Session 5 August 2000


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August 5, 2000

Ark, Laura, Frank, Jon, Carrie

{This was a really weird session. Jon was an emeritus professor of economics from a northern university who had contacted us and wrote that he was going to be vacationing in Florida and could he attend a session. We checked out his credentials and he was who he said he was but, at the time, we didn't realize what a strange bunch economists who worked with Milton Friedman actually were. Anyway, here's this guy Jon at our session. The Cs address him and he actually lost his power of speech and practically became comatose almost through the whole session! This happened right after the Cs ask him about somebody named "Mel." What we didn't know at the beginning of the session was that this guy was closely associated with Drunvalo Melchizedek and his "flower of life" stuff, that he - and a bunch of other people that we later encountered in various ways - including Vincent Bridges - had attended some sort of initiations in the Great Pyramid at Giza. Curiously, Johan M, who had contacted us and attended a previous session ALSO had some sort of experience in the pyramid. So these sorts of people were just crawling out of the woodwork like crazy and all wanting to come and visit and more or less take over the Cs or tell us how to do stuff. So this was one very weird session.}

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Komorrih.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have guests this evening; this is Jon and Carrie. They have traveled down from Ohio...

A: Really?

Q: Yes, actually. Jon, would you like to lead off? Or Carrie? [Negative.] Okay. I guess I'll go first then...

A: We would like to hear from your guests... We welcome Jon and his esteemed wife! Well....

Q: (J) I'm glad to be here, and...

A: You have been "here" before.

Q: (J) I guess I should add that I feel the service here is very important.

A: Important is good, but subjective. Start asking, Jon.

Q: (J) Okay... {very long pause. Jon is unable to speak.}

A: Do you remember Mel?

Q: (J) No, no.

A: Search... We are attempting to get the 'ball" rolling. Jon is reluctant. [Long pause - Jon just stares at everyone.] O.K., if Jon does not wish to participate now, we will let him "jump in" when comfortable.

Q: (L) I do have a question. It says here in this Top Secret document penned by the so-called Nexus Seven: "The bottom line is, ARC has discovered that it is very possible that confirmation, validation and consensus scientific acceptance equals an open invitation to invasion. Think about it. Denial may be one of the most powerful measures we have at our disposal to prevent the overt acceptance of the reality of advanced alien presence into the consensus consciousness. Denial is a munition." They are saying that as long as the whole idea of alien presence remains in the realm of the fantastic and kooky, the implausible and mentally ill" that it is a line of defense against aliens. They see this as just a little "guided free will" to protect consensus belief using "popular deployable psychological munitions of belief." They are saying that denial is a psychological weapon, a "deterrent of aliens into mainstream reality since the aliens seem to respect the stance of individual and group consciousness and acculturation free-will more than military might and power. Therefore, we can, by accepting alien presence and existence above board in enough mainstream public, unwittingly turn off the restrictions against overt contact the aliens are following. The overt invasion trigger is our general human acceptance." Could you comment on the idea that denial of the reality is protection? Is that, in fact, so?

A: No. Protection comes from awareness, not the other way around.

Q: That was an interesting idea to me, so I did want to pose it. Another idea in this document was that the patriarchal, monotheistic religion brought some measure of blanket protection. From this assessment, as soon as the patriarchal monotheism was installed on the planet, the alien presence withdrew. Is this a valid concept? Does the patriarchal monotheism act as a deterrent of alien intrusion into our reality?

A: This is a confused concept. Why would aliens install monotheistic principles if the result is to close off the contact opportunity?

Q: That's what I thought myself. I mean, what better contact opportunity than under the guise of god, Jesus or angels or the Holy Ghost. Alien intrusion into our reality was, in my opinion, facilitated via the monotheistic religions. But, they did note that after the institution of monotheism, the APPARENT alien contact became much less, thus the conclusion they drew.

A: The two events are either coincidental or inaccurately measured.

