Session 8 August 1998


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August 8, 1998

Frank, Ark, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Fimohoh.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) To get us started, I would like to ask about my dream the other night. Do I need to recount the dream or can you just talk about it without me telling it?

A: Can be input related, or vice versa.

Q: (L) Okay, I dreamed that I was in this castle type place with many rooms and many people. In one of these rooms, a sort of main room, there was a 'Head of the Family.' I understood that all the people present were 'members of the family' with greater or lesser connection to the head. This person was in a large chair and all these people were there and all this activity was taking place, and it was going on around him, but he was not paying too much attention to anything. I couldn't tell if he was bored, or sick. There seemed to be some sort of plots and sub- plots being whispered all around, and I became aware of a plot to kill this 'Head of the Family.' I was horrified and I made a decision that, no matter what, I had to go to him and tell him this and offer my help. When I did, it was almost like it gave him new life. He perked up and became more interested in all his surroundings because of this information I gave him. He invited us to go to a private room to have a meal together. The funny thing about this guy was that he kept alternating between being black and white. One minute he was a pure Aryan type, and the next he looked like an Egyptian or African. One thing that was outstanding was the clarity of his skin whether black or white. So, we went to this room, a small, intimate room with a pair of windows, and two little twin children, seemed to be girls, came with us. I was aware that they were his children. They too alternated between being black and white. We sat at the table and there were simple plates and simple food. I was surprised that it was so simple and plain and I wondered about it and asked a question about it. I was told that pomp and circumstance was only for the impression on those who do not know anything, but that it is the responsibility of the 'Members of the Blood' to be careful in what they eat and their personal habits. We ate and then I was told that I would be escorted back to our vehicle because I must return for the time being to prepare myself for some task. It was also said that because of my decision to do 'what was right' that I had demonstrated that I was the 'chosen' one who would become the 'heir' in some way. Now, our vehicle had been left at the end of a road... a road that we had traveled and had then, when the road had run out, we had been 'taken' to this castle by some miraculous means so that we had to be taken back to our vehicle. We were warned that there would be dangers in returning. There was some sense of danger in our travels back home, but we made it and then there was the sense of waiting for some sign that would come in the future. The rest was unclear and I woke up. What can you tell me about this dream?

A: Near death experience indicates resolve.

Q: Whose resolve?

A: Try to interpret laterally.

Q: What does 'laterally' mean?

A: Patience charts course, not pressure.

Q: Another funny thing is that, a few days later we bought this book about the Holy Grail and it talks about dreams of people switching between being black and white, and about birds that represent this concept such as the magpie, the balance between good and evil and so forth.

A: Theme presents itself in balanced cycle. Search for grey middle ground when tempted to choose either black or white.

Q: Anything else on this?

A: No.

Q: Okay, next item is this photo here, purported to be a spirit photo, or 'time' photo. The anonymous woman who took it says that the Pleiadians told her to take a photo of the scenery and that they would give her a gift, and this photo of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus' brother James and Simon Peter came out on the film. It says: Could this be a picture of one man's great decision that forever changed the course of history?

A: Photo is of screenplay scene from "Jesus Christ Superstar," taken from video screen.

Q: Well, that took care of that! (A) We went today to the MUFON meeting and there was this strange woman who came in late and interrupted. My theory is that she was a kind of spy or an agent. Is that correct?

A: Biggest problem at such gatherings involves emotions, not normally "espionage." However, key pieces of knowledge can be retrieved from this forum.

Q: (L) Well, it was almost like a repeat of the JW scenario...

A: Remember, as we have told you before, it is not the vehicles themselves that count, but rather the forces that work through them.

Q: (A) Okay. I understand that she was emotional and she wanted very much to say something. She was telling strange stories about photos of the Virgin Mary in Clearwater that she has done with a Polaroid camera. Can you comment on this and the pyramids that she was talking about, and the photos?

A: Only the emotional response.

Q: (L) Would it be worthwhile for us to go down and see if we can get some unusual photos there?

A: Hmmm... Better contact Malcolm for the latest on the "space brothers."

Q: So, I guess we shouldn't waste our time?

A: Marie M could lend some assistance...

Q: (A) I want to know about this Bible Code, because one possibility is that all of this is created by just wishful thinking...

