The Cs Hit List 05: Dr. Greenbaum and the Manchurian Candidates

I found this to be a fascinating article and have been following the Cs hit list series right along. This topic has been on my mind for a few days now after seeing a PBS special on Phil Ochs. The show was called Masters and it was a trip thru the early 1960s thru the mid-late 1970s. It was fairly well done with the exception of one thing. Why did Phil Ochs commit suicide? They blamed it on alcoholism and depression but I got the feeling he was "taken out" like so many others of his generation that dared to go against the system.
I also met someone in 2009-2010 who "may" have been one of these programmed people. First he was an orphan and brought up in his very young years in a Catholic orphanage and spoke of horrendous abuse. Physical, mental and sexual just as stated in the article. Then in his teenage years he was bounced from foster home to foster home where the abuses continued. He was in the military during the mid to late 1970s stationed in Germany where he told me some pretty intense stories that he only has glimpses of in his memories. Now, he would only speak of this when he was fairly drunk. If you brought it up when he was sober he wouldn't talk about it as if he feared something. Or if he did it was very hush hush. Access to his military medical records are off limits to him and he has been fighting with them for years to access to them. (that I pretty well know as fact as I saw his rejection paperwork). He is also fighting for compensation for PTSD which he is having a hell of a battle with.
To give a bit more on his personality, he likes to play various characters, with different voices and is currently studying communications and broadcasting. This fits the profile to a certain extant as well (MPD) and he does exhibit signs of MPD. Just figured I would throw this one out for discussion because it is a very good subject. Jump in!!


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It just goes to show the kind of spiritual, moral, political, economic, etc wasteland, beautiful Saras has become under the leadership of ones who seek only to enrich themselves, because if that is your only sense & aim, it naturally follows that you must take, & take in any and all ways.

To me this reiterates that the primary battle is within, though it may manifest itself without.


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I'm currently reading the latest book from Dr. Joe Dispenza called "You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter" (which I'm not sure what to make of yet) and in Chapter 6, called "Suggestibility", he starts of with the story of a Video-Documentary, in which a candidate is selected (via tests on how strong the suggestibility is) to carry out the unspeakable via "mind control": Kill somebody else on command by suggestion.

Spoiler Alarm:

Apparently the last test that determined who can do the job, was that the candidates were mind controlled into bathing in a actually freezing called bathtub, while the suggestion was that it is a cosy warm bath. At the end, only one person was so highly suggestible, that he and even his body believed it was warm and showed no sign of distress while bathing (their bodies were measured during the experiment). The others stayed in at most 16 seconds, until the bodily feelings were stronger then the suggestion.

The later assassin stayed in for two minutes while showing no signs of distress! Then they got him out because it was to much. And the last experiment was to program that guy to kill somebody.

So I searched for that documentary and found it here:

If what they did there is for real, it is a pretty astounding case study, on how some people are so highly suggestible, that they can indeed carry out such a thing and later do not remember anything. Quite interesting...


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If anyone watches Joe Rogan on Spotify, there is this one he did (#1718) with Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame. Go to 1:58:30 and there's the part where Rogan pours drinks with him and Dr Gupta talks about his alter ego wanting to go on the Joe Rogan podcast. He then proceeds to brush it off as a joke after Rogan says "really?". I remember watching it and it was a very strange disconnect after they were on the topic of Covid for most of it. Was it a strange slip after feeling at ease when Rogan offers to drink with him in solidarity?

Another interesting point was that many months before, I had this strange thought even way before I knew who Dr. Sanjay Gupta was. The thought was "Prime Gupta". In Greenbaum programming, it is known that a certain alter is considered the "prime" one, be it the main alter for most of daily life, or the original personality before the Greenbaum alter took place (the core?).
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