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21 March, Roofs collapse at the central supply due severe hailstorm at Iztapalapa, Mexico City
Note, the central supply (Central de Abastos), is the largest distribution center in the world, providing companies that supply goods to wholesale centers, suppliers that supply restaurants, hotels, hospitals, flea markets, industrial dining rooms, public markets and neighborhood stores, as well as people who make purchases for their homes.
Saving up to 60 percent compared to other points of sale.
I can't help thinking it's one of those signs of the times, good thing we're not in official quarantine yet.

--Central de Abasto , strong hail caused the fall of the roofs , in fowers and vegetables area
Eruption Sakurajima Volcano, Japan - March 21, 2020 -

Eruption Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico, March 20 -

28 March, possible meteorite impact in Nigeria ...authorities say that it was a truck with explosives but... said:
Gov. Akeredolu Reveals Real Cause Of Akure Blast

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu debunked the meteorite theory for the deafening blast that rocked Akure, the Ondo capital and environs overnight.

He said the explosion was from a vehicle carrying explosives to a nearby state.
According to him, the crater on the road was created by the exploded vehicle as it sank from the impact.
The explosion occurred at Eleyowo Village on the Akure-Owo Road early Saturday and destroyed nearby properties.
The scene has been cordoned off to ensure that no more bombs will explode from the buried vehicle.

Akeredolu explained what happened in a series of tweets on Saturday:
“A vehicle in a convoy transporting explosives to a storage facility in a neighbouring state developed a fault while in transit along the Akure Owo Road about 2km from the Akure Airport.
“Security personnel and other individuals transporting the ordinances noticed smoke from the vehicle.
“After several attempts to extinguish the resulting fire failed, the vehicle and its consignment ignited causing a massive explosion that was felt in Akure and its environs.
“Presently, efforts are being made to ascertain if there are casualties.
“Following my visit to the scene, I have directed that the area be cordoned off to allow the explosive ordinance department/bomb squad to extricate the vehicle buried underground because it is unclear if there are still explosives that are yet to be detonated .
“Everything is under control and I will be updating the public on any new developments”.
Residents of Eleyowo village, less than a kilometre to Akure Airport were mostly affected by the explosion.


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