Visit the International Space Station (ISS)

I enjoyed the tour! Love the hair. Thank you very much for posting. :)
Aloha~ thanks for sharing

:lol: :D I found the emphasis on "Flat Plane" kinda strange myself :lol:

And yes, love the hair, its outrageously overboard to have such hair in that environment would think with all of that important equipment and shortage of water that everyone would be required to shave their hair, but what do I know, I'm not in space....or so I'm told anyway :)


Well, all the water is actually, I know the russians have a build in water processor that takes humidity from the air and recycles it back into the water system. Which to me is pretty cool ^^ so washing your hair wouldn't waste any water at all.
Aloha Solie :)

((Thank you)) for sharing your perspective with me, I'm very grateful for the INteraction.

In the moment, my perspective about how NASA recycles water in space is more at a vibration of "disbelief". I can understand what I'm being told happens, but I personally canto confirm that I know for sure. This is due to NASA not being completely trans perant about what they are doing in " space" I tend to question everything that I hear from the agents at NASA as I find their history from the beginning rather suspicious. I just find it strange that they take the time to make videos about how they brush their teeth in space, wash their hair, use the restroom......make spinach????

I don't know, I feel as if they are mocking the citizens of earth with these magic tricks, or routine things we do......minus the theory of gravity. We can watch someone on the G-FORCE ONE, a modified Boeing 727-20 doing those same things right here on the planet....don't get me wrong, watching things float is neat but I wish they could show us video of the things they said they went to space to do.....if that makes sense, or even a video of the complete breakdown and process of how they are able to make their urine into pure drinking water.......that sounds like a pretty valuable tool for mankind.

We're you aware that China "landed on the moon" 2 years ago? Sorry I know this question is off the subject but I'm just curious ;)

Thanks again Solie for sharing your perspective and time with me~
@ Metatron777

I did hear about the Chinese moon landing, although I must admit, I don't really follow astronomic feats. I just get curious every now and then and google stuff :D - was there something significant about the landing that I miss?

I agree about the transparency issue, although I'm sure their water system is common knowledge among the science community (I don't see why they would keep that a secret). As far as the 'tours' and 'demonstration' videos, I think they're purely for entertainment and to keep everyone excited about how cool space is. Plus it IS pretty cool!

There's many excuses and justifications for why they keep secrets, and I don't think that's something that'll change soon... Sadly :(
(((Aloha))) +Solie-

Thank you once again for the Interaction, such a nice medicine to help know thyself, much appreciated.

To answer your question about whether or not there was something that I thought you missed.....most definitely not, as I do not have a place in your King-DOME to imply such a thing. I have just been taking a personal survey recently about the matter, curious about the number of people who know vs those who don't....and then those who don't really care. A "study" one could say :)

Personally I feel that the moon is much more trans perant than NASA, on many levels....even literally. I say this because I have personally seen stars thru it on numerous occasions, with the use of a telescope. I've also seen the blue skies thru it, with just my eyes. Curiously of coarse, I then thought to use the INternet to see if I we're the only one seeing this, while simotinuously contemplating- how could anybody land on something that was transperant?? But why would one lie about such a thing?? Am I just looking for another rabbit hole to venture down?? Did I parrellel jump into yet another universe within the twi-light zone :D. then seemed so, as goo-goo eyes confirmed it, astronomers working within and without institutions have also seen such a thing.

Still though, I can't say for sure one way or another since the private or "common" class space shuttle service keeps having problem after problem trying to get up there.....if only they would share those secrects right....well, that and if I had a million dollars to spare :lol:

Then again.....there's always that "beware what you wish for" thing. I crossed paths with what is said to be quotes from a Mr.G.I Gurdjieff, and found them interesting.

"Only thought as theoretical and as far removed from fact as modem European thought could have conceived the evolution of man to be possible apart from surrounding nature, or have regarded the evolution of man as a gradual conquest of nature. This is quite impossible. In living, in dying, in evolving, in degenerating, man equally serves the purposes of nature, rather, nature makes equal use, though perhaps for different purposes, of the products of both evolution and degeneration. And, at the same time, humanity as a whole can never escape from nature, for, even in struggling against nature man acts in conformity with her purposes. The evolution of large masses of humanity is opposed to nature's purposes. The evolution of a certain small percentage may be in accord with nature's purposes. Man contains within him the possibility of evolution. But the evolution of humanity as a whole, that is, the development of these possibilities in all men, or in most of them, or even in a large number of them, is not necessary for the purposes of the earth or of the planetary world in general, and it might, in fact, be injurious or fatal. There exist, therefore, special forces (of a planetary character) which oppose the evolution of large masses of humanity and keep it at the level it ought, to be.

