This information will justify the events of 9/11



Can you imagine that something as tremendous as the events of 9/11 being used to cover-up our "reality".

I have found where the American people as well as the entire population of this Earth is under a direct attack by a known blatant and obvious enemy. Eventho' this information was easily compiled and readily available for even the 'simplest' of minds, I find that this issue still remains outside of most people's ability to comprehend.

While it appears that the "Zionist" conspiracy is maxed out with the "war of terror", the true conspiracy, this strike against the entire human race is continuing to fly below the radar.
I am asking you that if you invest the time to read and understand what is being presented here, that you pass this information on to other forums and friends, this information needs to spread like wildfire.
I am already in enough trouble for going after this 'entity' directly as it is, so I cannot afford to 'push' this issue by myself all over the web. I am not going to hide or live in fear, but 'they' obviously know who I am.

You are more than welcome to copy/paste this and share it with others in segments, or as a whole.
I do not deserve, nor do I want any 'credit' .

WE are in trouble as a whole and it was not supposed to be mine or your problem to solve, but since it appears that so many of us understand how poor 'the future' looks if we continue to accept the direction we are heading in, I believe it is OUR responsibility to DO something about it.

Since MONSANTO has several former employee's in KEY positions at the white house and they are still trying to hide from the public eye, I think it's just a matter of putting them in the 'public spotlight'.
Maybe that can be done through the people of this forum and out power to spread information to others throughout the WWW.

Most people are scared to participate in a discussion or spread information that is 'detrimental' to this government, and just to make it clear this thread is about the crimes of MONSANTO in conjunction with the Unites States Government, and the potential of making these murderous bastards STOP.
Just because the USG is in bed with this company does not give the USG the authority to protect them from their crimes against US!

Ok, I'll try to paint this bullseye perfectly for you.

ONE “organization” or “entity” is responsible for the following:

Providing the toxic chemicals to exterminate 6 million Jews,
Providing the toxic chemicals that exposed Vietnamese, Australians, Canadians and Americans, their children and grandchildren to Agent Orange,
Providing the toxic chemicals for the 8,485 victims of the Texas City Disaster,
Providing the toxic chemicals (plutonium & uranium) for the Little-Boy and the Fat-Man that instantly killed approximately 120,000 Japanese people- 95% of them civilians,
Providing the toxic chemicals that polluted 3,500 Anniston Alabama residents and their environment, AND intentionally hiding the exposure levels and denying the health effects... for decades!
The same “entity” I am making you aware of also occupies senior positions in many, if not all of the USG 'protection agencies' today, from the Sec. of Defense to the man who swore the president into office, and all the way down the line.
It appears as the people who thought they were in control have become victims of "mad-science", just like the rest of us.

United States Department of Health and Human Services

“Harmful Chemicals May Reprogram Gene Response to Estrogen”
"This study is telling us that an environmental reprogramming of a normal response, combined with an inherited gene defect, work together to promote cancer,"
“If this model is correct, it will help doctors to determine which individuals are more likely to develop cancers of the uterus, breast and prostate."
"We are just beginning to realize that exposures received decades earlier, during critical developmental stages, may be much more important in determining who develops cancer as an adult."

United States Department of Health and Human Services
"Among U.S. residents, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer at some point in their lifetimes.“

Do you understand that ?
The USG is acknowledging that 41.5% of US will be treated for some form of Cancer while many more will just die from it without seeking treatment or having a physician point out the obvious!!

United States Department of Health and Human Services

New Research Shows Air Pollution Can Reduce Children's Lung Function

Children who live in polluted communities are five times more likely to have clinically low lung function-less than 80 percent of the lung function expected for their age. New data from the Children's Health Study suggests that pollutants from vehicle emissions and fossil fuels hinder lung development and limit breathing capacity for a lifetime.

"This is the longest study ever conducted on air pollution and children's health," "It shows that current levels of air pollution have adverse effects on lung development in children between the ages of 10 and 18."
"Lung development in teenagers determines they’re breathing capacity and health for the rest of their lives,"
"The potential long-term effects of reduced lung function are alarming. It's second only to smoking as a risk factor for mortality. As lung function decreases, the risk of respiratory disease and heart attacks increases."

