Swami Nityananda: Fraudster, Spiritual and Sexual Predator, A psychopath?

Do we know any true sages who wanted to create a cult around themselves? Do we know any true spiritual teachers who were craving power and popularity?
This Nithyananda Joker continue to make news. This time it is related to his disciple attending some United Nations conference and promoting that as UN recognition of his fictional country of "United States of Kailasha" supposed to have existed next to Ecuador, but no body knows where it is :lol:
Recently rape-accused fugitive self-styled godman Nithyananda created quite a storm online after he shared the photo of a representative of the 'United States of Kailasa' at a United Nations event.

According to him, Ma Vijayapriya Nithyananda attended the 19th United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESR).

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Did United States of Kailasa get UN recognition?​

The photos gave the impression that Nithyananda's fictional nation of 'Kailasa', which nobody knows the geographical location of, has been recognised by the United Nations.

The UN has 193 member states, which are sovereign countries and has stringent rules for admission that require the approval of both the Security Council and the General Assembly.

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Apart from sovereign nations, there are a handful of Permanent Observers, which are non-member states and are members of one or more specialised agencies.

And Nithyananda's Kailasa does not even qualify for this status.

So what was the so-called 'Permanent Ambassador of Kailasa to the UN' doing in Geneva?

What is CESCR?​

What the Permanent Ambassador of Kailasa attended was an open meeting of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) which is established to monitor compliance with obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

CESCR is a “body of 18 independent experts that monitors the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by its State parties.”

The covenant was adopted by the General Assembly in 1966 and ratified by India in 1979.

Anybody can speak at CESCR​

It is more like an open forum and a link for registering for the event is available on CESCR’s website.

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The February 24 meeting took a break from evaluating the reports of countries to have the general discussion featuring experts on sustainable development, legal matters, indigenous people, poverty and labour standards speaking about how the covenant applied to these issues in which two USK representatives were seen.

The UN human rights outfits in Geneva are very generous in allowing people to come in and speak at open sessions of their meetings, often drawing charlatans and dubious organisations who make weird claims. The organisations' open procedures allow them to submit presentations that are included in their archives, which makes it seem official.

What Nithyananda's representative said​

At the event, a woman who introduced herself as Vijayapriya Nithyananda, USK's representative to the UN claimed that under the "Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism" Nithyananda, "Kailasa has been implementing the ancient Hindu policies and indigenous solutions that are in alignment with time-tested Hindu principles" for sustainable development".

She also sought the UN's involvement in stopping the "persecution" of Nithyananda, who fled India in 2019, after an arrest warrant was issued against him in a rape case.
Probably these guys lives in another universe already.
Hi. I am reading this thread carefully, and thinking quite a bit about it. I consider these people to be very dangerous. Exposing the malice involved in the activities of this organization, is a very important thing to do, and they are doing it very well here. I thank Seek10 for starting this thread and everyone else for their contributions.
I just want to add some commentary, and I hope my objectivity is not diminished by the deep visceral dislike I have for these types of people. I want to start by reminding the Cs when they said, "Money represents energy".

As already mentioned here, this organization receives and accumulates a lot of money, coming from the large number of people who pay to learn these techniques of meditation, mind control and supposedly certain psychic power.

It is not my intention to judge the people who fall into these traps because the motives are very varied. For example, there may be people with a genuine interest in spiritual growth, but ignorance is putting them in danger.

There may also be people who feel so much fear living in this world, which is very understandable, and are attracted to the idea of being able to control their immediate environment, if they had some psychic abilities, or resources of that nature.

The list of motivations is varied and includes individuals who simply love to have power. It is obvious that all these people are being duped and are being used for something.

I seriously wonder: What are they using them for? What is the underlying purpose? It seems clear that the money they receive from their followers, they use it for their movements and activity on the physical plane.

What is not so clear, is what things they do in the non-physical field, with the psychic energy they accumulate from these followers, to which we must add all the energy they receive for being the center of attention in the media show that they themselves promote.

Maybe I am exaggerating, but I get the impression that the agenda behind all this is not 3D. The predator is cunning and knows that there are those who resist enslavement. That's why it sometimes adopts a ridiculous appearance, so that we underestimate it and let our guard down.

One must keep one's eyes wide open, even though in this case the propaganda to gain followers or followers of Nithyananda is rather aimed at people with a certain tendency to STS, though not exclusively.

At least that is the feeling I get from reading the report written by R Muraliksishna and company. These people present Nithyananda as a "mystic" collaborating with science for the greater good of humanity.
This is as false as the surprise they pretend to have at the results of the studies.

Neither they nor we nor anyone else needs to see a dance of colors on a screen to learn that the mind has a direct relationship with what happens in the physical body. This has been known for a long time, but they pretend to be surprised, amazed and excited, because now yes, humanity can develop techniques to stop suffering!!!!

The bait and/or slogan of many churches of a parasitic nature that are installed all over the world is: "Stop suffering".

I believe that basically it is the same criminals, attracting followers in different types of public.
In the case we are dealing with here, they are not only capturing people who want to take a
"mystical shortcut" to get away from pain, but also those who seek to feel pleasure.

This R Murali Krishna, in his conclusions on the supposed study to the mind of this supposed "master guru", goes so far as to say among other things:
"Can we learn to activate what I call our D point, thus putting us in instant connection with delight or the divine?"

Despite its packaging, the blue pill they are selling is plain to see.
I hope I haven't bored you with these things I was thinking as I read this thread. I also hope the good sense of humor is still as fresh as ever despite what we see.

Thanks guys.:flowers:

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Well, Lot had happened during the last 10 years to this god damned clown.
This Nithyananda Joker continue to make news.

This is not new, a year and a bit out, however it has some good lines and comments:


Twilight of the godmen​

The Nithyananda isn’t the first self-styled godman to get himself into trouble in India for sexually exploting his cult-like followers.

“There have been quite a few scandals over the years,” said Dr. Brian Collins, an expert on Hindu studies at the University of Ohio, in an email. Collins added that “there is most often money (and/or sex) involved” and that some of the godmen “use their money and power to escape consequences.”

Collins also said that many in India don’t see a living incarnation of the supreme deity as being so farfetched, which can help traditional godmen like Nithyananda establish their sway over the masses.

“Unlike in Christianity, gods come to earth in many forms in Hinduism, so the idea of the divine in a human being is not particularly scandalous for most people,” Collins said.

Dr. Patrick McCartney, who studies the intersection between religion and anthropology at the Graduate School of Letters of Kyoto University in Japan, described Nithyananda as being “about as sleazy as a used-car salesman at the afterparty to a used-car-dealers’ convention.”:lol:

“His followers are attracted to him because he promises to help them gain powers. People seem to feel powerless and so through his pretence of being all powerful they believe they too can become a powerful yogi.”


Acnaren/Wikimedia Commons​

“Cult leaders [like Nithyananda] use psychological manipulation to break and rebuild targeted individuals into their puppets,” said Dr. Robert Bunker, director of research and analysis at the security consultancy C/O Futures, LLC.

“The specialness, and at times divine origins, of the group’s members and the identification of the ‘others’ who become the sworn enemies of the group are part and parcel of this approach,” Bunker said. He also helped explain why the swami’s many die-hards run propaganda websites that defend his actions and tear down his accusers, and why they might try to curse his enemies with cancers of the brain and genitals.

“Once a cult follower has been turned into a ‘true believer’ all bets are off as far as their potential for violence… Such reprogrammed people will readily fight for and kill on command of their god.”

‘People are donating from all over the world’​

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