The Spanish Civil War


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Today, 18 of July of 1936 is the anniversary of the coup d'état that started the civil war in Spain. Maybe it is important to remember, maybe not.

But for me it is important. In memory of all those victims who died. And they died for what? When you see what is happening in this country right now... So we know who won this war. And it seems to me that the war never finished.
loreta said:
In memory of all those victims who died.

Yes, loreta. Let's pause for a moment and send our wishes of peace to those souls that went through the horrors and sufferings brought by the Spanish Civil War.
Some time ago, I came across this documentary broadcast late at night on Spanish television.
It made an impression on me because of the ease with which this Condor legion in the evil of war had put a capital E on evil. With a pragmatism versed in sadism towards divided populations.
These experiences have always existed since evil took on a human face, and now in Ukraine the foul beast is beginning to show its true face, for those who are capable of seeing reality for what it really is.
It would be...perhaps the ironic word, would be the right word by default, if precisely in this confrontation, the Russians used their new and more advanced weaponry as an experiment in grounding in the sense of an electrical installation.

Documentary showing how the Spanish Civil War served as a test bed for Nazi Germany's new weapons.
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