Is this a crime against nature, or humans?

Monsanto has been LINKED to CANCER. There is an obvious connection between MONSANTO and the U.S. Government. This entire NATION has a synthetic chemical (rBGH) ADDED to our MILK and our dairy products. Every other industrialized country in the world has banned the use of this MONSANTO product, but they never quit fighting to influence their target 'customer base'.

You may be wondering... how does this happen? and which one of our 'protection agencies' are supposed to stop this from happening?
Sadly, the answer is that none of them are supposed to prevent it and it is the responsibility of NONE of our gov. agencies to limit the amounts of synthetic poisoning we are being exposed to.

THIS is how it happens, THIS is why the GENE GIANTS have the "freedom" to contaminate people.
The White House
"EPA carries out a significant portion of its mission through the Operating Program, which includes its core responsibilities for regulatory development, enforcement, research, and program grants to states."
"The program guarantees results, by eliminating costly regulation, litigation, inspection, and enforcement actions. As a result, industry compliance has been nearly 100 percent."

The EPA’s "Operating Program" is a sick joke. Their core responsibilities are eliminated, and the industry is allowed to report the amounts of poison they are dumping into our system by the ton, based on their honor.
Imagine, if the people who are fighting the 'war on drugs' just sat back and waited for the drug dealers to submit statements to the DEA that they are selling too much crack.
That is what the EPA is doing to protect our environment. Since industry pollution is reported by the 'honor system', we will never know or understand any accurate statistics on our levels of exposure to toxic chemicals.
It took four years for the EPA to 'phase-out' the reintroduction of Diazinon to the products on consumer shelves. Nothing was done to stop it, nothing was done to prevent the millions of tons of Diazinon that were already in the hands of consumers to enter our system, even though the EPA finally had enough proof to acknowledge its potential health risks to children. It is among a class of chemicals known to attack the nervous system and are believed to pose special threats to children, even at low doses.
(*Allowing this chemical re-introduction into household products for 4 more years to provide the greatest amounts of profit, is TERRORIST activity! *)
*1996* Study Warns of Colon and Breast Cancer Risks from rBGH Milk
January 23, *1996*, Washington, DC - The Cancer Prevention The study summarizes evidence that rBGH increases levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in milk. IGF-1 is a powerful stimulator and regulator of cell-growth and division in humans and cows. The study concludes that increased IGF-1 levels are risk factors for breast and colon cancer.
“rBGH poses an even greater risk to human health than ever considered," warned Epstein M.D., Professor University of Illinois School of Public Health and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, author of the new report. "The FDA and Monsanto have a lot to answer for. Given the cancer risks, and other health concerns, why is rBGH milk still on the market?"

" Monsanto 's claims that rBGH is perfectly safe have been proven dead wrong today. This study further validates the health concerns of millions of consumers about this controversial product," said Michael Colby, Executive Director of Food and Water. "Only Monsanto is benefiting from this drug.
"The entire nation is currently being subjected to a large-scale adulteration of an age-old dietary staple by a poorly characterized and unlabeled biotechnology product, which is very different than natural milk."

A highly condensed summary of an IGF- 1 Monsanto short term test in mature rats was released by FDA (Juskevich & Guyer, 1990). The agency alleges that this study confirms IGF- 1's "lack of oral activity." At the outset it should be noted that the Monsanto test was contracted out to Hazelton Laboratories, which has a two-decade history of misrepresentation of scientific data. (Epstein, 1978).

The FDA has failed to investigate the effects of long-term feeding of IGF- 1 and rBGH-milk on growth, or on more sensitive sub-cellular effects, in infant rats or infants of any other species.
Who should we notify about this?

In a 1989 letter the FDA was warned that the effects of IGF-1 "could include premature growth stimulation in infants, [breast enlargement] in young children and breast cancer in adult females." "Further studies will be required to determine whether the ingestion of higher than normal concentrations of bovine insulin-like growth factor is safe for children, adolescents and adults." (AMA, 1991 ! ). Instead of further study, the FDA allowed for uncontrolled, unlabeled sales of treated milk to unwitting consumers.

