The Toynbee Tiles

I looked around on this forum and no one has brought up the subject of the Toynbee Tiles. Anyone has any theories on what they are?
There's a possibility that its a meme thats being spread around, just like the Andre the Giant has a Posse stickers and stencils that you can find all over the place in NYC and other places.


I 'm going with The Lone Nut theory: Many phenomonological sightings like these plaques often get blamed on the "Lone Nut." The "Lone Nut" is an archetypeal figure imbedded in everyone's brain before they are born. He is the guy who you see in the city who has tissue boxes on his feet. He is not homeless, but he does wander and talk to himself a lot. He tries not to get money from you, but to explain how the beings, who are arriving daily and present themselves at your door as Jehovah's witnesses or Republicans, made off with his dog, but not before he managed to sever one of the creature's limbs with a post hole digger.
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