The Emerging Mind


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I feel I need to post this series of lectures from VS Ramachandran by the Reith Institute from history and can be archived for those interested.

So here goes, so many light light bulbs. I have briefly skimmed Porges, he is dry and theoretical, but Ramachandran, gives life to personal experience regrading how our mind and body functions, also interjected with humor.

I find his brief discussion regarding the amygdala, interesting, I did have a light bulb moment, he does expand somewhat further in his presentations.

Many lights going off, I think it is up to the individual to make the connections, and what is being said, maybe it's an indicator, how may of us have occult brain damage for whatever reason, organic, propaganda etc.

From Y tube it's a series of 5 lectures

This is the first of 5 lectures


Apologies for now not providing more thoughts, I'm a going through, the presentations, but thought it was important to post this.

To read the transcripts, with a glossary of terns, there is this website (from BBC archive) this presentation was originally presented by the BBC on Radio in the early 2000's, so I understand. How our understanding has changed in the intervening years, when it comes to informing the general public.

Anyway, thought it was important to share, for a greater understanding of who we are, also there is this interesting article from SOTT, that is addressed in episode 2 or 3, can't remember at this time, just trying to assimilate this information



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Part 5 thought I had posted the conclusion of the Emerging Mind

Seems it can't post, maybe too controversial, it touches on psychiatric medications, anyway here is the transcript.

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