Given the potential health impacts of consumption of MILK and other dairy products derived from rBGH treated cows, all such products at a minimum be labeled so that consumers are aware of what they are purchasing and consuming. More prudently the FDA approval of rBGH should be withdrawn until the agency performs adequate long term testing on the impacts of increased levels of IGF- 1 in milk and other dairy products derived from rBGH treated cows.
These practices are so frequent as to preclude dismissal as exceptional aberrations and, in many instances, arguably rise to the level of criminality.

United States Department of Health and Human Services
Mothers' Exposure to Air Pollutants Linked to Chromosome Damage in Babies
"This is the first study to show that environmental exposures to specific combustion pollutants during pregnancy can result in chromosomal abnormalities in fetal tissues," said Kenneth Olden, Ph.D., the "These findings may lead to new approaches for the prevention of certain cancers."
"This evidence that air pollutants can alter chromosomes in utero is troubling since other studies have validated this type of genetic alteration as a biomarker of cancer risk,"

United States Department of Health and Human Services

Agricultural Pesticide Use May Be Associated With Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
Exposure to certain agricultural pesticides may be associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer among pesticide applicators, according to a large study looking at the causes of cancer and other diseases in the farming community.
"Associations between pesticide use and prostate cancer risk among the farm population have been seen in previous studies; farming is the most consistent occupational risk factor for prostate cancer,"

The jury in Gadsden, Ala., a town 20 miles from Anniston, yesterday held Monsanto and its corporate successors liable on all six counts it considered: negligence, wantonness, suppression of the truth, nuisance, trespass and outrage. Under Alabama law, the rare claim of outrage typically requires conduct "so outrageous in character and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency so as to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in civilized society."
For a better understanding of this story, google ("tort of outrage" Anniston Alabama)

Monsanto found guilty of International Bribery
Monsanto, the leading global producer of genetically engineered seeds and crops, has been found guilty of bribing government officials in Indonesia.
The Justice Department has fined Monsanto $1.5 million for bribing the Indonesian Ministry of Environment to allow the company to ignore required environmental impact studies before proceeding to plant genetically modified crops.
The only people who would pay to RAPE someone else’s land, are the people who have been allowed to RAPE their own land for free!
Meanwhile, in the U.S., bribery seems hardly necessary for the Gene Giant, given that the Bush administration and regulatory agencies are stacked with former Monsanto employees and pro-biotech bureaucrats. Monsanto strengthened its grip on U.S. policymaking last week when one of its former lobbyists, Martha Scott, was appointed as Staff Director of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

NEWS Headlines:
(Most if not all of these articles and their titles originated from

"June 2005, over 100 research scientists issue a joint, signed statement concluding that scientific uncertainty should not delay precautionary action on reducing the exposures to and the risks from endocrine disrupters."

"For the first time, researchers have identified an association between pregnant women's exposure to phthalates and adverse effects on genital development in their male children."

"Two estrogenic contaminants cause adverse effects in prostate development in mice at levels to which millions of Americans are exposed each year."

"Exposure to phthalates is linked to three childhood allergic diseases: asthma, rhinitis and eczema."

"Infants exposed to herbicides and pesticides are much more likely to develop early persistent asthma"

"Testicular cancer linked to environmental exposures early in life"

“Calculations suggest high adverse impacts of DDT use on infant mortality."

"Research links herbicides used on wheat to birth defects in the Great Plains."
"Taxpayers Forced to Fund Monsanto's Poisoning of Third World"
"Monsanto's Roundup Pesticide Linked to Cancer"
"Monsanto Takes Ownership of Public Water Resources"
"Monsanto spends millions to stop labeling initiative!"
"Genetically Modified Corn Study Reveals Health Damage and Cover-Up"
"Furor in New Zealand over Monsanto Withholding Data on GE Corn Rat Feeding Study"
"Monsanto Buys Another Giant Seed Company
Monsanto to Buy Seminis for $1 Billion"
"Monsanto Bio-Pirates Strike Again in India"
"Monsanto and U.S. Government Handing Out Free GE Seeds in South Africa"
"Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide, Sprayed Heavily on GE Crops, is Hazardous to Humans"
"Monsanto's Transgenic Soybeans Found Guilty by People's Court in Brazil"
"Monsanto's Roundup Spreading Deadly Fusarium Fungus"
"Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Pregnancy & Reproductive Problems & Endocrine Disruption"
"What Are Monsanto & the FDA Hiding Regarding Controversial Cow Hormone?"
"Study Links Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide to Hormone Disruption & Fetal Damage"
"Deliberate Contamination of EU Food with Monsanto's GMOs Provokes Anger"
"French-Fries in Childhood Tied to Breast Cancer?"

"Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig"

If that is not enough to raise your eyebrow, MONSANTO's influence in THIS administration should.

"USDA secretary Ann Veneman is a former director of Calgene (swallowed by Monsanto and now part of Pharmacia)

Rufus Yerxa, Monsanto's chief counsel, has been appointed as the US deputy to the WTO.

Linda J. Fisher... Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for Monsanto Corporation, has been nominated for the second-ranking job at the Environmental Protection Agency. Fisher, who worked as Assistant Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Pollution Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances for 10 years before

Michael A. Friedman, M.D. former acting commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department of Health and Human Services . now senior vice-president for clinical affairs at G. D. Searle & Co., a pharmaceutical division of Monsanto Corporation

Carol Tucker Foreman. former Monsanto lobbyist was appointed by to serve as U.S. "Consumer Advocate" on U.S. Biotech Consultative Forum Delegation.

Marcia Hale . . . former assistant to the President of the United States and director for intergovernmental affairs, now Director of International Government Affairs for Monsanto Corporations.

Prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put GW Bush in office, Clarence Thomas was Monsanto's lawyer.

Michael (Mickey) Kantor. former United States Trade Representative, the Secretary of Commerce for the United States, has been made a member of the board of directors of Monsanto Corporation,

Josh King . former director of production for White House events, now director of global communication in the Washington, D.C. office of Monsanto Corporation.

Margaret Miller . former chemical laboratory supervisor for Monsanto, working on rBGH safety studies until 1989. now Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services,

Michael Taylor . former legal advisor to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s Bureau of Medical Devices and Bureau of Foods, another Monsanto employee-turned FDA official.

William D. Ruckelshaus. . . former chief administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, now (and for the last 12 years) a member of the board of directors of Monsanto

Lasts but certainly NOT least, our wonderful Secretary of Defense !!

The Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto's Searle pharmaceuticals.

Rumbling Rumsfeld Defends the Nation from 'evildoers', while ,
In 1985 Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in Nutra Sweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame's clouded past, including a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it "might induce brain tumors." The FDA had actually banned the drug based on this finding, only to have Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld (currently the Secretary of Defense) vow to "call in his markers," to get it approved.

The MILLIONS Against MONSANTO page at will provide you with a nice line up of "mug-shots" towards the bottom of the page.

**"We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment, and we are using our children as the experimental animals." -- Dr. Philip Landrigan, Chairman, Preventive Medicine, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

**"With chemicals, it's shoot first and ask questions later." -- Al Meyerhoff, former attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council

**"Historians don't like to use broad political term like 'cover-up', but there's really no other term that you can use for this." -- Prof. Gerald Markowitz, Ph.D., John Jay College.

It sounds like this Angell from Monsanto, is really Tony Montana !
“A Monsanto official told the New York Times that the corporation should not have to take responsibility for the safety of its food products. "Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," said Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications.
"Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job."

Was Hitler this brazen about the Holocaust ?

In 1967", Monsanto enters into a joint venture with IG_Farben", the key supplier of poison gas to the Nazi racial extermination program.-GENOCIDE!

Maybe so, they are related.

Is it possible for US to win this war ? The odd's are highly against US because we have not begun to defend ourselves.... we have simply been engaged by an obvious enemy.

Winning the war on cancer means preventing cancer. Yet cancer is a multi-billion dollar business. Isn’t preventing cancer bad for business? It is for the pharmaceutical and mammography businesses. These industries have intricate ties to U. S. policy makers, directing research funds to insure their continued profits in cancer diagnosis/treatment. It’s time for reform.
We are all losing.

• Professor Richard Lewontin, professor of genetics, Harvard University, We have such a miserably poor understanding of how the organism develops from its DNA that I would be surprised if we don't get one rude shock after another."

