The OA - amazing series resembling Work symbolism


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If anyone here has seen the OA, im interested im discussing about it. I thought it had an imteresting familiarity to the Work, networking, death, multiple dimensions/levels.

I dont wamt to spoil much but.

The series start with a story of a blind girl that comes back home claiming she was kidnapped - strangely, her vision is restored.

It is a story about how a group of people find themselves im the same prison, trying to make groups efforts to escape(shortly said in a simbolistic way, but the details are mesmerizing, you will get it if you will watch it).


I found the series to be so complex on so many levels, that only watching can give you the same sense.

It is found on Netflix(i know netflix is not the best thing out there, but give it a chance, there should have been 5 seasons but the show got stopped as it had only a few viewers, it is deeply esoteric).

Beware, its not the usual Netflix that delivers the junkie netflix high. Its slow burning but very profound. Almost like an anti thesis to what usually netflix promotes.


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Also, I think Brit Marling, which is the main actress that also wrote the script and partly directed the series is truly briliant. She was inspired by Gurdjieff, and many other spiritual ideas, as well quantum physics.To create such a show and have so many roles seems like an overwhelming effort. I imagine it would be extrmely interesting to have her as a Sott podcast/mindmatters guest.
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I stumbled across this show recently and I have to say it's captivating! It was cancelled by Netflix so the story never concludes but nonetheless, it touches upon various metaphysical concepts. The story is well told, the characters well developed. The atmosphere as well is "just right"

I don't want to give much away as it's designed as one of those stories that has to unfold, piece by piece.

It's not a masterpiece and at least for me, at the end of season 1 it kind of let me down as I was expecting the big reveal but instead got a big question mark!

In any case, if you need to relax, unwind and are looking into a good enough show that navigates through some esoteric concepts, then you might as well try this.



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Yep, would recommend. I started watching the second season also but couldn't get into it - the first episode was enough to explain the ending of S1.


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Just seen there's a thread here on this:

Perhaps worth combining
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