The UK's Area 51


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I stumbled on this guy today. His videos are quite interesting and informative.

"Hi there viewers, I live with my wife Dorothy in a 17thc French watermill. worked in TV all my life and like to ask questions, solve mysteries and make suff....and ride motorbikes and E-Bikes...hope you enjoy this too. See it before it sees you. - interesting science, history, technology films that you won't see on TV. I'm NOT a professor, its just a nickname....but I do like asking questions because I don't know all the answers. My idea is to raise questions and start a debate...if you are an expert, tell us what really happened. My background is in TV. I have worked for BBC Science, Discovery Ch, Nat Geo, PBS, working on science and history films. Best wishes, Prof Simon. My channel has some rules: NO Personal attacks: Don't attack or insult another viewers. It's not helpful and your comment might be deleted. Keep it clean and informed. All comments are moderated. NO Youtube links. "

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