Session 6 September 2006


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Session 06 September 2006 –
Laura, Ark, Perceval, Andromeda, Mr. Scott, Galahad

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Hello

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Urioniae

Q: (L) Where do you transmit through?

A: U have been through a test. Getting close to Leo. Cassiopaea still reigns.

Q: (L) P**** wants to know whether he should quit his job and devote himself to - I'm not sure what he wants to devote himself to, but...

A: Get another job and translate.

Q: (Mr. Scott) During the last session, who is the person referred to by "Initials CH"?

A: Guest sez: Charles Howard.

Q: (Perceval) Remember I though I said the name was Charles? (Mr. Scott) Who is Charles Howard?

A: Handler/friend but not so friendly. Poor {Guest}! He nearly died of shock.

Q: (Laughter) (Mr. Scott) Yeah, we kind of noticed that. (Discussion of Guest's expression of shock at the "Initials CH" answer, which was followed by his claim that he didn't know anyone with the initials "CH".)

A: He thought he was just a friend.

Q: (Perceval) He didn't know he was being handled by the guy. (Mr. Scott) Didn't they say before he was an agent, so he's an agent but he didn't know he was on a mission? (Perceval) No, the answer refers to this guy Charles Howard who is Guest's handler, but his handler is secret. So this guy is keeping an eye on Guest. He's an agent's agent. Guest doesn't know... (Mr. Scott) Oooh! (Perceval) Guest didn't know that someone's keeping tabs on him. (Mr. Scott) Hence his extreme shock.

A: Guest thought he had evaded.

Q: (Perceval) He thought he had dodged their... (Galahad) Gotten out of the business? (Perceval) Yeah. I was talking to Mr. Scottie about this the other day. When he comes here, his handlers know he's coming here. So they might want to know what went on. But maybe he thought he had kind of snuck off... (L) Well, what better way to do it than to have a friend you can talk to? (Andromeda) What about R****?

A: Farmboy to the core.

Q: (Perceval) Hang on. Is "farm" a word for something other than a farm? (Mr. Scott) Isn't the CIA called The Farm?

A: Not in this case.

Q: (Mr. Scott) The donation that Guest gave us, was that his money or was it money from his handlers?

A: Bonus from bank he thinks...

Q: (Chorus of "Oh!") (J) So it seems that this MI5/British Intelligence is feeding him money, and that it's disguised as a bonus from the bank. They must have someone in the bank. It seems intelligence has people in the banks. (Mr. Scott) The next question is about J**** and J**** coming to visit. Is there anything we should watch out for other than what we've already discussed?

A: J**** has much to learn. Hopefully he can do it "in advance."

Q: (L) What does "in advance" mean?

A: Before he hits the wall again.

Q: (L) In what respect?

A: He thinks "giving all" is what he wants to get.

Q: (Perceval) You can't get "giving all". He thinks it's something to get? (Andromeda) Is this in reference to J****?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Does that mean that what he thinks is "giving all" is that he gives what he would like to get himself, and doesn't consider the other person's actual needs?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) That suggests that J**** isn't fully committed to the work here, that he's dragging her into it.

A: Nothing wrong with J**** except stars in her eyes.

Q: (Perceval) Is it a good idea that they come and visit with us?

A: For a test period, sure.

Q: Who's going to be tested - us? (Laughter)

A: All.

{Private exchange deleted}

Q: (Galahad) What happened to me at this table on Sunday afternoon?

A: Your mind was leading your soul into peril thus an emergency shutdown.

Q: (Laughter) (Mr. Scott) You had a "blue screen"! (Laughter) (Ark) Dump of the memory!

A: Virus protection activated.

Q: (Discussion of last session when Guest was present, and the "April drop dead date" response to Guest's moving to France questions. The C's said the April Drop Dead Date applied in general and not just to Guest.) (Perceval) Was it a biased answer because of Guest's presence?

A: No.

Q: (J) "3 Nights": Does it have anything to do with that quatrain from Nostradamus? And you're not allowed to say "Wait and see"!

A: Wait and C.

Q: (Galahad) Did you enjoy our celebrations on Saturday night (September 2, 2006 lunar standstill)?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) What was the light over J****'s head in one photo from that night?

A: EM bursts.

Q: (Perceval) What about the smoke? What was the smoke?

A: Laura manifests many things. She was just a bit disorganized at that moment.

Q: (Laughter) (Andromeda) What about the little orbs all the pictures?

A: Little things from 4D.

Q: (Mr. Scott) So they were 4D flies or something. 4D fireflies! (Laughter) (Perceval) Friendly little things, or evil little things?

A: Friendly mostly but generally neutral. They are "magnetized."

Q: (L) Does that mean that they are attracted to... like iron filings attracted to a magnet. (Andromeda) Were they attracted to us or the energy around us?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) You asked one of those questions again! (Laughter) (L) Are we done? (Discussion of another session in a few days) (L) Is there anything that we need to know that we haven't asked at this time?

A: No, carry on and Goodbye.

End of session
Thanks for sharing the session, Laura.

Q: (Laughter) (Andromeda) What about the little orbs all the pictures?

A: Little things from 4D.

Question, is it possible to see a picture of the orbs. Why do I ask, because last spring during my visit in Paris we took picture by the Eiffel tower one night and all the picture came out whit orbs of light. I found it strange, we use two different camera and pictures from both had the orbs in them. I thought that they were effect of lights in the background or the effect of humidity on the lens or in the air. I like to compare them that it all, I'm curious.
Laura said:
I've made a little album with a selection of the orb photos (and a few others) from that night.

Thanks, Laura!

Yep, they look exactly like the one in our pictures. The veil is really thinning, one wonder if we are not actually in fourth density or semi sort of. One think we know about those little things from 4D, they like playing tourist in Paris. :lol:
Thanks for sharing the pictures and the session, Laura.

I've always seen orbs show up in certain places and can be with individuals in photo. I've never really thought of them 4D flies. Very interesting.

Very interesting session, thank you! And thanks a lot for sharing the pics, so many orbs!!

The one with the 'lazer eye' made me lol! :lol2:

I've seen those orbs in a few of my own photos but never thought of it like this, always thought it was something to do with the flash or something. Just goes to show, how far the mind goes to justify the unexplained.

And thanks vulcan for linking that thread, going to have to check that out- I had missed it before. :thup:
Notice the smoke photo also. There was no smoke producing element anywhere near the camera and the photos immediately before and after had no smoke.
Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule (understatement of the century) to post these recent transcripts from 2006, Laura!

Wow, that is really weird with the smoke photo. The orbs seem to be a bit more common, but has anyone else had smoke show up in photos?
Laura said:
Notice the smoke photo also. There was no smoke producing element anywhere near the camera and the photos immediately before and after had no smoke.

Yeah i did notice that! It was crazy bizarre :O Very interesting what the C's said about it!

SeekinTruth said:
Wow, that is really weird with the smoke photo. The orbs seem to be a bit more common, but has anyone else had smoke show up in photos?

I personally have never seen anything like it- where the smoke has no source. Usually any smoke pictures I have seen either someone is smoking or there is a fire or something that causes the smoke to be there in the pic.
In some of these pics where the orbs are seen really well, the orbs seem to have a surreal watery pastel-painting type quality to them, kinda like cells under a microscope, or close up pics of Jupiter:

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