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Saw the movie this past weekend and figured id give ya'll a treatment. Overall the film is very much like the game, it was based on a survival horror series that was out on the ps2, and recreates the eery vibe and the feeling of the original with perfect likeness. The story follows Rose you typical millenium mom, doing her best for her child. Sharon is adopted, about 10 years old, and makes the perfect innocent as the story unfolds. Sharon begins having nightmares, dangerous sleepwalks, and during her episodes she mentions Silent Hill. Rose thinks the best way to confront the problem is head on and sets out for the small town in west viginia, her daughter in tow.

The town seems to be a gateway or a window between two dimensions, there's the Silent Hill in our physicality and there's also a darker twisted version that seems to exist on top of ours. Rose, Sharon and a female police officer all get caught in the latter, and must survive the horror to find there way out. The whole movie reeks of 4D references, there's even a hyperdimensional being tossed in for the heck of it. It speaks of the power of emotions, specifically Hate, which is another quant reference, there's also my favorite line "Your religion causes death!".

The visuals are stunning, graphically the film is intense, it's not for the squemish. The puppets/CGI monsters are beautifully done and give the movie that edge that in my opinion revitalizes the thriller genre. It's not horrific really, just -flicked- up in a sick and twisted kinda way. All in all highly reccomended for its entertainment value and commentry on hyperdimensions and the beings that inhabit them. As a sidenote: I saw the film with a friend who just can grok the concept of hyperdimensions and he "didn't get it" and thought the film was lame.

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I saw it, too. I'm usually a huge fan of Roger Avary, but I found this script to be kind of cheesy. I still enjoyed it for the most part, but I just couldn't take some of the dialogue seriously. And the whole "explanation" scene could have worked without the voice-over; just the old news reels. Personally, I didn't really need the explanation.

It seemed to me that the girl that started it all made herself open to a pretty heavy-duty attachment. This interaction caused the veil between 'worlds' to thin, and everything kind of shifted over a dimension or two. Interesting how the "real" evil was the church leader. I'll be writing a paper on witch hunts soon that I think is somewhat relevant, so this movie was a bit of inspirado. ;)
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