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My Family is welcoming the birth of a Beautiful Baby Girl. Born to my Nephew and his Wife, she is tiny, perfect and in very good health.
For now, this Heart Bursting happiness, this loving state of grace is what I am feeling.
Sharing my favorite version of Amazing Grace.
If you turn the volume up, the whale song in the background is amazing:


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Mo Ghile Mear was written, in Irish, by the poet Seán Clárach Mac Domhnaill (1691 to 1754).

The poem was written according to the convention of 'Aisling' (dream) poetry in which Ireland haunts the dreams of the poet, in the form of a woman, mainly to lament the state of the island, but also predicting better times. A huge number of Mac Domhnaill's poems reflect a longing for the coming of a just, and Catholic, ruler - effectively conjuring a "better Ireland" that would reverse the historic reality of Glorious Revolution and the Battle of the Boyne. Mo Ghile Mear diverts from this Aisling form in that the lament is not related by the poet, but Ériu or Ireland in the form of a woman is assumed to be the poet herself.

The unnamed 'dashing darling' or 'gallant hero' in the poem is Charles Edward Stuart, better known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie", who led the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 that culminated in defeat at the Battle of Culloden (1746), the effective end of the Jacobite cause as a viable alternative to the Hanoverian kings. Thus, one of Ireland's most beautiful songs was born out of a political battle, rather than a true story of simple heartbreak. After the defeat, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" escaped to the Scottish Island of Skye, continuing to France, to live out his days as a pretender to the English and Scottish throne.

Mo Ghile Mear - the Lyrics

Seal da rabhas im' mhaighdean shéimh,
'S anois im' bhaintreach chaite thréith,
Mo chéile ag treabhadh na dtonn go tréan
De bharr na gcnoc is i n-imigcéin.


'Sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear,
'Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,
Ní bhfuaireas féin buan ná séan
Ó chuaigh i gcéin mo Ghile Mear.

Bímse buan ar buaidhirt gach ló,
Ag caoi go cruaidh 's ag tuar na ndeór
Mar scaoileadh uaim an buachaill beó
'S ná ríomhtar tuairisc uaidh, mo bhrón.


Ní labhrann cuach go suairc ar nóin
Is níl guth gadhair i gcoillte cnó,
Ná maidin shamhraidh i gcleanntaibh ceoigh
Ó d'imthigh uaim an buachaill beó.


Marcach uasal uaibhreach óg,
Gas gan gruaim is suairce snódh,
Glac is luaimneach, luath i ngleo
Ag teascadh an tslua 's ag tuargain treon.


Seinntear stair ar chlairsigh cheoil
's líontair táinte cárt ar bord
Le hinntinn ard gan chaim, gan cheó
Chun saoghal is sláinte d' fhagháil dom leómhan.


Ghile mear 'sa seal faoi chumha,
's Eire go léir faoi chlócaibh dubha;
Suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas féin
Ó luaidh i gcéin mo Ghile Mear.


My dashing darling (or my gallant lad)

Once I was a gentle maiden,
and now I'm a weak and worn-out widow,
my spouse powerfully ploughing the waves
beyond the hills and far from here.


My gallant lad is my hero,
He's my hero, gallant lad,
I found neither sleep nor happiness
since my gallant lad went far away.

I am incessantly unhappy every day,
grieving sorely, showing signs of tears
as the lively lad was sent away from me
and, my sorrow, no news is told of him.


No cuckoo speaks sweetly in the evening
and there is no cry of beagles in the hazel forests,
nor summer mornings in misty valleys
since the lively lad was sent away from me.


A noble proud young cavalryman,
a cheerful young man with a most pleasant appearance,
a most agile grasp, swift in battle,
cutting down hordes and crushing champions.


He is like Aonghus Óg,
like Lughaidh Mac Chéin of the big blows,
like Conor the venerable son of renowned Nás,
the delightful leader of music's embellishment.


Let a story be sung on tuneful harps
and let lots of quarts be filled on the table
with high spirits faultless and unclouded
to find life and good health for my lion.

since my gallant lad was reported to be far away.

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I don't know if the late Terry Callier (1945-2012) needs a lot of introducing. He earned a degree in sociology at the University of Chicago where he was employed since the 1980's.
His album Timepeace (1998) won the United Nations' Time For Peace award for outstanding artistic achievement.
After the award the news of his work as a musician became widely known and subsequently led to his dismissal by the University.

Here he is seen performing "Lazarus Man" - which apart from its fascinating sound contains some mystical lyrics...

I met a young man on the Skeleton Coast
He was up on his feet and pale as a ghost
I asked him his name - he said Lazarus, man.
I've come to your country from a far away land
I can't quite remember the last time I was on shore
Coulda been twelve years - it coulda been more
But I've seen tribulation and it staggered my mind
And I just don't remember what I came her to find

It's wind on the ocean, rain on the land
Three drops of water and one grain of sand.
I'll tell you the story as quick as I can
I've got nothing but time, I'm Lazarus, man.

He said "I woke one mornin' and felt a little bit strange
By midafternoon there was fever and pain
And later that night with a few friends at my side
I went off to sleep and then I must have died
'Cause I was stumblin' and rising so I couldn't quite tell
Had one foot in glory and one foot in hell.
On one side the garden and on one side the flame
And I thought I heard somebody call out my name
Yeah, somebody was saying "Lazarus arise!"
So I sat up and opened my eyes
You know I wanted to dance but I didn't have room
I threw off the sheets and stepped out of the tomb"

It's wind on the ocean, rain on the land
Three drops of water and one grain of sand.
I'll tell you the story as quick as I can
I've got nothing but time, I'm Lazarus, man

Now I've been from Nazareth to High Barbary
And I realize there's no rest for me
I've been out on the desert
I've been out in the deep
But since he bid me to rise
I ain't been to sleep

It's wind on the ocean, rain on the land
Three drops of water and one grain of sand
I'll tell you the story as quick as I can
I've got nothing but time, I'm Lazarus, man.
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