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Solar eclipse

the earlier image inspired me and brought back memories. Here are two photos i made in Lara, Antalya - Turkey on 29 March 2006; from a minute before to during totality of the Eclipse. It was taken with a hybrid panoramic camera, called Hasselblad XPan - with conventional color negative film.

Really a strange, weird, cool, experience. The most weirdest impression I got minutes before totality: As everything looks completely normal to the naked eye, with sparkling highlight on the water, light sand - BUT THE LIGHT LEVELS are so sickly low that your senses go into a mode of inner contradictions (kind of surreal feeling of that something isn't right).

Everything looks "washed out, grey" somehow. Light sand on a south European beach usually blinds your eyes in an uncomfortable way - but one minute before totality... it just looks gray-ish and you do not get blinded. Colors become... kind of weird. They are there, but not as vibrant and clear as they used to be.

Once totality takes over - it all changes very sudden within a few seconds. Also unreal, but very different.

Dark in a way, that when a person passes you in 5 meter distance, you can't really make out the persons face in detail. There is still some light. Towards the horizon it is a bit brighter, looking like a 360 degrees after-sunset sky, (dusk / dawn sky) with warm colors all around.

While the firmament of the sky looks clear, dark blue and high, with a tranquil white corona shining. Brighter planets you can see (if there are any near by)

2006-03-29-002b3-Eclipse.jpg 2006-03-29-002b2-Eclipse.jpg
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