The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times


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I came across this interesting interview with the author of the book, which is the title of this post. Although some of the crops she endorses will not jive with the detox diets, some will, and the ability to grow store-able foodstuffs may one day be somewhat more critical than today. This is a ten page interview with much good information. Obviously some of the concepts will need to be adapted to one's specific dietary needs.

The author stresses not so much individual survival gardening as cooperation with neighbors to insure year round access, through barter, to a variety of nutrient dense foods. The author is also gluten free, but maybe not as knowledgeable as need be about gluten and lecithin as some on this forum.

Nevertheless, I found this an informative read, especially in light of the possible climactic changes that we could well be experiencing, beginning about now. She addresses this possibility... as well as reducing the labor intensity of gardening by informed planning and year round planting.



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Thanks Rabelais for this info. We recently moved to an area with a few acres so that my family can grow some of our food. And I especially like the bit about encouraging neighbours to work together. In our last location, even before finding Laura's work, I was trying to get our old neighbours to work with me. I even devised an attractive veggie garden/plot that they could put in the back yard (this was essential 'cos we lived in one of those restrictive home owner association compounds) mixed in with flowers (edible) and herbs.
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