Wes Penre ?


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this Guy and partner post alot of video's on you tube ..
he gives alot of old/ancient history names etc ...
( not really interested in that )
but also how to escape the matrix at death ..
and where our overlords are really taking us .. (well mostly all )
he says to a cloud and then an AI body ..
any truth to what he is saying .. kinda sounds like the C's ,,,, simply a tighter prison ...
Wes Penre
latest video
Video 152: Cloud vs. Recycling Center—Is This the Way they will Trap us "Forever?" . . .
19 minutes
Wes Penre
Published on May 25, 2019


Jedi Master
well i do NOT know what to think about this one ???? hhmmm
he mentions RA and the C's after the 11 minute mark ...
Video 146: THE BIG PICTURE #11 | Trapped Star Races and our Future Outside the Grid . . .
24 minutes total run time ...
New era, traditional religious, etc, etc ... Everyone wants (or says) to escape.

Let's look at a modern prison!

How many prisoners manage to escape?

Those who leave are those who "have served their sentence".

Where we are?

Do we get to be "ourselves"?

There is a saying that says: "Follow the money and you will find the origin of the problem".
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