• Dr Suzanne Wuerthele, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicologist, "This technology is being promoted, in the face of concerns by respectable scientists and in the face of data to the contrary, by the very agencies which are supposed to be protecting human health and the environment. The bottom line in my view is that we are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences."- GENOCIDE

• Professor Norman Ellstrand, ecological geneticist at the University of California, "within 10 years we will have a moderate to large-scale ecological or economic catastrophe, because there will be so many products being released." GENOCIDE

• "With genetic engineering familiar foods could become metabolically dangerous or even toxic.” Statement by 21 scientists including the following, Professor Brian Goodwin, Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Professor Peter Saunders and Professor Richard Lacey - GENOCIDE

• Professor Richard Lacey, microbiologist and Professor of Food Safety at Leeds University - has spoken out strongly against the introduction of genetically engineered foods because of “the essentially unlimited health risks”.- GENOCIDE ""

Professor Arpad Pusztai, world-leading nutritional science expert, formerly of the Food, Gut, and Microbial Interactions Group, Rowett Research Institute, "If it is left to me, I would certainly not eat it. We are putting new things into food which have not been eaten before. The effects on the immune system are not easily predictable and I challenge anyone who will say that the effects are predictable." ""

• Dr Andrew Chesson, vice chairman of European Commission scientific committee on animal nutrition, "Potentially disastrous effects may come from undetected harmful substances in genetically modified foods." - GENOCIDE ""

• Dr. Gerald B. Guest, Director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM),"...animal feeds derived from genetically modified plants present unique animal and food safety concerns.. "

• Professor Dennis Parke a former chief advisor on food safety to Unilever Corporation and British advisor to the US FDA on safety aspects of biotechnology writes: "In 1983, hundreds of people in Spain died after consuming adulterated rapeseed oil. This adulterated rapeseed oil was not toxic to rats". Dr Parke warns that current testing procedures for genetically altered foods including rodent tests are not proving safety for humans. -GENOCIDE

Public risk must always be balanced against the potential for public benefit. This milk-producing hormone has NONE—zero—benefit for the public. It merely places the public at risk to increase corporate profits. - GENOCIDE
NONE whatsoever - Zero. Even FDA says there are no consumer benefits. In fact, because the U.S. already produces a surplus of milk, which is purchased by Uncle Sam, increasing milk production with rBGH will COST the taxpayer an additional $200 million or more each year.

Monsanto's Genetically Modified Milk Ruled Unsafe by The United Nations

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency representing 101 nations worldwide, has ruled unanimously in favor of the 1993 European moratorium on Monsanto's genetically engineered hormonal milk (rBGH).

If we sit idle while knowing the EPA is suffocating all of us, then we all fail.

In another rule, FDA has failed to require an adequate battery of safety tests. Even with the most rigorous testing, long-term effects will not be known for years and perhaps generations. Without segregation and labeling FDA cannot perform the responsibilities delegated to it by Food and Drug law.

The FDA says it is now in a listening mode - From 1999

The FDA says it is now in a listening mode. If its ears are truly opened, then its conscience should have been touched. What is at stake is the safety of the nation's and ultimately the world's food supply.

What is troubling is that the government tries to deny that any genetically engineered food has caused harm. It is just running away from reality.

Labeling and long-term safety testing are only two steps in that process and we should not go another day without them. It is unfair, unsafe and unwise. As the evidence continues to come out, it is no longer rhetorical to ask what the industry is trying to hide by not labeling these foods, and why the insurance companies will not touch bioengineered food.

As mentioned on the earlier panel, rBGH has been rejected in every major industrialized nation. In fact, a recent report by Health Canada indicates that the FDA misreported the findings of Monsanto's ninety-day rat feeding study. Even the heavily corporate-influenced Kodak's alimentary commission has refused to certify the safety of rBGH despite heavy pressure from the United States.
Yet, we are forced to eat and drink products from cows injected with rBGH in secret because of prohibitive labeling requirements written for the FDA by a Monsanto employee.
There are several actions that need to be taken that are out of the FDA's hands, including ratification of the conventional and biological diversity for which it is shameful that the United States has not signed.

