Story of D and dragon


The Force is Strong With This One
Have a story on my mind. Don t know how to interpreted to myself. Lots of thing combining together. Two stories, coming together without end of the story. No conclusion.
In one occasion, D get opportunity to talk with the plant spirit, he know before he was invited that something deep is going to happen! He felt invitation before he was invited.
The question was a truth. The answer isn't important part of the this story. What important is, on the path to answer , D need to climb "down" and go back up again. The plant was a ladder.

The second story start with Dragon. A little dragon who lives in centre of the earth. There is many kind of dragons live down stairs, he says. Some of them are "natural" in sense that earth is mother to them, and there is kind who came after. The natural ones, are created by Gaja. They are like salamanders. The small one, the story talks about, is one created by a rage. But the small one is the only one that kind. Most of others are big ones and they are from fire of protection. They are like firing tears of Gaja.
The small dragon didn't find his place in his habitat, he didn't understand his role. Because his habitat is attacked from others dragons , much bigger, not nature to this world, and because little dragon didn't like to use his rage, the elders tell him to fly up and wait.
In that moment when the little dragon come up he saw D. climbing back up and he follows him. He goes through gate and find himself in new unknown world. By a sense of worm and protection he find himself a new home, a cave in D left cheek.
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