Q: Well, it is clear that the whole monotheistic religion was a perfect front for the alien contact to continue to feed on humanity within the holy of holies of the temples. It did NOT stop, as this document suggests. The whole animal sacrifice thing, the offerings to the gods, the chanting and praying and all that; it just gives a whole new meaning to cattle mutilations! Sheesh! Okay, there IS something very interesting in this document. "What is the final ontological matrix of hidden truth? What elucidates all the aspects of the true-to-life UFO phantasm in our past, present and future? What are the critical goals of Echelon beyond information suppression and technological catch-up? What are the
hyper-intelligence focal points for the future? The sun, our sun, is dying, and too soon. This was caused by regional dimensional vortex shutdown some 90,000 years ago. Solar instability can cause much life on Earth to be unsustainable in 40 years. Ancient astro-theology calendars all end around now. There are also dangerous interplanetary bodies, with civilization threatening capability due to cause more serious damage to Earth in another 150 years. One way or the other we are slated to leave Earth, sooner or later, or else. This is a prevailing secret truth. Those in control would rather save themselves and a few elite than worry about the whole of mankind, despite the presence of a few well meaning but deluded true human patriots amongst the bunch." Is, in fact, our sun dying?

A: Yes, and so is everything else.

Q: Is it going to do it in 40 years?

A: You do not understand our attempted allusion. What is not dying?

Q: Well, I KNOW that, but they are saying that our sun is dying too soon.

A: No. What is "too soon?"

Q: Well... (A) Forty years is certainly too soon!

A: Why?

Q: (A) Because scientists would normally give the sun much longer...

A: But do "scientists" really know?!?

Q: You are NOT helping here! Are you saying this guy is right?! I don't want to talk about it anymore!

A: Be patient, Laura, this is a lesson.

Q: Is our sun slated to burp and blink out in 2012 with the Mayan calendar?

A: We asked YOU a question. It is impolite to not answer!

Q: (A) Well, no, scientists don't really know; but they conjecture.

A: Ah hah! Conjecture!

Q: So, what's your point?

A: Our point is: what is too soon and why?

Q: Too soon would be... well, I guess that in completely objective terms, there is no such thing as "too soon." When things happen, it is exactly the right time for it to happen. When something happens, everything is perfect.

A: Okay.

Q: So, in the deepest sense, nothing is ever too soon... however... (C) What situations would have to be in place for this to happen within forty years?

A: There are unlimited numbers of situations...

Q: Are any of the situations that would have to be in place for the sun to burp and go out in forty years actually present and activated in our present time-line?

A: Burp?

Q: Well, you know what I mean! Expand, become a red giant, burn out, run out of gas, go supernova...

A: Some of those possibilities are always present, especially when combined with multitudinal external factors.

Q: What would the external factors be?

A: Energies, or cosmic forces present in space at various locators which the sun would pass through in its journey through space, for one example.

Q: Are we slated to pass through any of those energies or forces?

A: Wait and see.

Q: You guys can't do that to me!

A: Yes we can!

Q: Well, let me ask the next question on that subject. Does any of this have to do with dimensional vortexes that were shut down 90 thousand years ago in the area of Sirius?

A: We are interested in knowing the "dimensional shutdown of vortex process." Could you explain, please?

Q: Is there such a thing as a dimensional vortex?

A: Semantics.

Q: What would you call a dimensional vortex?

A: Once again, this is not flowing because you are navigating haphazardly through subjective proclamations.

Q: So, you are saying that all of this analysis of what the deep ontological truths are, is just subjective proclamations. Was there ever something that happened that might have been perceived by the person who wrote this material, as a dimensional vortex shutdown 90 thousand years ago?

A: What is that?!?

Q: So, basically, you are trying to point out that there is no such thing as a dimensional vortex shutdown. But, you have said that the planet Kantek exploded between 70 and 80 thousand years ago, right?

A: If so, that is not what the writer is attempting to portray

Q: Could it have been a supernova?

A: Look here! This is pointless.

Q: So, all of this stuff is nonsense?

A: No.

Q: Are you telling me that I am too dense to get what you are trying to say here?

A: We would normally not suggest something as harsh as that.

Q: Well, the only thing you didn't say was "but."

A: Okay; "but."

Q: So, I am really missing the point here. Okay. What I am getting from what you are and are not saying, is that this person is clearly trying to portray something, and that there IS something behind what he is saying, but I am just too dense to figure out the right question so you can download the answer.

A: Dense? No my dear! You are just learning, as are we all.

Q: 90 thousand years ago. Is the 90 thousand a parameter for something? Can I start there?

A: We doubt it!

