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This picture was taken on July 14th in France on the coast of Brittany. There were seven glowing spheres that were silently spinning in the sky. They turned white before disappearing.

Cette photo a été prise le 14 juillet dernier en France sur la côte bretonne. Il y avait sept sphères incandescentes qui tournoyaient dans le ciel en silence. Elles sont devenues blanches avant de disparaître.
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Is it you who took the picture ?


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No, this is a woman I met in my quest to network around my home. The picture was taken in Cap Sizun. She told me that she had no particular feeling about this kind of ballet: no fear, no particular excitement either. I published the picture here because I am sure it is not a fake. I saw it on her phone. What I can add about Cap Sizun is that there are a lot of 5G relays that have sprung up lately.

Non, c'est une femme que j'ai rencontrée dans ma quête de réseau autour de chez moi. La photo a été prise au Cap Sizun. Elle m'a dit qu'elle n'avait eu aucun sentiment particulier face à cette sorte de ballet : pas de peur, pas d'excitation particulière non plus. J'ai publié la photo ici car je suis certaine que cela n'est pas un fake. Je l'ai vue sur son téléphone. Ce que je peux ajouter à propos du Cap Sizun, c'est qu'il y a beaucoup de relais 5G qui ont poussé ces derniers temps.


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Triangle UFO filmed over Siberia!!
Premiered Jul 17, 2021
Possible triangle UFO filmed over Noyabrsk, Russia! Read more:

UFO over parliament building in Hague, Netherlands 2021
"This UFO video was submitted to me a few days ago. It show this huge unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above The Hague, a city on the North Sea coast of the western Netherlands. This happened on 29th June 2021 at 8 am".
Jul 11, 2021
Witness report: Dear UFO enthusiasts, I am sharing a video with you that I recorded. I saw this crazy big thing floating in the sky on Tuesday morning at around 08:00 on my way to work. It was filmed in The Hague, in the Netherlands, right above the parliament building. Do you happen to know what this could be? I would appreciate it if you could share it on your Facebook page.

Flat donut shape UFO flying very fast | UTAH
Premiered Jul 20, 2021 / 00:27
scott sanders / 3 days ago
This was flying over Minot, ND about a month ago.
Hazey WolfHazey Wolf / 4 days ago
I saw a imilar "donut" shaped objects have recently been reported and captured on amateur video in the UK, Germany & Poland. There are other U.S. reports & videos of such objects above Utah & Texas during July 2021.

UFO | Flying saucer over Chicago, Illinois. 6/12/2021
Source Link: joeblow4
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