The Situation In Germany

I mean, it´s perfect for the PTBs! Stoned people do not cause trouble, do not provoke or engage in fights, they are perfectly happy to chill out and philosophy about what should be done but no one wishes or cares to do anything.
Germany is walking in Canada's footsteps. Cannabis smoke is now reported as smog here—I'm kidding, but you get the idea. I can't walk in the city without getting involuntarily stoned by government-sponsored mRNA weed. :rolleyes:
I mean, it´s perfect for the PTBs! Stoned people do not cause trouble, do not provoke or engage in fights, they are perfectly happy to chill out and philosophy about what should be done but no one wishes or cares to do anything.
Another of the means to distract from reality, to cover up the mess and prolong the illusion for the people. One cannot help to feel reminded of Soma, the tranquilizing drug that was used by the members of the "Brave New World" society, in Aldous Huxley's book.

The smell is ugly. Have been noticing it on a few spots even in the inner-city of where I live in recent years already, especially since the Ampel government has come to power.
Exactly what Germans needed.
What Garmany needs is money as they spent it all on Ukraine and Covid.
Now, right on time, they have a new source of income with (soon to be) growing coffee shops and weed tourism, weekend party people and others happy spending money on legalized drug, and drop by drop collecting additional money from weed tax.

The population between 15-55 will be stoned and not willing to make any moves against the policies being implemented on any front.

I remember walking in Amsterdam and cringing and always being on alert and walking around stoned people, majority of them tourists. Such a charming city with all those bridges and museums etc, but the overall impression totally ruined by the empty, chilling look of the people in various states of mind. What do people think what will happen to Germany, the country easily accessible and practically in the middle of Europe!? Every bigger German city can potentially become Amsterdam.

Add the immigrants to it and… well…

In addition to all the above, the fact that the government legalizes something like this (a plant) restricts more freedoms - as in Spain that consuming stevia leaf was illegal- and adds taxes to the new economy of war, also the worrying thing is the damage to the body because it is not only a cannabis natural, but a transgenic Cannabis so the brain damage will be noted in mental illnesses as in the United States, Mexico and part of Latin America. Yes, all very ugly. Take care of yourselves and take care your children.
On LinkedIn, I saw a post by a physician (Ingo Voigt) who warned of the consequences of legalization of cannabis for the medical sector:

With the legalization of cannabis in Germany today, the medical community is facing new challenges.

The legalization for adults not only means a change in the way society deals with the substance, but also entails health consequences for which we must be prepared in the #emergency rooms.

Studies from countries that have already legalized cannabis show an increase in emergency room visits by young people seeking medical help after cannabis use. Acute effects observed include an increased risk of myocardial infarction and stroke due to the multiple effects of THC on the endothelium, vascular contractility and activation of blood clotting.

In addition, cardiac arrhythmias up to sudden cardiac death have been described. In our experience in recent years, 2-3 cases/year in patients <30 years of age.

Cases of intoxicated adolescents with impaired sanity, psychosis and serious gastrointestinal problems are also likely to increase.

Decisive for the risk of such events is the ratio and concentration of THC to CBD as well as the type of consumption
- Smoking leads to a rapid onset and release of effects, while consumption via food often leads to higher doses (= intoxication) due to slower absorption.

These developments require us as medical professionals to ask specific questions about cannabis use during the medical history.

1️⃣ Have you used THC in any form?
2️⃣ Do you prefer smoking (=joint, spliff) or consumption via
food (=weed cookie, space cake)?

The legalization of cannabis brings with it a responsibility to educate about potential health risks and adapt patient care accordingly. This has clearly been neglected in the discussion in recent weeks.

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Also, a host of the health problems that were noted sounds similar to those experienced by recipients of the mRNA vaccines against Covid. Thus, it makes me wonder if the legalization of cannabis may also serve as a cover-up for vaccine-induced damages, given how many health problems that are now emerging can be related to the jabs?
Well, that's really crazy imo of making it legal to the greater population. When you have to deal with persons who got into a psychosis because of this "green" stuff, then it is absolutely no fun.

Having said that, for some people (imo a minority) it may be of help.
What Germany needs is money as they spent it all on Ukraine and Covid.

Yes, Germany will need a lot of money in the coming years.

The German government took out emergency loans totalling around 300 billion euros in 2020, 2021 and 2022 in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, while suspending the debt brake that limits government borrowing.

Germany is budgeting for a debt repayment of 9 billion euros per year from 2028 and of 10.8 billion euros per year from 2031.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Germany set up the 100-billion-euro special fund to purchase modern weapons. It also pledged to reach NATO's target of spending at least 2% of GDP on defence.

The German government is currently preparing the budget for 2025 and the financial plan up to 2028.

The year 2028 is considered to be particularly difficult as the special fund will run out of reserves and an additional 20 to 25 billion euros will likely be needed.

This would not be the first time that the government coalition has extended the repayment of crisis loans in order to create new room for spending.

The tactic was used in 2022, by merging the repayment plans for the crisis loans for 2020 and 2021 with the newly planned loans for 2022 and setting the repayment period at 31 years from 2028 to 2058.

This gave the government an additional margin of several billion euros per year, as the repayment of the older crisis loans would have
started earlier and was planned for a shorter period.

Read more at:
Germany could spend up to €9 bn more on defence from 2028, minister says
Is anyone familiar with this presentation, I could not find the name Cyrus Janssen in the search, so here is:
The German Economy is finished.
Once the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany is now struggling for economic survival and guess which country is most responsible? The United States! After the US destroyed the Nordstream pipeline Germany's economy is crashing for three main reasons: Sky High Energy Prices, Reduced Exports to China, and Increased Military Expenditures. In today's video I'll break down exactly how the US is to blame for all three problems and show you why the future of the German economy has never looked this bad.
0:00 - Intro to German Economy
1:53 - 3 Major Problems with German Economy
2:25 - Why German is Reducing Exports to China
3:45 - How the US Government Forced Germany to Leave China
7:22 - How the US Controls International Chipmakers
8:40 - How the US Bombed the Nordstream Pipeline
10:00 - Germany's High Energy Prices
13:10 - How NATO Started Germany's Energy Crisis
16:22 - How Germany's Military Spending is a Waste of Money
None of the above is seriously new to us, but it is a short presentation of the main points. Since the following excerpt from 2015, the dressing has changed, but apparently not the target.
Germany is a direct target in case you haven't noticed
Session 10 October 2015
(Alana) They're sending the refugees to Germany, is that to destabilize the central powers of Europe?

(Perceval) Yeah, Germany is the economic powerhouse.

A: Germany is a direct target in case you haven't noticed.

Q: (L) So they want to destabilize Germany and put a total puppet government in charge?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?

A: Yes

Q: (L) She still harbors...

(Galatea) Opinions. [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Germany is the center of European power, decision-making, etc.

(L) So, if the USA were to control Germany completely, they'd own Europe.
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