Travelling in the transition period from the COVID19 lockdown to new normal


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Yesterday, I traveled from Denmark to Sweden by boat and spend some time in Helsingborg. In Helsingborg, I only saw one person wearing a mask, an Asian of some description. Otherwise, everything was pretty normal except for some seats on the ferry taped as to discourage people from using them and in order to allow more social distancing. Today I learned that Denmark will follow the examples of other countries and require the obligatory wearing of masks on public transportation beginning August 22, 2020. This is based on an alleged increased occurrence of Covid19, with more than 100 new cases detected in one day. On the Danish side, coming off the ferry and at the entrance into Denmark there were a few police cars and a couple of soldiers to check the people coming in. Not that they were very busy, but they were there. The increased control and the assignment of the military is a new procedure that began with Covid19. On the Swedish side, there was not much police, but I was stopped by customs who asked me about my purpose for coming to Sweden, and my luggage was checked thoroughly. Everything was fine, but still, this is the first time this has happened out of four visits to Helsingborg.


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Some signs of humanity while travelling? On my return flight to Schiphol the air crew reiterated that we should all wear a face mask, but added that this was unfortunate. They also expressed their appreciation for flying with them. That was new, because they hadn't said anything like that on my outward flight. When I mentioned to the air hostess that I was feeling a bit nauseous because of my wearing a mask :-D she told me to take my time drinking my coffee and water, and I thought that was pretty decent of her. She also checked in with me later and asked me how I was feeling.

The same airline had some trouble with a passenger on a flight to Spain who didn't want to wear a mask and was arrested when he landed in Ibiza, so perhaps they wanted to placate us, but still I thought it was interesting.


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Slovenia, UK and Germany has put Croatia on red list 4 days ago.
That means that all tourists coming from Croatia must take COVID tests and go to self quarantine for 2 weeks.

This created chaos this weekend on Austrian borders.
Tourists (mainly German and Dutch) were stuck in the border traffic jams for up to 15h!!!!
People, also mainly families were left on the heat on the motorway without food or even water.

From Croatian press:

‘Unprecedented harassment, we have neither food nor water…’

"People are waiting for 14 hours to cross the Slovenian border and pass through the Karavanke tunnel," the man said.

Passengers returning from vacation stood on Sunday night at the Slovenian-Austrian border for more than 12 hours after the government in Vienna introduced stricter controls on transit passengers to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the dpa reported on Sunday.

The new rules were imposed on Saturday due to deteriorating epidemiological figures in Croatia, the German agency explains.

All passengers who were in Croatia and wanted to pass through Austria had to register at the border with health services.

There was chaos at the crossing
People returning were caught unprepared, so chaos ensued at the Karavanke crossing.

A German traveler told dpa that he tried to find information on the Internet about the new rules before heading home from Croatia.
"We haven't seen it anywhere," he said of the new transit rules.

He pointed out that he spent 14 hours in a traffic jam when entering Austria.

Local Austrian police said she was overwhelmed by calls from angry passengers during the night.

Austrian officials have been allowing foreign vehicles in transit since Sunday morning, reducing the wait to six hours.

Many Croats are stuck at the border, and the Austrian ORF states that they wait until 1 pm to cross the border in cars without food and water.
Everything, they explain, was caused by the new regulation related to the covid-19, according to which every car entering Austria must be inspected. Holiday returnees from Croatia who only transit through Austria must undertake to continue to the countries to which they return without stopping. The Red Cross set out to supply water to people in cars.

A reader who is at the border told that they don't even have water.
"Unprecedented harassment on the Austrian border. People are waiting for 2 pm to cross the Slovenian border and pass through the Karavanke tunnel. They have no water or food. They made a sudden decision yesterday that all passengers, and those just passing by, must fill out forms and have their temperatures measured. And then people are warned that there are no stops for fuel, toilets and sleeping through Austria. And how much fuel do you use in a car stop and how to get water and food? The Red Cross started sharing a glass of water after 12 hours! Scandal by Austria. What is our policy doing about that? ”Said the man at the border.

One story of the person who lived trough this caos:

Drama of Croats on the Austrian border:
'We wait for 10 hours with three children, people are running out of food'

Readers stuck at the Slovenian-Austrian border crossing say the situation is catastrophic. People are nervous, children are crying and screaming, and in ten hours they have not moved a kilometer. Some sleep on the road.

We´ve left Zagreb at noon, around 14h we were already at the entrance to the Karavanke tunnel, not far from the Slovenian-Austrian border, since then we have only managed to pass the tunnel because in an hour they let maybe 20 cars through the tunnel, he says us on Saturday just before midnight Marko R., who together with his wife and three small children is currently experiencing real agony.

This is a consequence of the new decision of the Austrians, made practically overnight, to control every car that enters the country, including people in transit, such as holiday returnees from Croatia, who must commit to continue to countries where they return without stopping so that they will fill out the application. The result is a total collapse.

People returning were caught unprepared, so chaos ensued at the Karavanke crossing.

Austrian officials have been allowing foreign vehicles in transit since Sunday morning, reducing the wait to six hours.

And people waited up to 14h!

Children are crying, people are running out of food
- We stand here for 10 hours with three small children. We are slowly running out of food and my children have fallen asleep hungry. Nobody cares, no one has addressed us so far - said Marko's annoyed wife in a video she sent us on Saturday just before midnight.

Desperate readers stuck at the Jesenice-Karavanke border crossing say the situation has escalated at the moment.

People are urinating along the highway, running out of food and water, and the crying of children is echoing more and more.

- Our biggest problem is that we are not allowed to stop anywhere in Austria, we have been on the road for more than 12 hours now, and who knows when we will cross the border ... Even when we cross it, we have at least seven hours to drive home. Well, it's impossible to endure not to stop somewhere and get some sleep - Marko complained to us.

Although he says it was interesting to them at first because people were playing music and joking, but as time went on they all realized that ‘the devil took the joke’.

At one point, the drivers started trumpeting collectively, but that didn't work either.

- We have been traveling this route for years and we have never experienced something like this. We also asked the Slovenian police what it was about and why they were not letting us go, and they told us that the Austrians were simply carrying out their stubbornness because of the whole situation around the crown. Who will know more, we are outraged. This is no longer normal, we just want to come home - says Marko.

As from yesterdays news, now waiting time is 6h!!!
Going through Austria usually takes 3h, now one must count with 6h more.....


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BEAU, si le masque est en tissu, il est réutilisable avec un lavage à 60 ° quelques fois seulement ...
Beaucoup de personnes n'en tiennent pas compte et s'en serve plusieurs jours de suite...
Le masque acheté en pharmacie en papier est jetable et en principe utilisé pendant 4h ...
C'est pourquoi en France, on retrouve des quantités de masques en papier jeté n'importe où sauf dans les poubelles...
De plus, les gens reconnaissent qu'ils utilisent ce genre de masques plusieurs jours de suite sans le renouveler...
Ce qui montre bien que les masques ne servent à rien...

BEAU, if the mask is made of fabric, it is reusable with a wash at 60 ° only a few times, it must be washed every day ...
Many people do not take this into account and use it several days in a row ...
The paper mask bought in pharmacies is disposable and in principle used for 4 hours ...
That's why, in France, we find quantities of paper masks thrown anywhere except in the garbage ...
Moreover, people recognize that they use this kind of masks several days in a row without renewing them ...
This shows that masks are useless ...

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