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It could be related to the latest launch of Starlink satellites a few days ago.
Confirmed they were star link satellites.

Yesterday I saw them again and many more people. It was in the local press.

What a coincidence, with how big the world is that they pass just above my city.



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This footage may be more Starlink, or not. By chance my boss was out in his hot tub on Saturday night and saw Starlink deploying. The footage attached is from quite a bit later and did not move at all like he described the satellites. The locations of Jackhead and Peguis are also about 180 + KM north of the city. I saw Starlink once last summer and it looked nothing like this.

Language Warning - Manitobans swear a lot.

Bright Object over Peguis MB


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Lou's back after a long hiatus, (via Australia).

Dated Feb 12, 2021

And from SuspectSky (RT-32:04)
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Strange Video and Photographs of Unusual Objects Near the Ground and in the Air
May 13, 2021 Steven Barone

Premiered 13 hours ago
Tucker reacts to footage of 'spherical' UFO captured by Navy


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News from Hanger18b. A lot of “the Wave is here” stuff.

STS 4D light beings?

Humming or thunder noises have been heard around February 202 in Germany, Switzerland and around the globe.

They created an incident map with UFO sightings and those noises:
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