Turks fear possible earthquake following upcoming solar eclipse


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24 March 2006

ANKARA, Turkey - Residents in a small quake-prone central Turkish town have set up tents in streets and gardens in fear of a possible earthquake following the March 29 solar eclipse, a report said on Friday.

Northwestern Turkey was struck by a devastating earthquake in August 1999 that killed some 17,000 people just six days after another solar eclipse, and some believe the temblor was triggered by the phenomenon.

Although scientists have appeared on television to reassure the public that there is no evidence of any link between an eclipse and earthquakes, many still fear that next week’s eclipse could cause a new disaster.

In the town of Niksar and surrounding villages, some 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Ankara, residents have set up tents equipped with TV sets, the Sabah newspaper said.

Niksar was devastated by two earthquakes in 1939 and 1942, the newspaper said.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses between the Earth and sun. On March 29, the eclipse will be visible across a track stretching from Brazil, crossing through much of Africa, into Turkey and ending in Mongolia.
That earthquake was also felt in Istanbul some 250 km. west of the epicenter in Golcuk, a seaside resort and a Turkish navy post. I was awake together with my son because it was too hot and humid to sleep. (We don't have AC) First I heard a loud roar, I thought there was a big truck in our narrow street. I thought, well that big truck cannot go through the street, then it begun shaking. I was raised in the south of Turkiye, in Antakya (ancient Antioche) which is on a fault line and I thought that I was used to earthquakes. We all thought that the earthquake epicenter was in Istanbul. Anyway after the quake that lasted for a full 45 seconds ended, lights were out, I fumbled for candles and matches, grabbed my handbag and went out to the street. My knees shook for about half an hour. Somebody turned on their car radio and we learned that the quake was not in Istanbul, but in Golcuk. But the funny thing is, none of the normal or cell phones worked later on (even the satellite phone of the prime minister) until after late afternoon the next day. Then there was this theory that this was a man-induced quake (by Israelis and Americans using Tesla technology) and our leaders had given consent, to release the energy in the North Anatolian fault but it got out of hand. They also said that there was a mini tsunami. Well I cannot prove or disprove this theory, but I searched the internet and found that it was possible in theory and had been tried by Tesla.
A follow-up on my above post : A big earthquake is awaited in Istanbul, something over 7, with a probability of 65-70 % in the next 15-20 years. A lot of discussion went on TV by geologists and other scientists after the last big earthquake in 1999 which was 7.4 and 3 months later a 7.2 to the east of that one. Most people were effected by post traumatic syndromes by watching news on TV (I could only go to sleep after 3 in the morning for about a month- the earthquake happened at 3:02 am) The earthquake map of Turkiye has been updated, changing the earthquake prone areas ( an area I is most prone to earthquakes etc) Actually Turkiye is a big eartquake zone with only negligible areas relatively safe (as of our knowledge today). Another most important issue is the durability of the buildings. Most of the buildings contracted by the government have collapsed during the last earthquake - schools, hospitals etc. It is estimated that half of all buildings in Istanbul may collapse if there is an earthquake of over 7 in Richter scale due to lack of control in implementing the building codes. And although the earthquake map of Istanbul has been updated, no preventive measures have been taken so far, except for training of rescue teams. In the last earthquake 4,5 meters of displacement took place, the earthquake was closer to surface - 20 km. deep. So these people are just doing what they think is right, taking precautions. We have earthquake bags ready to take with us, radio, batteries, flashlights, water, and ready to eat food- that is if we survive. And the help will not arrive soon so everybody will be on their own for a while. We have learned valuable lessons as to how to act in earthquakes :
1. If you can leave your premises in the first 15 seconds, then do so.
2. Stairways are dangerous in earthquakes
3. If you must stay at home, then lie on the ground , curling up like a fetus, next to the washing machine or dishwasher kind of heavy object because even if the machine collapses due to weight of the ceiling there will be a triangle of safe space for you to survive since the machine will not fully collapse.
4. Always have a whistle with you - to blow and indicate where you are to a rescue team.
5. If you could escape out of the building, go to an open place, away from buildings, lamposts etc. ( a nearby park or open parking lot will be fine)
6. Never re-enter a building with great cracks to fetch things out because an aftershock might collapse the building.
7. If you are allright, then try to help others
8. Do not sit in your cars- sit outside next to your car if you have to. Do not drive in your car because aftershocks will surely come and while you are driving you have to go near lampposts - under small or big bridges, whatnot.
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