The "Insects"


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The “Insects” (Summer, c.2002)

For about 3 months, I was staying at the now defunct O O SA Korean Buddhist Temple. It was a late-1900's former Methodist and United Church located in Riverdale, a neighbourhood in Edmonton, AB, Canada. In 2015 the building went up for sale and about 2017, the building was demolished. (I’m not a Buddhist. I was actually there for another reason that never transpired. It was a very confusing situation.)

I had gone outside for a cigarette and was standing by the side entrance. Nobody was around. I became aware of the distant noise of rustling leaves which I located coming up the fence line toward me. I saw nothing but the sound grew louder and closer. My first thought was that it was a mouse travelling under the cover of dry leaves and small dead branches and I wanted to see if I could find it. I moved closer to the fence line and bent down, now being able to track the little disturbances of the leaves. I was thinking that I might have to gently move some of the brush to expose the little guy scurrying by, although that thought made me excitedly nervous. But I didn’t have to because all of a sudden, there they were. A group of “insects” of some sort, the likes I had never seen before, had emerged. There were two large ones about 7-8 inches long and about 6-7 smaller ones about 3-4 inches long (I got the impression, later on, that it was a family) all travelling in a tight group together at a fairly good pace. The first thing that struck me was that they were all completely white or slightly off-white with the exception of two tiny black dots for eyes. Their shape was that of long, low, triangles with no segmentation (and, seriously, devoid of any texture at all that I can remember). Only four legs each, no antenna, and appeared to be flightless (as in no shell hiding wings beneath). Their surface was not shiny but very, very matte, so much so that it made it hard to see their actual shape (after thinking about it, if they were to stand still, they would almost appear to be two dimensional).

This next part is a bit fuzzy for me but something happened and one of the little ones lagged behind having fallen down between some of the long twigs. The main group stopped about two feet later with one of the big ones turning around and going back to check on it. In the process of doing so, the big one also lost its footing on the gnarly sticks and ended up on its back pointing away from the group. It struggled for only half a second, stopped, then hit the sticks underneath itself forcibly with its HIND legs, acrobatically flipping itself over vertically, back onto all-fours, and was now pointing TOWARDS the main group! The little one had since rejoined the others on its own, to which the larger one quickly followed suit. The big one stopped for a meer moment when they were once again all united and then, as one unit, all started to walk at the same speed again.

Then, they were gone. Literally! They disappeared back under the rustling cover of dry leaves which twitched for awhile from being disturbed. The diminishing rustling sound continued for a short time after the leaves ceased moving, and then all was silent. I looked for them. I moved leaves and twigs and found nothing. They were nowhere and surveying the terrain and the changes in the landscape, they should have been somewhere! It’s like a video where someone has recorded 20 seconds of one shot, and composites a fifteen second shot over top of the first by fading it in and then fading it out.

Just a quick note about HOW they travelled because it really was fascinating. They travelled as a group. They stopped as a group and started as a group. When the others were waiting for the two to rejoin them, they did not move. When the little one caught up with the others, it stopped and did not move and then they all just waited for the big one to catch up. None of them strayed or got bored and wandered off. No sounds ever came from them that I could hear.

I put insects in quotes for two reasons. Firstly because they had insect-like qualities but were not insects like I had ever seen. Secondly, if they were from another dimension, they might only look like insects on this dimension.

The photo of O O Sa was not taken by me. It’s the only one I could find on-line that showed the area in question. The ground along the fence line in this photo is cleaner than when I was living there.

The drawing is the best I could do. Accuracy is... general.

O O SA Korean Buddist Temple Edmonton (timeline 2).jpegPaper Air Planes (Final Image).jpg

How strange. Did you sense they were aware that you were observing them?
No. However, when they first emerged I was aware of "something" but it was really subtle. I might of just sensed their energy but I can't be sure. If they were aware of me they made no changes, perhaps like a "you don't bother me, I won't bother you" understanding. My consensus was they were all just "going in that direction".
The drawing I posted shows the general dimensions of the creatures (side, top, and front), although, like I mentioned, it was hard to define their dimensions because they lacked any texture. From the side they looked like a paper airplane, and they were relatively "diamond shaped". However, they might have been less "pointy" on the top and bottom and a bit "flatter" like this if seen from the front:


but definitely not flat like paper.

The legs had two joints each. Well... I guess three joints if you count the joint that attached the leg to the body. They would also have a "knee" joint and an "ankle" joint. The legs were as devoid of texture as their bodies (as in, there was no segmentation). No mouth or nose that I could see. Seriously, these things were one simple geometric shape. On legs.

What was in 'that direction'?
A slightly tongue-in-cheek way of saying they were all travelling in the same direction to an unknown destination (to me) without deviating. They really were quite focused.
What was in 'that direction'?
Ha ha. I think I misunderstood your question. If they continued on their course without deviating they would have come to a chain link fence, lawn, sidewalk, lawn, curb, street, curb, lawn, sidewalk... etc., but they disappeared before reaching the chain link fence of O O Sa's property.

My guess is these creatures were travelling from "A" to "B". The fastest? safest? way to "B" was through this realm.
I was never really satisfied with my original drawing. It was just too diamond shaped and they weren't diamond shaped. So after thinking about it, I made some changes that are possibly more in tune with their appearance. (I'm working on a third revision, but I don't know if I'll finish. To be honest, unless I see them again, I'm not sure how much more accurate I can make it.)

Paper Air Planes (Redux- Alternate Final).jpg

There is another thought that popped into my head yesterday which was they had not come into our dimension but rather I had entered into theirs. But, after mulling it over, I don't think this is correct.
A family of white shields, staying and working industriously together toward a common goal, mostly unseen, not interfering with others.

Anything like antennae?
There are creatures called proturans, thought to be primitive insects. They appear to have 4 legs, but the 'forepaws' are held in front as feelers. Some don't believe in them, but I've seen a few. They don't look anything like what you have described. Protura - Wikipedia

It crossed my mind that your critters might be experimental.
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It crossed my mind that your critters might be experimental.
Hmm. In what way?

Seriously, these things were one simple geometric shape.
The moment I posted this it just stuck with me and triggered an old, vague memory of something I read back in the Cass email days from an early transcript, perhaps? The memory I have is of some kind of discussion on "sacred geometry". I'm probably paraphrasing the crap out of this but I remember something like: sacred geometry may be called sacred but it is not a circle; all geometry comes from a circle; the more geometric the further away from a circle... Now, sans my iffy detail, the one component that is indisputable for me is that these creatures were triangular (rather than circular) in shape which is one of the simplest forms of geometry. Which leads me to think that that is a representation of what they are... somehow. I've done a search and read a few sessions and posts on the forum as well as the Wiki but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.
I’ve been wondering and trying to picture something without texture.
Yeah... In hindsight I should have worded that a bit differently. "Texture" is a bit of a slippery word. (Was there a pun in there?) This is going to be very hard for me to describe.

I never touched them. So I can't speak to how they physically felt (heh heh, felt. Textile joke.). The texture I was suggesting was how the light was absorbed by/reflected off of their surface, for example, shading. These creatures were shaded so evenly that it made it really hard to see edges within their dimensions (unless they really were that featureless). It was like they were wrapped in a light-coloured, non-reflective micro-fabric. In a way, it makes me think of Vantablack with obvious differences.

I hoped this helped.
I can only speculate of course but if we are indeed beginning to increasingly interact with a realm border crossing perhaps you were a first hand observer to denizens of an alternate realm.
Too bad you did not have a camera handy- would have been amazing to see these creatures!
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