A: Any large literary work can be found to have a "code" if one searches...

Q: (L) Well, we don't really know what the professor wrote because the reporter wrote the book, not the researcher. You also have a couple of problems with the Hebrew language. The accusation was made that when the exact 'code' didn't fit, he would skip some extra letters or words or lines to make it fit. So there is a controversy over this.

A: Hindsight is 20/20.

Q: (L) The woman who was talking about the book said that all of the 'findings' were 'after the fact.' I don't think he really made any 'predictions' in the book. (A) Can one predict things in this way?

A: If one chooses.

Q: (L) Doesn't mean it's gonna happen! (A) Okay. Now, I want to ask a question about the medium. We have been repeatedly told that we should get a better medium which can convey more information. We were experimenting with psychomantium without success...

A: Because you did not do it correctly.

Q: I thought I was doing everything that had been suggested.

A: Light must be placed properly so as to illuminate black depth sufficiently. Also, chamber must be large enough to stimulate relaxed meditative state. And no seams or ripples must be evident in reflection. Lastly, patience must reign supreme, with as little anticipation as possible.

Q: So, you are saying that the closet we are using is not large enough...

A: We never suggested a closet.

Q: How large should the chamber be?

A: 10 by 10 by 8.

Q: (L) Well, that's almost a whole room!

A: Yes. One room idly sits...

Q: (A) I have the idea that one should go with a given question and then come out with an answer instead of waiting and waiting...

A: My dear Arkadiusz, by now, you know imagination is the bridge to the Akashic.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that his idea is a bridge to the Akashic, and when he gets such ideas, they are important clues?

A: Good!

Q: (A) Now, we have been reading this Vajra material channeled by Sean David Morton. (L) Yes, he says that he is channeling himself in the future, that is his future incarnation as his own grandson. He supposedly uses a Tibetan 'Time Transference' technique. Instead of a past life regression, it is a post life progression. He talks about the 'quinta' of time as opposed to the 'quanta' of time. It then describes him going into this state... It describes all kinds of conniptions going on as he supposedly experiences his death and rebirth. Could you comment on this process?

A: Sounds like fun!

Q: (L) Is what he is saying true?

A: "True" and false are one when all is sanctified.

Q: (L) That doesn't help us a bit!

A: Futures all exist, but are infinite.

Q: (L) Anyway, he describes about the planet being hit by a comet and the birth of the 'Chosen One' or the 'Queen of the Earth,' Immanuela, who is supposed to be the 'new Christ' so to speak. He says that his name is 'Vajra of the House of Morton.' This 'Queen' was born on the day that all the UFOs appear in the sky. He says that this is after the comet has struck the earth, after nuclear war, and after 7 or 8 years of clouds and darkness with the planet wandering around in its disrupted orbit. He says that these 'observers' do not interfere in history, but that they 'clean' the environment... the atmosphere... and that they appear en masse for one solar day giving 'hope' to mankind. They also stabilize the orbits of Earth and the Moon and bring everything back into harmony - all this without 'interfering' in history. This 'Chosen One' is born in England, at Stonehenge, and is the 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' - talk about mixing your metaphors! Anyway, this woman is the 'Queen,' the 'Leader,' 'The Immanuela.' 'She had great technology and was able to crack the codes around the rearrangement of matter. Her symbols were the Ankh and the staff of Ra which she used as devices which allowed her to channel energy from the Ark of the Covenant which allowed her to rearrange certain types of matter. She came to the Queenship at a very early age. She was infused with Messianic Consciousness at the age of five and at the age of seven she was recognized and coronated.' And so on. Now, what did you think of that?

A: Sounds as if this "Vajra Soul" is a charmer, though perhaps a bit "light in the loafers."

Q: (L) You mean he dances well? He's dancing around.

A: Yes. We are surprised he did not throw in the Atlantean Crystals on the way to Urantia. Do you get it? The guy is a goofball!

Q: (L) Well, that's the most definite thing you've said so far. Anyway, some people on this mailing list who read his predictions of an economic collapse and asked about it. Also, recently, there was a prediction of economic collapse in one of the tabloids. (F) Well, one of these days they are gonna be right if they keep putting it in there every two weeks! (L) Good point! So, could you tell us if we are facing an imminent economic collapse?

