SOTT as a PTB tactics/progression calibrator?


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Hi, Just a passing idea I thought was interesting, There is no real way of telling, but this website and forum probably contains some of the most aware, intelligent, on the beat and knowledgeable people on the internet, could the PTB somehow store all of this data and use it to calibrate their plans? For example, they might plan an attack somewhere, they could analyse this website, searching for people who have discovered various clues and tracks the PTB try to cover up, then use that information to re-calibrate their tactics so as to remain unsuspected and hard hitting when the next step is implemented? I mean, this forum is an excellent databank of suspicions, theories, speculations and useful ideas, even in the point of view of the predators. Not only that, but if the forum get's large enough, they could analyse how "in the know" members are and come up with risk assessment statistics, double-bluff tactics and even strategies for "selling" us ideas and stories based on similar methods of how market research is carried out. Could this be possible?
Not to mention the very high probability that there are many agents on the forum. They could "upload" the latest information and come up with new ways of vectoring thinking in a way that stands the least chance of being suspected, based on close analysis of the data? Come to think of it, this forum might be influencing events significantly in the world already...
Just a few thoughts and speculations.


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That's certainly an interesting possibility. What I think speaks against it is the main flaw of STS-oriented thinking in general: wishful thinking. Also, since Game Theory seems to play a big part of the calculating that goes on with regard to risk assessment, I would say that even if we are (as an example) spot on in some prediction or analysis this won't change the game plan significantly because the PTB will wishfully think that a) not a lot of people will see it so it doesn't matter and b) they can counteract it with noise stating the opposite. Both of which sort of are true, but some fine day it won't be, at some point the wishful thinking will be taken one step too far.

But that, of course, is just a hypothesis. Remains to be seen whether it's true or not.



I totally agree with Novelis, we must not underestimate the PTB if its objectivity that we are looking for, i know its all too scary and we don't want to think about it, but even the most crazy possibility must not be let aside.

Yes, the STS whisful thinking is the main flaw against them selfs, and against Us as well, our own whisful thinking!

Don't I want to think that, that is their main flaw? and If I want to think that, then im whisfully thinking I guess.

This "main flaw" of STS: we are "aware" because of what Laura and C's thought (to teach) us, because of what we read on, and yes we can verify it in our lifes, all around us... in ourselfs, in our egos...

My point is, these are beings and persons not to be taken lightly, they have the power, they will use it whenever that is their wish to do so, they are using it now!

Maybe they are ignoring all this forum, because they don't see it as a treat to their plans.

Maybe not...

We cannot let any possibility aside, that is the first opening they have to implement any course of action they want.

By speaking of whisful thinking, never forget we aren't in 4D yet, if we will ever be....

Reality stills pretty solid...

Thank You.
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