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The Living Force
Sandbank at the mouth of the Studeny stream, Russia
8 Oct 2022 •
near Jack London Lake / озеро Джека Лондона, according to the coordinates 62.076793, 149.528415

I was so mesmerised from this photo i stumbled across in a Telegram channel; apparently located "in the middle of nowhere" deep in eastern Russia. And within a few weeks, the landscape will likely dwell under snow and ice, and extreme low temperatures...

2022-10-08 Sandbank bei der Mündung des Baches Studeny .jpg



"Sublime. The video was shot inside the Arctic Circle, just between the Canada-Alaska-Russia border. It only lasts a few seconds, but the spectacular view is admirable. This phenomenon can only be observed once a year, for 36 seconds."
I remained glued by this video so much I felt crushed by the volumes moved and so small !


The Living Force
It is so beautiful, is it photoshopped?

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Definitely !

Somebody was trigger happy in Photoshop or similar, cranking up both the Saturation slider as well Vibrance to the max. I remember that color slide film would under certain circumstances at vivid sunsets give (almost) this level of saturation especially when the film was a little under exposed the effect would get stronger. But the majority of images today are taken with digital cameras...

I also noticed that when post processing images via apps in mobile phones, they get too easily over-processed (e.g. too saturated, etc) - but still tend to look good on a mobile phone screens. When the same images are viewed on a real computer screen - you realize they've gone over board (being totally oversaturated / over worked / over processed )
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