Swanson supplements/GMO's in Europe


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I bought some Swanson supplements, a.o. vitamine E which is made out of soy. Swanson is an American company.
Although many, many Europeans are against GMO's the European Commission has already allowed 58 products (food and feed) which contain GMO"s. :evil: Think TTIP. They include corn, soy, sugar beets and cotton.


So, when I rang the retailer in The Netherlands (I had not paid attention, since I was not feeling very well) to ask if these capsules contained GMO's they gave me some evasive answers. According to Swanson they can't really say whether they had used GMO-soy. I think they are lying through their teeth, since they do sell non-GMO products and most American soy is genetically modified.


When I asked the retailer whether it had to do with the EC's decision they referred me to Swanson.

So, we had better ask whether our supplements are non-GMO. I bought a large bag of Vitamin C from a German company and it stated explicitly that it was non-GMO. And I won't buy Swanson supplements or products from that retailer ever again.


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Perceval said:
Thanks for the info Mariama!
Yes, thanks! That didn't occur to me before. I tend to steer clear of Swanson anyway because their products contain magnesium stearate amongst other things. I use viridian supplements, I shall however be asking them about GMOs.
Thanks again


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It would be best if these companies voluntarily labeled their products about this issue. Even if we had laws that demanded GMO status labels, I wouldn't trust them. Ketchup is a vegetable, and all depends on what the definition of is is. However, there is nothing I know of to stop manufacturers and producers from labeling GMO status if they choose to do so.
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