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I have been into music since ever and while I have spent a great of time listening to various styles and interpreters (as a hobby as well as part of my job being a dj and music shop manager), this basically ended when I found SOTT. Since then I grew into living without playback music, focusing on playing my guitar only because when I had time to listen to something, mainly when driving, I wanted to hear another of those SOTT Radio podcast (there is still plenty to choose from which I have missed).

Recently though I was surprised what YouTube offers me every now and then. Obviously some people can be very creative and there are very interesting mashups out there that seamlessly put previously unimaginable combinations of style, even some you would not listen to separately. I just wanted to give you some idea for positive dissociation which is pleasing to eyes and ears. This one is my favorite.



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Hello everyone,
In those difficult times I decided to publish here videos which I listen to every time whenI'm in very "bad/sad mod" to help me uplift. Those are compilations of music and sentences. Sentences and videos are from popular animes and they are "breaktrought" moments sentences. If anyone would know some anime those could help in understanding but I think that main message would be nice for everyone :-) If I put it in wrong place sorry about it. :-)


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Recently I've picked up singing as a hobby. It's quite freeing, relaxing and introspective, developing a voice. Or finding it, rather. If anyone has some vocal training tips?

I've always loved singers who put stories into their lyrics. Kate Bush or Rufus Wainwright, and also;

Joanna Newsom - Sapokanikan



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Joanna Newsom
Wow. Never heard of her. Beautiful.

I have been a long time fan of Kate Bush myself. Enjoy singing too, for fun as well as pressure release.
Not that I could make living from it (far from it) but that is not the point. It's fun and also a breathing exercise.
Vocal training tips? I heard that regular singing against wind in open field makes one really strong but perhaps you don't need to be that hard on yourself ;-)


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I was feeling very low on energy today, very scattered UNTIL someone recommended 2Cellos; just what this Aries girl needed. Check 'em out, especially if you're feeling how I did. Now I can go clean...

I especially liked 2Cellos vs Beethoven 5th Symphony.


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I've had to stop to breathe, to calm down, to reflect, to observe my fear...

I still can't express my thoughts in order.

So now I'm going to karaoke for a while.

They say that music tames the beasts.

Hearts up!

Todo es mentira - Abraham Sevilla

Todo es mentira

Desde que nacemos es mentira la verdad:
ni hubo cigüeñas, ni reyes, ni portal;
Peter Pan se hizo un hombre y tuvo que pagar
su hipoteca por la Isla de Nunca Jamás.
Sí, todo es mentira,
sólo somos una granja de esclavos
para los cuatro que controlan el poder desde arriba.
Nos enseñaron a ser fuertes, a ser listos,
a competir con el vecino,
a ver quién la tiene más grande y es más rico.
¡Divide y vencerás!
Todo es mentira, nos han engañado.
Todo es mentira, desde la luna hasta el Vaticano.
Todo es mentira, menos tu piel contra la mía,
menos amarnos sin medida,
esa es la única verdad.
Si no te miran a los ojos es que mienten.
El que te vende el paraíso también miente.
Mienten políticos, banqueros, presidentes de gobierno,
porque todos se han comprado con dinero.
¡Maldito dinero!
Por tu culpa tienes preso a todo el mundo,
a toda la humanidad.
Y mentira tras mentira,
y mil veces repetida esa mentira,
al final esa mentira se convierte en “verdad”.
Y con ese truquito llevan controlando siglos y siglos
a la humanidad.
Todo es mentira...
It's all a lie.

Since we are born, the truth is a lie:
there were no storks, no kings, no portal;
Peter Pan became a man and had to pay
his mortgage for Neverland.
Yeah, it's all a lie,
we're just a slave farm
for the four who control the power from above.
They taught us to be strong, to be smart,
to compete with the neighbor,
to see who has it bigger and is richer.
Divide and conquer!
It's all a lie, we've been tricked.
Everything is a lie, from the moon to the Vatican.
Everything is a lie, except your skin next to mine,
except to love each other without measure,
that's the only truth.
They're lying!
If they don't look you in the eye, they're lying.
He who sells you paradise also lies.
They all lie: politicians, bankers, presidents of governments,
because they've all been bought with money.
Damn money!
It's your fault you've got in jail everybody,
all mankind.
And lie after lie,
and a thousand times repeated that lie,
in the end that lie becomes "truth".
And with that little trick they've been controlling
humanity for centuries and centuries.
It's all a lie...

Translated with www.DeepL.com
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