What Funny Video Are You Watching?

This made me laugh, so I thought I'd post it here (also, it didn't really seem to 'fit' in other threads).
Listen for the 'they taste like bacon' comment (I'd love to know what that guy has been eating that he thinks was bacon!)
The end is hilarious!

Afterward, the fellow says, 'my experiment showed me that water can be soft, and can soften the blow in cases like this. But then when you hit the concrete at the end... it's not very soft'.
The narratives just keep on crumbing!

On the other side of the Atlantic, Montreal experienced its first snowfall of the season on November 16. It was still 17°C there a few days ago! ( © Yazid Touat)



All profiles with a Ukraine flag that reply under my tweets will be mercilessly blocked by me from now on. In my eyes you are hypocritical, pathetic and hypocritical joke figures. Where were you 3, 4 or 6 years ago? Pull leash!

Sam Bankman Fried's #FTX company has been removed from the #Davos World Economic Forum website, yet it was featured prominently! Where are the investigations into his links with The Democratic Party The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine suspected of money laundering?
It's not so much a funny video, it's a juggler in the street for 6 minutes. This guy, Wes Peden, is in my opinion one of the best. For an uninformed audience it's not easy to realize what marvellous Wess is doing. I would say Usain Bolt or Hendrix to compare the level.
I know as a juggler that to do what he shows here he must have an exemplary work discipline and the related state of consciousness is necessarily as sharp as his clubs.
a 4d juggler I invite you to enjoy, it goes fast though.

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