"For instance, the evolution of humanity beyond a certain point, or, to speak more correctly, above a certain percentage, would be fatal for the moon. The moon at present feeds on organic life, on humanity. Humanity is a part of organic life; this means that humanity is food for the moon. If all men were to become too intelligent they would not want to be eaten by the moon"

"The influence of the moon upon everything living manifests itself in all that happens on the earth. The moon is the chief, or rather, the nearest, the immediate, motive force of all that takes place in organic life on the earth. All movements, actions, and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the moon and are controlled by the moon. The sensitive film of organic life which covers the earthly globe is entirely dependent upon the influence of the huge electromagnet that is sucking out its vitality. Man, like every other living being, cannot, in the ordinary conditions of life, tear himself free from the moon. All his movements and consequently all his actions are controlled by the moon. If he kills another man, the moon does it; if he sacrifices himself for others, the moon does that also. All evil deeds, all crimes, all actions, all heroic exploits, as well as all the actions of ordinary everyday life, are controlled by the moon"

Come to think of it, it was Don Juan and these words that led me here....well and a few others :)

The sun set, and up rose the yellow moon:
The devil's in the moon for mischief; they
Who call'd her CHASTE, methinks, began too soon
Their nomenclature; there is not a day,
The longest, not the twenty-first of June,
Sees half the business in a wicked way,
On which three single hours of moonshine smile–
On them she looks so modest all the while.
There is a dangerous silence in that hour,
A stillness, which leaves room for the full soul
To open all itself, without the power
Of calling wholly back its self-control;
The silver light which, hallowing tree and tower,
Sheds beauty and deep softness o'er the whole,
Breathes also to the heart, and o'er it throws
A loving languor, which is not repose.

Well, if I may share with you the last thing I found curious about the moon, its that there seems to be many people claiming to be taking the temperature of the moon light in shade vs. no shade and getting the results of moon light being warmer in the shade than out of it. Results keep showing that moonshade is warmer than direct moonlight. Thats opposite of the sun....but I was told that moonlight is reflected from the sun?? Sounds like a pretty easy "degree" required, I'll have to try that :lol:
Who knows....i do find the unknown interesting though.

Mahalo Solie~ I'm very grateful for the exchange~
Just skipped through to find the part with the view of earth from space, amazing stuff. Coincidentally skipped along the part where she explains she sometimes swallows her toothpaste because it's easier that spitting it out in a tissue.. I hope for her that her toothpaste doesn't contain fluoride then!
Determining the cause of a small breach in the Soyuz spacecraft docked to the International Space Station has been harder than anticipated.

On Tuesday, two Russian cosmonauts are spending some six hours in space, working to solve the mystery of who or what poked a hole in the Soyuz spacecraft.

Back in August, astronauts noticed a slight drop in pressure on the International Space Station. While not an immediate risk, they investigated and found a hole on the inside of the Soyuz habitation module, which is currently docked at the space station.

Astronauts Sergey Prokopyev and Alexander Gerst repaired the 0.07-inch-wide (2 millimeters) hole with material soaked in an epoxy sealant. Pressure quickly returned to normal aboard the space station, and the patch job has held since then.

But as they’ve investigated the hole in the Soyuz capsule, astronauts can’t figure out what created it. At first, it was thought that a micrometeorite may have collided with the craft. But Russian officials stated a few days after the hole was discovered that, based on its shape, it looked to have been drilled.

This led to speculation that perhaps someone purposefully created the hole, sparking rumors of sabotage.

“It was done by a human hand. There are traces of a drill sliding along the surface. We don’t reject any theories,” Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, told the state news agency TASS.

Exploring the Hull

Beginning at about 11 a.m. EST, cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev started a six-hour-long spacewalk to examine the external hull of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, which is used to transport astronauts to and from Earth.

They will collect samples of any residue found on the habitation module’s hull. To do so, they plan to cut a 10-inch (25 centimeters) sample of the the thermal insulation and debris shield on the hull. They’ll also collect images and video to aid the investigation. Then the cosmonauts will place a new thermal blanket over the hole to ensure it is fully sealed. The, samples, data and photographs taken from the leak site will be brought back to Earth and analyzed by Russian specialists. They hope that the evidence collected during this spacewalk will finally solve the mystery of what created the hole.

The crew aboard the space station has, since the leak was discovered and repaired, conducted frequent leak detection work and pressure measurements to make sure that the leak stayed sealed and the pressure on the space station remained normal. So far, the capsule has remained secure and pressure on board the space station has maintained.

The Soyuz spacecraft will be used to return astronauts Sergey Prokopyev, Alexander Gerst, and Serena Auñón-Chancellor to Earth in eight days.
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Roscskis, the company Invitro and 3d Bioprinting Solutions announced the successful completion of the first phase of the experiment "magnetic 3d-Bioprinter", conducted on board the ISS. For the first time in space were printed cartilage tissue of man and thyroid iron rodent- Роскосмос. Россия первой в мире напечатала живые ткани в космосе - Новости - Госкорпорация «Роскосмос»

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