Q: Now, I did have a thought that this 90 thousand year cycle could be the period of the companion brown star you have said is on it's way into the solar system. Is that what they might be talking about?

A: Closer.

Q: So, what they are really talking about, or may have seen in some way, is the companion star, rather than the death of our own sun. (A) Let me just ask a simple question. Can you estimate the liklihood that the sun will die in 40 years?

A: That is unlikely.

Q: Well, what a relief! (A) We are done! How unlikely?

A: There is one chance in 189 million.

Q: Well, when I read this Top Secret document and they said this business about the sun, I just really wondered where they were getting all this! I mean, does the secret government really believe this crap? And if they do, and all their actions are geared around that, then that would explain a lot. But, if they don't believe it, then they might even be responsible for putting out this kind of disinformation just to make people panic and get even more anti-government so they can have more excuses to clamp down on the masses and take away more freedoms! This Nexus Seven says right up front: " This document is a clear and present danger to the mental health of unstable persons!" Well, they DID warn us! [Laughter] (A) Well, it's a Val Valerian source! The fact that one or more things are wrong does not mean that everything is wrong!

A: Arkadiusz is right on the money!! There is much accurate information there and some disinformation mixed in!

Q: Yes. I figured out that as long as the Nexus seven guys were talking about the secret government echelons, the ideas of the compartmentalization, the views of the different factions about how to manage the alien threat, and so on, he was on pretty safe ground. But, when he launched off onto the many things that were clearly borrowed from a number of channelled sources, including Billy Meier, he really missed the boat. But, it made me aware that there are people in the government who really are following channelled material, who are using it to make their assessments, because they really don't have much choice. They are as much against a brick wall as most everyone else in figuring out the whole scenario! I guess that Billy Meier and now this Anna Hayes, are their favorite guys because it appeals to their STS hierarchical mindsets. But, when they start to rely on channelled sources for their explanations, they run off the road because most of that sort of information is put out by the very beings they are trying to second guess, who clearly, from all their behaviors, have a serious vested interest in remaining behind the curtain, so to speak. It's hardly likely that they are going to go to all the trouble doing wicked things in secret, and then blab all their secrets to every Gray Hugger on the planet who sits down with a pyramid on their head! And, when the abductors come and "take you to their leader" to "explain the facts of life" to you, because you have been "demanding answers" all your life, don't expect them to tell the truth. It's like the Wizard of Oz when he finally was unmasked: he was still a humbug and gave out fake hearts, fake diploma's and worthless testimonials. There is a deep lesson in that scene! If the aliens are maintaining a covert operation, but then DO contact people, do they expect them to tell them the truth? Sheesh! You'd think these big shots in the military would figure THAT one out! It's pretty standard intelligence maneuvers! I think that Nexus Seven runs afoul of his objective, unless his objective IS disinformation. I would like to know: what is the possibility for Sirius to go supernova?

A: Sirius is indeed a supernova candidate.

Q: Well, it's about 8 light years away. I don't think the human race would survive that one!

A: In the words of a wise philosopher: you would fry!

Q: (A) That's a wise philosopher. (L) What is the likelihood of Sirius doing the supernova number in the next hundred years or so?

A: Not good.

Q: So, we can forget that one for now. Okay, last session you brought up the subject of Frequency Resonance Vibration. You suggested that there are certain STS forces who are developing or creating or managing physical bodies that they are trying to increase the frequency in so that they will have bodies that are wired so that they can manifest directly into 3rd density, since that seems to be the real barrier that prevents an all-out invasion, the fact that we are in 3rd density and they are in 4th. Now, I assumed that the same function could be true for STO individuals. It seems that many individuals who have come into this time period from the future, coming back into the past via the incarnational cycle so as not to violate free will, have carefully selected bodies with particular DNA, which they are, little by little, activating so that there 4th density selves, or higher, can manifest in this reality. Is it possible for those energies to manifest into such bodies which have been awakened or tuned in 3rd density?

A: STO tends to do the process within the natural flow of things. STS seeks to alter creation processes to fit their ends.

Q: This Top Secret document and the Anna Hayes material to some extent, both talk about many abductions being "ourselves from the future" who have come back to the past, or what is for us, the present, to abduct their own bodies to make genetic adjustments so that they can advance and not make the mistakes they made in another timeline. Is that, in fact, part of the scenario?