The greatest controversy in FDA history was the approval process for Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. We shouldn't be here today. We should not be in this room, and I shouldn't be here because in 1994 Congress had a Bill that was going to require mandatory labeling of all foods that were influenced by genetic engineering.

When Monsanto made their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, they noticed that laboratory animals were getting cancer, and they noticed that cows were getting mastitis, ulcers on their udders; they were putting more pus and bacteria into the milk. In 1958 Robert Delaney, a Congressman from New York, put in a Delaney Amendment. It was named after him. The Delaney Amendment stated that if a food additive caused cancer it was not to be approved -- pretty good law, right?
Well, Monsanto got their attorney, Michael Taylor from the firm of King and Spaulding -- by the way, when they started in 1979 they groomed their attorney now in the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, the same law firm -- Monsanto's attorney, Michael Taylor wrote and minimized the Delaney Amendment, an interpretation of the Delaney Amendment which became the new protocol, the new standard operating procedure at FDA. They minimized cancer. Michael Taylor was hired by the Food and Drug Administration and became the second most powerful man there, Monsanto's attorney. He wrote the standard operating procedures. In other words, we see cancer; ignore it.

Margaret Miller, Susan Sechen, Monsanto's scientists, were hired by the FDA to review Monsanto's own research. Margaret Miller knew cows were getting mastitis. The first week at the FDA, December 3, 1989, she was given broad power -- and here is an effect of genetic engineering nobody has considered -- she knew cows were getting sick from the genetically engineered hormone; she changed the amount of antibiotics that farmers could have in their milk. She increased it by 100 times.

Jerome Moore's paper said “if there is a middle of the chain protein change there could be Alzheimer's, or sickle cell anemia, or diabetes. Monsanto, four months after the hormone was approved, one of their scientists, Bernard Violand, published, in the July 3, 1994 issue of the journal Protein Science evidence that Monsanto made a mistake. Oops! Monsanto created a freak amino acid!
It seems to me that we are embarking on a dangerous path from which we cannot return and this government is making a grave error in judgment by not exercising more prudence.
Given the history of repeated assurances by the government and corporations and a long list of technologies such as pesticides, antibiotics or RbGH that were all declared safe based on research and then to find out, a few years later, that crucial evidence was not evaluated properly or even suppressed and now are shown to be unsafe.
I have come to have little or no confidence in the government's ability to exercise sound judgment in these matters on its own. The bottom line is that we don't need genetic engineering. This path primarily benefits those who are reaping the profits. - Mafia DRUG dealers!

I do not appreciate being treated as a guinea pig. I believe genetic engineering violates nature and I am deeply concerned that we have no way of cleaning up any unintended environmental catastrophes.

What does the President say about this?
At the moment, this is all I can find where someone in this administration acknowledges the USG "position" on MONSANTO, FRANKENFOOD, or the Molestation of this nations' FOOD SUPPLY

"When people are trying to kill you and when they attack because they hate freedom, other disputes from Frankenfood to bananas and even important issues like the environment suddenly look a bit different." - Condoleezza Rice, George Bush's national security adviser

Since public awareness and exposure of the truth about this company and their intentional 'adulteration' of the worlds food supply is their only enemy, will you help me find a vulnerable spot to attack...
or just spread the word?

The only protection this government can provide them is by keeping their crimes out of the news, which they have been extremely successfull at.

We don't have to 'overthrow the government', all we have to do is expose the truth.
And if that doesn't work, all it would take is holding a small portion of one of our "protection agencies" hostage untill their 'superiors' are held accountable for their actions AGAINST US !
Submersible said:
Yet, we are forced to eat and drink products from cows injected with rBGH in secret because of prohibitive labeling requirements written for the FDA by a Monsanto employee.
I don't understand this. I'm able to purchase milk labeled rBGH free.
Yes, the label of which you speak is placed there for marketing purposes. It's a selling point to those people who are educated enough to know about rBGH. That doesn't mean that all items with rBGH are labeled as such, far from it, and with the upcoming legislation relaxing the already bare bone requirements on ingredient labeling, it will only get more dangerous out there in the grocery store aisles.
The way things are going, legislation will be passed making it illegal NOT to eat, drink and breath whatever toxins these corporations dish out.
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