sudden you hit a point of awareness and "POP," there you are?!

A: Too much.

Q: (L) Is awareness the only thing that determines what density one exists in?

A: No.

Q: (L) What else? (T) The way you make Christmas cookies...

A: Awareness is the bond that unites the reality.

Q: (L) You have said that the heat I feel is a "growing of fibers" or a "bleedthrough" of the new reality, is that an effect that is happening in a gradual way? (T) It has to do with the approach of the wave... (L) I don't quite know how to ask this...

A: Because you do not quite know how to understand the answers.

Q: (L) You have said that gravity is the binder of all reality.

A: Yes.

Q: And now you talk about perception bonding.

A: Yes. Now, try to picture how gravity is the binder of all reality!!!

Q: (L) If gravity is the binder, is gravity consciousness?

A: Not exactly. Did you know that there is no "right" or "left" in 4th density through 7th density? If you can picture this exactly, then you may be able to understand the responses to all the questions you are asking. If not, best "give it a rest." Because it will only be productive learning when you ponder and reflect/review "later."

Q: (A) The C's told Ruggero that our equations, that is physicists, are only one seventh of the total. How should I interpret it? Literally? That each of our equations should get an index, 1 thru 7, and be modified appropriately?

A: One possibility. Ruggero was limiting to realm already partly charted. Time to say Good Night. You are fatigued.

End of Session.


Recently I pondered about the right and left perception issue with respect to fourth density or rather dimension.

Has anyone ever considered the possibility that it might have “something” to do with Kant's idea of “incongruent counterparts” in the general sense that two symmetric objects in a dimension n, n ∈ IN>0 can be made interchangeable or congruent by rotating that object in the next dimension (n+1)? Thus in 4D, a 3D object can be represented both ways (e.g. a left hand rotated so that it corresponds to a right hand and vice verse).

Alternatively and much simpler, if 4D sees three-dimensionally, then left/right is obviously obsolete.

See also (in addition to this session):
Session 22 January 2000 said:
Q: […] We have been puzzling for some time over a remark you once made that, at 4th density, there is no right or left. How can we conceptualize this?

A: It is difficult of you to conceive of this. Directionals exist within the perceived limitations of your reality.

Q: Are you saying that at 4th density, an individual exists as a "point consciousness" and there is no materiality unless you will it to be so?

A: Close.

Q: (A) Does it have anything to do with the fact that, on a mobius strip, there is no right or left?

A: Yes.

Q: A mobius strip is not so difficult to think about at all. I also know about mathematics in which you can add extra dimension which can change left into right. It is not a problem. Should we think about something like this?

A: If everything is in reality circular in nature, then direction is optional.


The Living Force
I thought we simultaneously can 'see' 360 degrees. Same when 'out of body'. Volition is used to 'navigate' therefore 'directions' become unnecessary?


The Force is Strong With This One
...............No such thing as right, left, up, down.
I'll use a phrase often used when we feel vulnerable and out of place "in the middle of nowhere", extrapolating this idea we have a new stage "in the center of everything" where our mind simply "placed" with no spatial reference simply consciousness and way of perception. (?)
I can understand word by word or loose ideas, but the process of understanding is just in heating period, because physically I feel certain parts of my brain to overheat, become overloaded, indicating that this information has a receiver that is already reacting .
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