A: Only if desired by the powers who decide such things.

Q: (L) As the probabilities now stand, what is the percentage of probability that they will decide to engineer a collapse this year?

A: The concept of "economic collapse" is now considered a bit passe. We suggest you be careful to analyze that which appears on your internet before printing it.

Q: (L) Well, the only reason I asked was because I was asked, and I think some of these people have a suspicion that this guy is a looney tune...

A: Suspicion?!?

Q: (L) Next question: we printed some information from Val's pages that someone said that the Clinton situation would snowball and that there is a possibility of impeachment.

A: Impeachment means to formally accuse of commission of a crime. Much depends on public reaction, which would be highly negative.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the public reaction to the idea of impeaching Clinton for fooling around would be negative?

A: All that happens in the arena of your political undertakings is merely window dressing for purposes of preoccupying the body politic.

Q: (L) The sentiment of the public at the present time is that this Kenneth Starr is on a witch hunt. I don't think that people really care. HAS Clinton been doodling around as Starr is claiming, and is he as immoral as Starr is claiming? Does he therefore...

A: Yes, but so what?!? None of this has anything to do with the control of your realm. That is all undertaken in hidden circles.

Q: (L) What would be the objective of bringing Clinton down?

A: Decoy.

Q: (L) Decoy for what?

A: All that really matters.

Q: (L) So this is to attract attention away from issues that really matter?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Again, what is the probability that he will leave the office before the term is up?

A: Low, but again, it means nothing.

Q: (L) What is motivating this gal Lewinsky to cooperate in this investigation?

A: Your inquiries are not well-advised.

Q: (L) So, the powers that be behind this are playing this game for their own reasons and I ought to drop it. Okay. (A) There is a website called 'In Search Of' moderated by a fellow named Dan Woolman, ex-physicist, ex-government, ex-NASA, who, at some point after quitting all this, he suffered a stroke at the age of 39, and after this he started this website which collects all the data about UFOs, Crop Circles, and such things. What about this stroke? Is it like Marinov and others? What was behind his stroke?

A: Should look for evidence of verity.

Q: (L) Are you saying that it wasn't a stroke?

A: What we are saying is, unfortunately, your internet sources are largely unverifiable.

Q: (L) So, we don't know that he is ANY of the things he claims to be. Anything to add to that?

A: No.

Q: (A) What is the purpose of this site?

A: Ego "stroking."

Q: (A) I have started to organize questions and subjects from the previous sessions, and I have certain problems with this. I lack an organizing principle: how to do it, how to organize it, which link or clue to follow first. Can I have some help or clue about organizing the next questions? Maybe I am already doing okay, but if there is something I could do better, can I have a clue?

A: Answers come when you back up and worry not.

Q: (A) What do you mean 'back up?'

A: Go back.

Q: (A) Also, I have decided after going back and worrying not, that it has been a long time since I was working on the crop circles. This has been for many reasons, the most important being the lack of time. Now, there is more and more time... I am supposed to work on this crop circle business; I am supposed to decode them. I started to look at what is known about decoding of crop circles on the internet. On the Art Bell site there is an interview with Hoagland and some guy who claims to have decoded everything, never mind that we don't know what is the answer. Anyway, they have the idea to three dimensionalize, and this was what you had told us as well. Now, about this three dimensionalizing, then what? You have interpreted some crop circles for us. I have this idea that these crop circles can serve as a kind of alphabet and that other crop circles can be interpreted in terms of already analyzed circles, by making them into certain numbers and combining these numbers and ideas. Also the idea was that the same program we use to analyze gamma spectra in terms of the library of already known spectra can be used in this way. Is it the right idea, or are we missing something very important that will hinder progress?

A: You are not missing something, except perhaps enough faith in your own abilities. Just proceed, fear not stumbling.

Q: (A) So, no more help in this direction.

A: Do you not know that your mind either contains already, or can access all that exists?

Q: (L) Well, there is a position over at St. Leo, and since we don't know how long this position at Constellation will last, Ark has inquired into this position. Is that a good direction to follow?

A: All directions are.

Q: (L) Wonderful! Like we have time to follow all of them!