A: Very close to the truth!

Q: Can you abduct yourself in an STO manner and help yourself in this way? Can that be STO?

A: It is not, because that is not STO.

Q: So, when that is happening, and if it is happening, it is occurring in the STS parameter?

A: Yes.

Q: How do the STO manage?

A: They do not concern themselves with such things.

Q: Well, if the STS guys are genetically tweaking themselves to have some kind of different outcome for some reason that we do not perceive, don't you think there should be a balancing action on the STO side of some sort?

A: You are thinking in STS terms. But that is natural, since human 3rd density is STS.

Q: You say they don't concern themselves with that. What do STO individuals coming back from the future into the past concern themselves with?

A: Answering calls for assistance with knowledge.

Q: What do these STS individuals coming back into the past hope to do by genetically tweaking their ancestors? What happened that they want to have happen differently?

A: Infinite number of possible answers to that question.

Q: So, they are coming from all different timelines with all different kinds of agendas - all designed to serve themselves. {Jon finally is able to speak.} (J) I was thinking along another line of questions. In 1995 I was in the Great Pyramid and it appeared that the King's chamber activated in response to certain tones that we made.

A: Pyramids constructed through sound wave focusing.

Q: (J) Did it respond? Did we activate it?

A: Yes. Not activate, stimulate. Block fell.

Q: (J) We have been talking about moving in time, or at least out of this time/space dimensional fix that we are in... Is this important to continue?

A: You have already experienced some of this in dribs and drabs. The flash you see signals "time portal opening."

Q: Do you see a flash? (J) Maybe. I don't remember one though.

A: Yes. Yes it is important to continue efforts. Found gene.

Q: Were you thinking something? (J) No. (A) There was the previous question about whether it was important to continue... (J) The intent was to ask if it was important to work with Time Technology.

A: We answered.

Q: (L) Found gene? Maybe you have a gene for it?

A: Laura, let it rest please.

Q: (L) Okay, I won't say any more.

A: Who is Helen?

Q: (L) Well, nobody knows. Helen of Troy? Jon is not very talkative tonight...

A: He is tired and disconsolate.

Q: Why?

A: Reflective. Trying to find time travel, when it is nearly within grasp with some current and past associations.

Q: Is sound what is going to make the machine work?

A: Networking.

Q: Is the present design the foundation to start with?

A: We wish no further comment.

Q: I guess they are saying you are very close... (A) Just more power...

A: Leave this.

Q: Are we being monitored?

A: Maybe.

Q: (A) I want to know where this Nexus Seven comes from? Is it one guy or a group?

A: Group.

Q: Who are they associated with?

A: Hallinden.

Q: What is that? Hal Linden? We have this page in this Top Secret document that says "decode this simple cipher key and super secrets are available to you if you know how to slither." Then, there is a code, and a couple of hints. I would like to know if it is a joke or if it is a real code?

A: Code is geometric. Not a joke.

Q: What is the point of this code? If we decode it, do the guys in the three piece suits come to our door?

A: Only if you telegraph it.

Q: (A) What is the point of this code?

A: Exercise to gauge communicative potential interest.

Q: (A) Who is to gauge?

A: Writer, et al.

Q: So, if somebody decodes it, and communicates to them that they have decoded it, what would happen?

A: If you contact group, you are "let in."

Q: (A) Oh, I see. And the code is how to contact the group!

A: Close.

Q: (A) Do we want to be let in?

A: Up to you.

Q: Well, it says "slithery." (A) We can decode just for fun! (L) I want to ask my stock question. How come my stocks are all going down? You told me to buy 'em, I bought 'em, and now they are all going down. I'm losing my shirt here!

A: No.

Q: Then tell me what's going to happen with the stock market!

A: It will be there.

Q: Swell! Are my stocks going to climb?

A: What do you think?

Q: I have no idea! Give me percentage... a probability. What is the probability that I am going to be really happy with my stock picks by December?

A: 67 percent.

End of Session
Strange about decoding the message to be let in to a "group". Sound focusing to move blocks of stones is very interesting. I recently bought Edward Leedskalnin's booklet, Magnetic Current. So far he is taking about north poles and south poles and that if you can harness the current of the magnetism then you can harness its perpetual power. Very interesting and something I will be trying to look into further.

Thanks for sharing!
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