The Japanese girl who sees ghosts


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Came across this intriguing article, it reminded me of what my friend told me about her experiences in Japan. She's lived there for 8 years, I was told rental units that are cheaper than market rate usually contain undesirable history in them but agencies are honest and open in telling prospective tenants about resident ghosts. So it's up to them whether they want to take it or leave it. Cost of living in Japan are high so if the previous tenants' experiences weren't that bad they're usually taken up. I thought its quite an interesting practice.


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Totoro? :cool:
Otherwise, it would be even better if this girl or others capable of seeing 'ghosts', would ask them questions that might be of benefit to all? Regarding the history of their times.. and moreso if those ghosts were of the future? Is that possible? Or would that require a different 'gift', and then what 'future' would that ghost be from? maybe we should ask Totoro? ;)


The Force is Strong With This One
Hahah yes. Totoro times. :lol: Jokings aside, her encounters and own experiences on possession reminded me of what I read in ''30 years among the dead'' book.

Have you ever been possessed?

Yes, I am the type that can be easily possessed. My body feels heavy and cold, sometimes my heart hurts.

Unfortunately I cannot interact with the spirit, but one of my friend can. She used to talk to the spirits that possessed me to get rid of them for me. The spirits normally want something that is why they possess people, only someone has the ability to talk to spirits can help if that happens.

Interesting bit about UFOs in Fukushima, too. :cool2:
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