A; Have you yet failed to persevere?

Q: (L) Not yet, but we were feeling VERY guilty for all of the money we have spent in the last couple of weeks, and we were really feeling a little on the panicky side.

A: Compare today to that which you perceive as three years ago.

Q: (L) So, I guess that 3 years ago we had no money or anything and now, at least we have something and SOME money. But, at the rate we are going, we WON'T have any money! We'll be broke again! I mean, we bought a stereo system, a lawn mower, paid for the work on the house, bought beaucoup books, groceries at Sam's Club, I mean...

A: Appreciate, or you may indeed stumble.

Q: (L) In other words, be glad and grateful and happy to spend money? Is that what you are saying?

A: And worry not. Remember, we told you would have all you needed. Have we been wrong yet?!?

Q: (A) I want to ask: I was going back over the session of May '95, the session with R. Santilli. We were talking a little bit about him and I was being critical. I didn't want to meet him or talk to him. (L) I had suggested a meeting, and Ark rejected this idea because his papers are basically unreadable. Is this because he really does NOT need to meet with Santilli?

A: Santilli has much to offer, but will he?

Q: (L) What is behind that? He was here, was very excited and interested, and then turned entirely the other direction. Why was that?

A: Bad publicity.

Q: (L) About what?

A: You.

Q: (L) From whom?

A: Several who felt emotionally spanked.

Q: (L) By me?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, I'm sorry. Will Ark be able to counteract that negative publicity?

A: Certainly is possible, especially if it is Ark who initiates contact.

Q: (L) See! You could save my reputation! Okay. Ark is ready to meet with Santilli and we think we should be able to offer him a few clues derived from the sessions to inspire greater confidence so could you give us said clue. (A) In this session with Santilli there was repeated at least twice the term 'matrix.' Laura made a comment that maybe it was a three dimensional matrix. So I was thinking about this matrix and I have two possibilities. If it is related to the number 3, it can be a matrix that is flat and 3 by 3. Or, it can be any matrix that is three dimensional rather than flat. Which of these, if any, is the concept mentioned in the session?

A: Three dimensional 12 by 12.

Q: (A) 12 by 12 by 12?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Why number 12? What is so particular about number 12?

A: Try it and see.

Q: (A) Einstein. We were told that Einstein discovered UFT, or the possible consequences, and stopped, that the thing that scared him was variability of physicality. I cannot see a trace in his papers. I can't see which particular year that he discovered that variability of physicality could follow from UFT. Which year was it?

A: 1936.

Q: (A) Thank you! Now, I know which version of UFT! (L) That was tricky! (A) Of course. I was asking before and this question was avoided.

A: No, it is answered after you have done enough "homework" so that the answer will not abridge your learning matrix.

Q: (A) I haven't done enough homework to understand how or which way...

A: What does nanosecond have to do with this question?

Q: (L) I don't have a clue! (A) Nano second is a measure of time. Time is subjective and is encoded in our DNA...

A: What is the measurement reflected or... represented by nano?

Q: (A) Nano is because it is 10 to -9. Nine zeros, one over 1 billion. It is a very short time. (L) No kidding! (A) What does it have to do with... we have been told that time should not be mixed with space in a UFT, and now we have this time again...

A: Do we???

Q: (A) Yes, because we have been told that the Galilei group which treats space different from time is better than the Lorentz group which treats space as equal to time.

A: But, the link, the link is the bridge, not necessarily a sum of the parts, in other words, that link does not need to belong to either to exist.

Q: (A) Okay, I will do my homework. Now, pentagon. There was this pentagon we talked about last time. Pentagon and then hexagon. My guess is that the pentagon is related to the wave equation in 5 dimensions. I want to ask about this...

A: If one seeks to unify, one needs a common source. If "time" really were the 4th dimension, what if it sprang from, or was born of a fifth. Now, how or where does one "plug" gravity into the equation?

Q: (A) Normally gravity is plugged into the equation as part of the geometry of space and time, except if Newton and Galilei, who consider time as different...

A: Ah, now enter those sneaky pentagons and hexagons.

Q: (A) Okay, I have to do my homework...

A: Now, we leave you with this food for thought. Goodbye.

End of Session
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