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Hi everyone!

Yesterday we had a discussion about the record pacing that the US congress displayed when passing their newest TikTok law, the excuse of being concerned about China spying on US citizens is ridiculous, so we speculated a bit about the timing of it? why the urgency? why now? and how does it fit with the rest of similar laws being passed the world over?

We also briefly touched upon Russia v NATO, and Macron's insistence with it specially considering the recent rumors about his "wife"

For your consideration, here's #467

La ley anti Tik Tok para robarte tu libertad y controlar tu pensamiento​

hi everyone,

Yesterday we had a conversation about the recent terrorist attack on Moscow, it's not a very very large surprise who might be behind it, what we speculated about was why now? what are the implications going forward? and how does it all relate to TikTok and Telegram being banned in Spain.. "temporarily"

Our conversation pretty much centered on that topic almost exclusively, so without further ado, and for your consideration here's #468

Cambia el panorama global - Ataque terrorista en Rusia​

This week, we had a conversation about the revelations that have become evident about the authorship of the attacks in Moscow last week, specially from Washington, and their absolute certain statements about Ukraine not being involved at all, period, and how this has been interpreted form Russia.

We also talked about the UNSC resolution for a cease fire in Gaza, and the US saying that it is a non binding resolution, as it continues to supply arms to the zionist state.

We briefly touched upon that treaty for pandemic response of the WHO that failed to be approved, and the bridge in Baltimore.

For your consideration, here's #469

Rusia vincula a Ucrania con masacre y EEUU no veta alto al fuego en Gaza​

This week, we had a conversation about Israel.. and their latest atrocities in the region.

First, the attack on the Irani embassy in Damascus, and we speculated about the timing of it, and Iran's possible response, and whether there would be a response at all.

Then we discussed their attack on the WCK convoy, and how ludicrous their justification was.

We then touched upon the NJ earthquake, the Taiwan earthquake and the upcoming eclipse and comet, and how it could all be Russia's fault... :D

For your consideration, here's #470

Los mil frentes de Israel y la amenaza de guerra total​

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