SOTT search engine distinguishes between singular and plural nouns - but should not ?


The Living Force
Hello techies.

Short story : as I remembered the French translation of this article (from Pierre), dealing with frozen mammoths, I looked on the search engine "mammouth congelé" ("frozen mammoth") : nothing related with the article. Too bad !
I finally found it looking for "Lescaudron" (on page 2) : my mistake was to put a singular (mammouth), and not a plural (mammouths).

As it's not the first time that such a misfortune with the search engine occurs to me, and as I forget each time, and I presume that I'm not alone in this case : would it be technically possible to make the SOTT search engine NOT distinguish between singular and (most) plural nouns (same with -s) ? It would help a lot !

Thank you for your attention and your efforts on the website.
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