The Normalization of Perversity and American Politics


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The constant relativistic moving of the goal posts for decades has left Western Society in the US in a state where what was once taboo is now, just whatever. It is stunning to witness adn perhaps what is more stunning is how mundane and ordinary it now seems compared to 40 or even 20 years ago.

From the "You couldn't make this up if you tried" Dept.

This is a mind-numbing, outrageous example of political psychopathy in action, (or something like that).

Note - potentially offensive content, although... I'm just spelling things out that are in the public domain and taking a little poetic license. (Ironic Puns galore alert!)

A woman named Susana Gibson is running in a race for Congress in Virginia. She had an online account at Chaturbate which is a video sex chat site - and was performing sex acts (with her husband...whew!) for tips online! ("fundraising activities"?) At least she is being honest about prostituting herself! I guess that is refreshing!?

But then she has the nerve to get her panties in a bunch (big assumption that she has any on:rolleyes:) because the videos were “leaked”. (poor choice of words, I know but that’s what the articles say) Her political site is all “mom of 2, fighting for your health” blah blah. She accused the republicans of engaging in “gutter politics.” (can you believe the audacity?!)

She also has the nerve to call the posting of the videos as an invasion of her privacy!! What privacy can you demand if you are exposing yourself (and God knows what else) on an internet camera on a public platform???? The superior righteous attitude about it is another jaw-dropper. She is taking the high road! Mind-blowing!

Unbelievable... Her statement near the end of the video is textbook bodaciousness

The bottom line is, Lo, how far the mighty have fallen...

This is so crazy that it is hilarious actually. Look at what Politico had to say about it:

So What if a Candidate Livestreamed Sex Acts with Her Husband?

And then they go on to say... "Politicians have always pushed society’s sexual boundaries. The next taboo is bound to fall soon."
And then, they move on to cite of sexual scandals in Washington and elsewhere to justify that this woman, just because she's a democrat, is justified in running and winning. Somehow this is empowering I guess...

The rest of us are quite simply a whole bunch of prudes and antiquated, probably racist and probably unconsciously pushing on the patriarchy... anywho.

Even if you were to make the case, for argument's sake, that it is a taboo that needs to be pushed away, I still wouldn't vote for a woman that had an account where she'd earn money performing sexual acts online. Not that I do not believe that people go through phases, and stages. It's not that I do not believe that people have the capacity to grow and turn their life around. People make mistakes, are mislead and confused and that's what growing is all about, seeing the errors of your ways, and correcting your course.

It's not that, it's that it's a lazy way to earn a living, or some extra income, how could I trust the governing of a state or anything to someone with that tendency? Not someone who's come out and said "yeah, I am sorry.. it was a mistake to do this".. nope, someone who thinks she pushed a taboo and completely proud of it.

Why is it lazy? because it's not making any creative effort to engage with life, it's selling something that everybody wants. She or her husband, do not strike me as the type of couple who were hurting for money and needed a quick way to get out of a bind, nope... they probably simply are exhibitionists, and decided to monetize it. It doesn't display any complex problem solving, or any resilience or ability to deal with stress or anything. Heck, even escorts have to take a risk and make the effort to engage with another human being.

What kind of fiscal decisions would someone like that make? How would someone that sees life in that way, deal with complex social issues? How in touch with reality can someone like that really be?

Anyway, with the spread of those types of services online, we're reaching a point of over saturation, where one day, it'll become truly difficult to meet someone who doesn't have an account in one of these places. I have seen cases of school teachers with such accounts.

What a sign of the times.
And it gets worse. The Associated Press tipped her off a week before the story ran so she could delete her videos.

What clown World? 🤡

"Democratic Virginia political candidate Susanna Gibson, who was outed by the Washington Post for performing sex acts online for cash - and instead of owning up to it cried 'sex crime!', was actually tipped off a week earlier by the Associated Press, which didn't run the story - allowing her to delete videos before the WaPo piece hit, according to the Daily Wire's Luke Rosiak."
I guess it's so hard to recognize organic portals because everyone is acting like them instead of souled beings.
People are locked into either a materialistic atheistic worldview or a materialistic and cynical religiosity more aligned to the justification of self-gratitude than service to others.

Here's a revised-for-wokeness storytime about Moses and the Flood - says people were doing "mean things" back then...
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